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Listing created by bxbong on November 14, 2012    

The Grinning Gecko is a quick gourmet coffee, ice blend, healthier choice food and international food eatery that boasts of an incredible variety espresso coffee, ice blends, freshly baked cakes, pizzas, salads, Mexican starters, pastas and a designer menu for people of all generations who crave for choice.

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Another good option

This is one of the few dining options in Nanyang Poly and therefore a long queue should be expected during lunch hours. In retrospect, Grinning Gecko is indeed a café with a number of options.

My favourite (and perhaps only) order is the Cajun chicken dish! The chicken breast, although dry, takes on the flavor of the spicy Cajun sauce well. The dish is also served with my favourite cabbage, although they do replace it with salad if the cabbage is sold out. Unfortunately I think they took this item off the menu. They also serve affordable and delicious wraps for those watching their diet!

If I remember correctly, they also serve a variety of sodas and drinks e.g. floats.

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Healthy Wraps

One of the things I enjoy the best about The Grinning Gecko is their wraps. My favourite being the fish wrap.

The wrap is filled with huge chunks of fish smothered in tomato sauce and cheese on top of rice and lettuce. It is a rather light yet filling meal, especially for someone who scrutinises her diet, just like me. The taste is akin to spaghetti and really addictive and delicious.

Another thing that I love about The Grinning Gecko is that they have such a wide range of food selling at cheap prices- from pasta, to rice, to wraps.

The fish wrap by itself is less than $3.

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Healthy with a decent taste

I would believe that around Nanyang Polytechnic, The Grinning Gecko is one of the healthier choices to eat from if you are looking for a healthy meal. Not only is it considered to be one of the healthier eateries around the campus, but it also caters to the Muslims as well as vegetarians!

The Grinning Gecko, located at the same canteen as Splash and Decker as well as the ever crowded McDonald's, sells mostly sandwiches and wraps, as well as western dishes. They also have a set menu, which includes spicy chicken, peppered beef, as well as grilled dory. Each set comes with a choice of staple item, such as rice or pasta, and a sauce to accompany the dish, consisting of a spicy tomato sauce, creamy mushroom sauce, and black pepper sauce.

My personal favourites would be the grilled dory and spicy chicken, along with pasta, rice or mashed potatoes with mushroom sauce (because the other two are far too spicy for me; tomato gets increasingly spicy with every mouth while black pepper is just killer for me... Note that I am weak though). Each set costs only $4 and comes with iced lemon tea or mineral water and coleslaw, which to me is quite reasonable given that the whole thing is rather filling to me.

The only problem with The Grinning Gecko is that they have removed a number of items of their menu, and are usually out of certain things too. Other than that, I'd usually opt to eat here more than McDonalds most of the time because it's more nutritious and costs about the same, I guess. Expect long queues on occasions though. Sometimes the queue can be really slow moving, while sometimes it moves so quick you have to decide what to eat fast!

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