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Listing created by Strome on October 11, 2012    

A pancake cafe set up by a former SIA girl inspired by her travels  in America.  It allows you to customize your own pancakes, creating your own "Pancake Art".

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(Updated: February 01, 2016)

Nook's pancakes are just nice to Look at

Located conveniently near my school, my friends and I decided to head there one day for a birthday celebration. I’ve never gotten the hype about pancakes, but wait, DIY pancakes? I’m in.

I’ve watched plenty of videos on DIY pancakes, so finally being able to design some myself was a novelty. We were given colours such as green, blue, and red on top of the usual cream-coloured pancake batter, and while they may look strange and unappetizing, they managed to give our designs more versatility. However, the novelty quickly wore off. Only when we started making pancakes just to eat, did we realise that they tasted just mediocre.

Nook isn’t a place I’d recommend friends to visit for its pancakes, but if you’re looking for a different dining experience, then maybe give this a try.

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Unique concept

I was one of the first few who visited Nooks when they first opened. It was located somewhere near my school so I thought that was convenient. When my friend and I got there, it wasn't crowded at all so service was tip-top and the ambience was lovely.

I find the pancakes set affordable because if you split it between two people, it is actually a decent price at $14. That's about the same price as pancakes at Strictly Pancake. For me, the pancakes were so filling and we almost didn't finish eating! I thought the batter was really nice too!

I got rather bored of DIY-ing my own pancakes and creating funny shapes with them after a while. In the end, I stuck to normal circles...which kinda destroys the whole point of DIY-ing your pancakes. But I had a good time though!

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Did not impress

The unique selling point of Nooks is the concept of DIY - on each table, there is a grill for you to make your pancakes however you want it.

When I went with my friends, however, we decided to take up a promotional offer they had for their usual a la carte pancakes which they made for us. So, we didn't try out the DIY concept, which might explain why my experience was not so satisfying.

The pancakes tasted mediocre at best, I daresay that my own pancakes taste better. Even with the promotion, we thought that the pancakes were overpriced - 3 average sized pancakes cost about $6. So, based on taste and price alone, Nooks does not cut it for me. However, I'd say that perhaps this place deserves a 2nd visit, just to try out the DIY concept, which I imagine would be pretty fun, especially with your family or friends.

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(Updated: August 18, 2013)


I was invited to do a tasting session at Nook's House of Pancakes located at Bukit Timah.

This is a specialty pancake restaurant that allows you to create your own D.I.Y. pancakes on a griddle with different coloured batter! They also serve an interesting menu including appetisers, mains and sides. The interior was kept really simple ikea-style, and was clean and spacious.

For 2 pax, we ordered 1 serving of Mushroom Soup and their house specialty Red Velvet Pancakes. Food wise, it was utterly ordinary and the Red Velvet Pancakes tasted like Chef has gone a little overboard with the food colouring. Texture was slightly dry and had too much cream cheese frosting but presentation was spot on.

Mushroom soup surprised us pleasantly, had a light consistency though rather milky but had a copious amount of mushrooms in the soup. The highlight of the meal was probably creating our own pancakes! My friend and i felt like we were in secondary school home econs class again but better! We had so much fun we used up all the batter!

Overall, experience was a good one. Most importantly because we had alot of fun and the vibe was young and energetic and waiters were punctual and attentive.

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Best Part:
Creating our own diy pancakes
Branch Location:
Bukit Timah
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(Updated: August 13, 2013)

One of a Kind

My sister brought me here a few weeks ago, claiming it to be the best pancake she ever had the fortune to have. I soon found out why she said that because the place is basically a Do It Yourself concept and a fairly interesting one at it. Of course she'll said it tastes brilliant since she's the vendee of her own creation.

I'm not a pancake-person by any stretch of the imagination, I usually enjoy the more crispier siblings of pancakes- the waffles; and I don't much delight in terribly sweet delicacies. So having the liberty to gauge the amount of sugar level I will be digesting is definitely a refreshing change to the usual prefixed items.

I can't really judge the quality of the pancakes considering I don't really have much experience tasting said pancakes but I do quite enjoy the time I spent in Nook and I applaud their bravery for approaching the DIY concept. I'll probably pay them another visit.

