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BACKGROUND We used to think that plant based diet is impossible. Compelled by our love and respect for planet earth, as well as a desire for a healthier lifestyle, we decided to do something radical. Our mission is to inspire and excite the world in introducing vegan diet into their lifestyle, as a form of sustainable diet and means of restoration for our global environment.

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Opening Hours:
11.30am – 10pm (last order 945pm)
Food Type:
Avg Price:
  • < $10
  • $10-$20
List of Outlets:
44 Jalan Eunos Singapore 419502
Tel: 6844 6868 Fax: 6844 1021
Daily: 11.30am – 10pm (last order 945pm)

50 Market Street #01-28D
Golden Shoe Carpark
Singapore 048940
(Located along Market Street,
behind ASC Copy Services)
Mon – Fri:
11am – 8:30pm (last order 8pm)
Sat & Eve of Public Holidays:
11am – 2:30pm (last order 2pm)
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

8 Marina Boulevard #02-05
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
Singapore 018981
Opening in July 2012.

The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road #01-32
Singapore 287994
Opening in July 2012.

Orchard Gateway #03-01
277 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858
Opening in 2nd Quarter of 2013.


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Guilt free burger

I’ve always faced the dilemma of health vs happiness (in terms of satisfying my junk food craving), but the problem was solved the moment I found Veganburg. Veganburg serves, as the name suggests, vegan burgers. Their burgers taste exactly the same as a normal burger, but the patty is made purely of mock meat.

Also, unlike other fast food chains which serve french fries as their side dish, Veganburg offers an alternative - boiled broccolis. Like many others, I was initially apprehensive about ordering the broccolis. I mean, how can boiled veggies replace french fries? However, the broccolis were extremely crunchy and had a slightly salted flavour. There were also no soft drinks available and teas such as peach tea were offered in replacement.

To me, the largest drawback was the price of the burgers. My burger meal costed more than $10 if I’m not wrong, which is rather pricey for fast food. However, it should be one of the healthiest burgers we have in Singapore and is worth a try!

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Tastes Almost Like the Real Thing

Before trying Vegan Burg, I've never tried vegan food before - being a 'carnivore', I'd usually stay as far away from plants as possible. However, as I was at Turf City one day, I was curious, and my friends and I decided to try it for fun.

The prices are not that expensive (comparable to your McDonald's meal), and when my burger arrived, I was pleasantly greeted by what I deemed as an 'authentic' waft of your usual meat-loaded burgers. Biting into one, I was won over instantly - even though it wasn't as filling as a meat burger, I didn't feel unhealthy, and the medley of sauces, lettuce, patty and bread blended into what became a satisfying burger.

Even though Turf City may be a little 'ulu' for those without a driving license, I'd definitely recommend trying one of their other outlets, for a guilt-free, healthier burger.

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Best Part:
Guilt-free burgers
Branch Location:
Turf City
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Guilt-free fast food!

My mum has been a vegan for a few years and I have heard her lament about the lack of good vegan eateries in Singapore on multiple occasions. Vegan Burg however, is one of her favourite go-to places, and I can completely understand why after trying it.

My experience with vegan food in general has been pretty nasty, but Vegan Burg is a pleasant surprise! Thanks to my vegan mum, I tried almost everything on the menu, and Creamy Shrooms and Char-grilled Satay are my favourite burgers there. I tend not to like anything creamy because it makes me feel sick after a while but the sauce for the Creamy Shrooms burger was just right for me. The Char-grilled Satay has a flavorful peanut taste that goes well with the vegan patty. I also love their Spinach Pops! Gone are the days where vegan food is associated with queer-looking and oily mock meat. Though I still love my meat-based protein very much, this is nevertheless a tasty and healthier substitute.

Oh and if you're a sloth like my mum and I, they can deliver vegan goodness to your doorstep too. This is guilt-free fast food at its best!

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Surprisingly pleasant

I didn't really know what to expect when I heard about a vegan burger place. Burgers really do seem like the last thing on earth that should be vegan though because isn't the meat the main point of the burger? But I shushed my inner sceptic and decided to give it a try anyway.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The patty when eaten by itself does taste a bit odd but as a whole with the other aspects of the burger, it was a cohesive and really tasty dish. The seaweed fries on the side were also amazing. Drinks wise, there have been plenty of complaints about how artificial the drinks are and how it doesn't match the vibe of Veganburg. I do agree that they kind of stick out seeing as everything else is very natural but that being said, the drinks do taste pretty good.

The ambience of the place is also great with a very bright and open feel and some of the seats are carpeted with fake grass so its almost like you're outside amidst the greenery. Its a really great place to visit on a lazy Sunday afternoon if you want to chill and soak up good vibes whiles enjoying a great meal.

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(Updated: May 07, 2014)

Fun & modern vegan food!

