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Listing created by poppy on April 22, 2012    

A refreshing new location for a laidback night out with friends, or a romantic bistro experience for a first date, Raindrops Cafe certainly fits the bill.

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(Updated: November 06, 2014)

Sad that its gone!

Visited Raindrops Cafe a year or so back when it was situated outside *SCAPE, and I remember enjoying the relaxing ambience on a weekday afternoon when the cafe was practically empty. I also vividly remember how good their cream pasta was and how much my friend and I raved about it. They were also having a 1-for-1 drinks offer which allowed us to try their chocolate martini that certainly ended off the cafe visit well.

It's a quaint little cafe with a warm concept, and it almost felt like we found a hidden gem tucked away from the eyes of the public because it was so empty and no one knew about it. Would love to return to Raindrops Cafe, but they have closed down last year.

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Perfect for lunch

Tucked away at a corner outside Scape, this cozy café is a nice place to sit around with your friends on a quiet afternoon. I came here for lunch with a friend and we ordered fish and chips. The café has a really tiny kitchen, I really wonder how they function… We were the only two customers there but they took a while to serve the fish and chips. Guess they were cooking them on the spot!

The fish and chips weren’t that fantastic but the batter was crispy and the fish was cooked nicely. Would come back for a drink someday!

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Quaint cafe

This cafe is partially hidden, but it has gained more recognition over the past few years.

I have been coming here ever since they opened for business, and I'm so glad to have found this quaint and cosy cafe. Although the prices are a little hefty, the quality of the French-Italian food here is amazing. They have revised their menu a few times to keep things interesting! It is hard to choose a fabourite dish here, because every one of them that I've tried, I've loved.

I am not an alcoholic drinker, but I have heard good things about the drinks that are served here. This place has excellent service too. I once had a class gathering, and they let us take up half of the space inside! Also, I like how they put strawberries in the water to flavor it slightly.

At the end of every meal, my go-to dessert would be the creme brûlée. Utter food heaven. Need I say more?

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I visited Raindrops Cafe about a month back for my cousin's birthday dinner. It was my first time there, and honestly, I did not know what to expect. I thought with a name like Raindrops, you'll get a Zenith-inspired bistro with wood decor and an Oriental focus.

To my surprise, I realised it was a rather contemporary cafe serving Western fare in the heart of town. Despite being located near SCAPE, it was rather quiet, allowing us to enjoy both the food and be engrossed in the conversations we were having. Food here is a little on the high side though, but prices are still affordable. I had their aglio olio, and although it was nothing too spectacular, it's good enough and should keep your tummy filled for some time.

Worth a look.

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Worth going!

Visited this cafe to celebrate a close friend's birthday, and we loved the experience. Tucked away in a corner, this eatery is safe from the hustling and bustling of *SCAPE. I especially loved the tasteful decorations such as the blue umbrellas outside the cafe.

A quiet little place, my friends and I (three of us) had a great lunch there. The cafe also played some soothing jazz music in the background - fantastic ambiance!

One thing to note though, the menu isn't one for those who look for variety. This may be a problem for repeat customers as you'll very soon run out of dishes that you haven't tried before. The food can be quite pricey as well. However, the aglio olio that I had was pretty good and the overall price was worth it for the whole package of food and experience.

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(Updated: August 09, 2012)

Cozy cafe

Tucked away behind the hip and popular cineleisure, not many know about this cute little cafe that's so cozy! Perfect place for a date if you don't mind the slightly pricey menu. I will gladly pay for the cafe ambience even though the food was also not bad. I'm not much of a food critique. The food here was average but the price was slightly on the high side. They served good quality serviettes with a design on it which left an impression on me. Not many cafes bother about such details anymore.

Also this cafe have unusual operating hours. They do not open in the mid afternoon so it's only lunch and dinner hours so do check their opening hours before heading down!
The service was bad each time I patronise this cafe. We had to wait at the entrance for quite a while before we were 'noticed'. The service staffs did not smile and it kind of dampens the atmosphere a bit!
Hopefully the management do something about this!

As the cafe was not crowded, our food were served pretty fast with the food still pipping hot! If it weren't for bad service, I'll definitely be a regular at this cafe!

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Mini burgers
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Quaint and pretty place

Conveniently located in the heart of town at Somerset, we thought it would be the perfect place to celebrate a friend’s birthday. And Raindrops Cafe did not disappoint. It was pretty, a small placed tucked into a corner, decorated with cute raindrop-shaped wall decals and menus. They had the standard Western fare which was pretty good, and the service too. However it wasn’t exactly a perfect experience. The cafe is too small, and was not able to seat our group of 6 together, so we had to split 4-2. And while the food was a little pricey, it was nothing memorable. Overall I would recommend it for a casual outing with a small group looking to chill out in a quaint quiet corner.

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