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Best Part:
Do It Yourself
Branch Location:
Bukit Timah
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(Updated: March 16, 2013)

Worth the novelty visit

I came here for a friend's birthday party once and it was actually quite a nice time.

I regularly don't eat pancakes. So I had low expectations of my own creations. As it turns out, butter saves everything and anything!

Me and my 3 friends ordered their $10 promotion. So basically you pay $10 and they hand you a bottle of pancake premix and a full tray of topping goodness. I naturally hoarded the butter cups and the marshmallow one. Always choose these two, they are orgasmic.

I took really long trying to write happy birthday across the grill thing and when I did, I was so proud I could cry. I almost did cry trying to eat it after because it was A LOT of pancakes but the point was us laughing at each other's lousy drawings on grill and sprinkling all the random toppings over each other's pancakes just to try to make it look uglier than what's on our plates.

The pancake mix, the toppings, the ambiance - everything about this place screams for a 2nd visit. And I did come back. Again, and again.

It was a fun experience and I am so glad I went to Nook. I definitely recommend this.

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Be your own chef

Somehow, food always tastes better when you are your own chef.

Nook has an interesting concept which allows customers to design and make their own pancakes from ready made batter mix. My friend and I spent about $30 together for two bottles of pancake mix, which came with 3 free toppings.The mix comes in various flavours which include the classic butter original, strawberry and chocolate. The joy comes from being able to play around with the shapes of the pancakes and flipping them on the induction cooker. Even though my pancakes were mostly awkwardly out of shape, I still felt very satisfied. Moreover, flipping the pancakes makes me feel like pro, given that I have almost zero experience with the stove.

However, the novelty kind of wears off after a while, and towards the end, we were rather bored with it. DIY concept aside, I felt that the pancakes were rather mediocre, The toppings that we chose -- caramelized apple slices, marshmallows and cheddar cheese, did not do much to improve the taste. This could be due to the fact that we did not know how to blend the tastes well, but they certainly added to the fun of making of the pancakes at the start.

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Average Spent Per Person:
Best Part:
Cook it yourself
Branch Location:
Bukit Timah
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(Updated: January 10, 2013)

The joy of DIY

Located along the quiet street of Lorong Kilat, Nook is a great place to hang out with your pals on a lazy weekend. I simply love the peace and quietness of its surroundings.

It was my first trip to the pancake house, and I never knew I could have so much fun designing my own pancakes (yes, I love designing!). The staff not only greeted us with much zest, but also attended to our requests with patience. We were rather spoilt for choices of flavors. For someone who can't manage the kitchen very well despite my love for good food, hands-on pancake-making actually rekindled my love for the simple joy of cooking for ME.

The layout of the cafe is simple but may not be suitable for large-group gatherings, as the place is relatively small. Four to a table would be just right.

Nook is worth visiting if you haven't been there. I am definitely revisiting for more fun!

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Literally, Do it yourself

I would not have been able to find the place if not for my friend who is really good with directions, The concept of the place intrigued me, the first I've heard of where customers are able to customise their own pancakes.

We waited eagerly for our pancake batter to arrive, having ordered the chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and banana batter with four toppings. We chose cream cheese, chocolate chips, strawberries and cheddar cheese, The topping's servings were really small with just a handful of strawberries and a small spoon of cheese. However, making the pancakes were really fun at first, making all sorts of shapes and eating them. However, we got bored after some time and the pancake batter all tasted the same after awhile.

I think that visiting them once for the experience would be sufficient.

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Nice concept but average pancakes

I visited Nook House of Pancakes to celebrate two of my friend's birthdays recently, and we had a ball of a time making our pancakes. After awhile, though, the novelty begins to wear off.

You can make your own pancakes and choose from a variety of toppings including cheese, M&Ms and more. The staff there were very friendly and cheerfully taught us how to cook our pancakes, and even gave us moulds to make pancakes of different shapes and sizes.

We ordered the original and banana-flavoured pancakes, which really tasted quite average. In fact, I think I prefer the pancakes at MacDonald's. I honestly expected much more from the pancakes, and the taste was rather disappointing. After awhile, I also began to feel a bit sick of the pancakes - the taste gets a little overwhelming.

It was an interesting experience, but I wouldn't go back a second time.

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