I'm not usually one who "eats clean" and eats vegan/vegetarian food but because my friend had to go on a strict 12-day vegan food diet, I had no choice but to come to this place to eat since we were nearby the grandstand area and there was a lack of vegan food places. I thought how could anything vegan taste nice and I was convinced that it wouldn't be nice even before I tried it. Upon entering the place, I was very surprised at how the interior looked. It looked fun and cosy, with mock grass patches around and a huge motorcycle display in the middle of the restaurant. We went on a weekday afternoon and were the only ones there.

They carry different burgers and I ordered the mushroom burger with fries and a lemonade drink. I ordered the mushroom one because it sounded the most "normal" to me as opposed to the mock stuff like "satay burger", if you get what I mean hahaha!! I did not carry any high expectation for the food and honestly speaking, it totally blew me away. The fries looked hand-cut and was hot and fluffy inside. Okay so fries are fries..the burger is the real "breakthrough" food item for me. It tasted cheesy, mushroomy and I did not detect the "vegan smell" that I always smell in most vegan food products (probably the overwhelming processed soy smell). The patty was crispy perfection. I enjoyed it so much!!! Pricing wise, it is extremely reasonable at below $12 for a meal (similar to most Fast Food outlets) and psychologically wise, it made me feel healthier despite the deep-fried patty and fries lol!!! I won't be coming here all the time (sorry but I really love my meat...) but if any of my friends are vegans or love having vegan food, this is the place I will definitely bring them to.

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Best Part:
mushroom burger
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Delicious, healthy burgers!

When my friends told me that we're going to Vegan Burg for dinner, I was quite apprehensive. I've never had vegan food before and I didn't think the burgers at Vegan Burg would be any good. I mean, c'mon I love McDonalds, we could have just gone there.

So they dragged me there after a long tiring training at Turf City and I was getting quite impatient because their service was really slow. But when I sunk my teeth into the burger I was having, I was thoroughly impressed. Even though there wasn't any meat in it, it still tasted delicious! Plus, it's a healthy alternative to McDonalds and KFC.

I wouldn't mind going back there a second time if only there was an outlet near me. But, seriously, maybe I should try other vegan stuff since this one's so yummy.

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Perhaps the best burger place

Vegan Burg's core concept is to introduce a healthier, more sustainable version of fast food. For example, their burgers are made with soy patties and organic buns. The prices are comparable to other fast food chains - a set consisting of a burger, fries and drink average about $10-12.

The most surprising thing, however, was despite their limited ingredients, they still produced some of the best tasting burgers I've ever eaten. The Crackled Pepper Mayo I had was absolutely delicious, the patty was moist and succulent, the mayo was rich and creamy. It was so good!

This place would be a God-send for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone who is trying to eat healthier without sacrificing their fast-food kick. Though Vegan Burg doesn't have many locations yet, you can consider ordering with their delivery service. It is really worth a try, and I'd definitely be back.

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Not my kind of burger

I am a meat eater and will not have gone to this shop if not for my vegetarian friend. It was my vegetarian friend's farewell lunch and for lack of better selection of a vegetarian meal, we chose this shop.

It was a change from the normal burgers that I had but it was served like the normal burger meals with fries and drink. I think they did not ask whether I want to "up-size" here. I could not remember what burger I had but I just remembered that it was not filling enough for me.

I had always told my vegetarian friends that I could not have a meal without meat, it would not be filling enough for me. True enough, that day, I need to go for a tea break and I had two kon ba paus along with my coffee. That was my kind of "burgers".

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Surprisingly tasty, the healthier option

I love my meat as much as the next person, and being a self-professed carnivore, the word “vegan” immediately conjures up images of bland tofu and revolting slabs of artificially-sweetened flour patties posing as meat in my mind. Needless to say, I was not particularly thrilled to be dining here.

I visited the Eunos outlet with my family. The interior of the café was clean and spacious, and the atmosphere was relaxed, tranquil and happy, very Zen. There were little grass patches that really tied in with the whole concept of the eatery.

We ordered the cracked pepper mayo burger, the char-grilled satay burger and the vegankidz meal, intending on sharing our food so each of us could have a taste of each of the burgers. The time taken for the preparation of the food was relatively short, although nowhere near fast-food-restaurant short.

Biting into the burger, I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting patties that were bland or slightly sweet, but the burgers there were astonishingly savoury. The food there certainly exceeded my expectations, and each bite into the juicy burger produced a fusion of different flavours melding together in my mouth. It was a refreshing, tasty and healthy change from the common cheeseburger or hamburger.

Vegan Burg has completely revolutionized my perception of vegan food.

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Great Vegan Burgers!

I went to the newly opened Vegan Burg outlet at Turf City. The ambience of this new café is really relaxed, and it has an interesting concept as some chairs have grass patches. It’s a wonderful place to chill, and have a great meal.

I had the set meal consisting of Hawaiian Pineapple Burger, Seaweed Fries, and Orange Passionfruit juice. The juice was really refreshing, which was perfect for the scorching weather. The burger itself was spicy, but it was nicely balanced by the sweetness of the pineapple. The patty itself was tasty and it was really well done. Overall, the meal was really worth while, and it was satisfying.

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Turf City
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