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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 04, 2012    

A pizza around the neighborhood.

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(Updated: February 14, 2013)

Why did it vanish?

That pizza company that could give Pizza Hut and Canadian Pizza a run for their money. New York Pizza is certainly a force of pizza to be reckoned.

Personally, I simply adore it's gigantic sliced packaging. It looks like one slice of pizza that has been magnified three folds. This was definitely a fresh approach to pizza! It doesn't just bounce about the ordinary square boxed packaging with it's circular pizzas. New York pizza boxes was certainly thought out of the box. I definitely approve.

The taste wavered in between perfection and deliciousness. It wasn't totally perfect but it was definitely ever so yummy. It was my perfect lunch or dinner that I deemed as portable and convenient in between my schedule that was stacked with classes that time.

Suddenly, they went poof! They vanished faster than Hermione could say Wingardium Laviosa. Or something like that. Where did they go too? Why did they go? I was marked by this mystery even as I type this sentence.

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The pizza and the packaging
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Bad Pizza.

This is one of the days that I will be stuck at the northern side of Singapore after exploring places and ended up myself at Khatib. I passed by a few shops and found Spizza. It is a small unit shop that sells western food such as pizzas, baked rices and beverages, either delivery or on the go or dining in.

It was good enough that there are seats to dine in. I looked through the menu board and I was not sure of what I should have for myself. Thus, I asked the counter staff for his recommendations. He told me Hawaiian pizza is popular among the residents in this neighborhood. Without further ado, I ordered that and waited for my pizza to arrive. Fifteen minutes later, it arrived in a triangular shaped box. I could smell the pizza and see how hot is it. I let it cool down before I take my first bite.

The bite was not impressive enough. The pizza tasted like instant pizzas that I could get from the supermarket. The pizza dough was not fresh as I can taste the hard texture and the ingredients were pretty much given stingy. You could count the number of pineapples and turkey bacon slices.

I will never come back for such pizza at $6.

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