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Listing created by bxbong on November 16, 2012    

Situated in a heartland near you, The Café Lobby has the perfect recipe to bring your energy juices up each day while you go nuts on ‘holesome spongy delights’ and ‘hearty thirst quenchers’.

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Affordable and delicious

I buy food from The Cafe Lobby almost every week and I must say that the food is really affordable as compared to other places like Kopitiam and fast food restaurants. I usually eat the bee hoon accompanied by side dishes like chicken wings and eggs, and the chilli sauce they provide is really nice! I'm not sure if its a secret recipe but its level of spiciness is acceptable and has a tinge of sweetness as well. However, the food might not be that healthy after all, I sometimes find it too oily and try to limit my consumption level.

Being stationed near various MRT stations, The Cafe Lobby is probably a good choice for filling your stomach at a really affordable price.

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A great place to tapao tasty food at a reasonable price

The cafe lobby outlet at Bedok Bus Interchange is a sight that I've grown accustomed to as I made my daily forays to and from my house. Located at the entrance of the interchange, you can smell the bee hoon as you are approaching it, and it is an extremely convenient drop by point should you be in a rush but have not eaten your breakfast yet.
On sale are typical 'Singaporean breakfast food', been hoon/kway teow/fried rice with the ingredients of different types of meat and vegetables for you to choose. They also sell cold and hot drinks, with snacks such as kueh.
Personally, I think the cafe is not friendly to all users. It caters specifically to those busy people who just want their food quickly. For the elderly who want to sit down and chat while enjoying a coffee, there is simply no space to do so, as tables and chairs are not provided. Moreover, being located in extremely crowded areas, the working personnel are kept so busy that sometimes their patience is worn thin, affecting the quality of service provided.

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Nothing memorable

If you needed to eat quickly and had nowhere else to go or if everywhere else is crowded, then I suppose The Cafe Lobby would be your best option. Otherwise, you can eat elsewhere because the food at The Cafe Lobby is not worth going back for.

There was nothing memorable at the bee hoon that I had, which tasted just like any other bee hoon you can find at coffee shops and hawker centres islandwide. However, their prices are pretty reasonable and it is quite cheap to have a meal at The Cafe Lobby.

It is also located near many MRT stations, making it a pretty convenient location to have a meal. Still, I wouldn't go there unless I really had to.

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For the business crowd

The Cafe Lobby is perfect for a quick meal before rushing off for your next appointment. I have ate at various outlets around Singapore on several occasions, and I have to say that the main attraction here has to be the location. You can find branches at practically every MRT station - making it convenient for office workers to drop by for a lunch before heading back for work.

Food doesn't particularly stand out here. Prices do however; for $2, you can get a reasonably-sized plate of chicken rice. Though it may be a little too oily for my taste, it is edible, and is actually pretty good (if not healthy). It's definitely not a bad place to consider if you have only 15mins to eat, and a limited budget to spend.

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(Updated: November 17, 2012)

For a quick bite!

Located near the MRT stations, its convenient to settle down for a quick meal. They sell Beehoon, Rice, Chicken Rice & also snacks like Fishballs and Curypuffs. A plate of chicken rice only cost $2, the Beehoon is about $2.50 with 3 dishes. With such good prices you might expect lower standards but i personally feel the food is acceptable.

Their chicken rice is fragrant, the portion is good. The beehoon isn't too oily also. The waiting time is less than 5 mins, that's why they make good quick meals without feeding you awful stuff. After your meal you can even grab some fruits or a cup of fruit juice at their stall too.

Like i've said, with such convenient location and affordable prices, it will be a perfect meal if you're rushing for time (or on a budget). Even if you're not hungry, settle down for a cup of kopi!

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