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SgShop is an avenue that enables Singaporeans to purchase anything from China with the greatest deals and lowest rates. SgShop offers a service within the site that allows the site to assist via shopping on behalf of the users. 

SgShop's online store contains a myriad supply of alternatives and options. This includes the 'Budget Delivary' option that enables consumers to return unsatisfied products. The returned products will be refunded. 

Additional Details:

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 09:30 - 20:30 and Saturday 09:30 - 17:00 Closed on Public Holidays and Sundays.
Average Price Range:
  • < $20
  • < $50
  • < $100
  • < $200
  • < $400



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SGSHOP very disappointing
Overall rating 
Overall Rating 

Was their premium SVIP member, used to be good. Now, not only do they fail to satisfy customer's needs, experiences have nosedived into negative zone

Upon suggestion, I decided to check ou recent ratings I googled for "sgshop review" and read the Google reviews. Am shocked and yet not surprised! Shocked because others' experiences are worse! Not surpriseg because I encountered similar negative experiences,,,,

Nontransparent inconsistent policies, really hidden convoluted obsfuscated and creative reasons and charges from sgcare, inspection, value-add services, insurance, creeping/inflatwd/repetitive domestic shipping, administrative charges, etc...: You wont know upfront but as your order becomes listed as "problematic order", all the charges, price discrepancies, increases in domestic shipping, etc. Just see others' reviews below

Their classification of items are arbitrary and inconsistent- their reclassification show their rules are so arbitrary and ambiguous.

Everything from books, magazines, toys, IT/electronics/electricals WITHOUT battery/cable/power supplies, tools, toys, apparel, and anything that has a label/logo).. cannot go by normal air. Either lemgthy sea shipping or expensive "special air"

Then, if you decide not to continue, you incur charges... and surprisinglt popped up like toadstools after a rain all the deductions, with the final refunded amt will have been deducted by returned domestic shipping, admin charges, etc They even madeThis is befpre considering the long time lag/delay. Unlike other agents, should we decide not yo continue, or to.canc, or to chamge, there is no admin or whatever charge involved and refund is less than a day.

The final straw that broke the camel's back is
unprofessional customer service staff who do not bother to understand your concerns but speak down to you as if you are an idiot, beat their chests crying self-righteously, blindly (faithfully) citing company policy as a magical mantra as a shield..

" what if you am a premium SVIP member, we have many other VIP who spent even more than you...."; (well, why then have a loyalty VIP program only pay lip service to?

"... we practise equal treatment even if you are premium member... " (while egaitarian.treatment is appreciated, they should really learn from SQ.. say your frequent flyer miles or your premium raffles class seat mean nothing but plain water across the board.)

"..after you combine your orders, as long as on different dates, even if during promotion of no service charge, you incur further service charges." (To think combining orders actually help them too!)

"... it is our company policy....." (The ubiquitous shield stronger than Captain America's shield... when asked the rationale, you are clawed with Wolverine"s fangs"

".i am sorry that cannot...." (If say sorry, then really mean it! Insincerity stinks and smacks of the worst Hollywood, Bollywood, K-drama formula scripts)

" it is not easy to buy from others (not ez to buy from ezbuy).." (gee, they displayed a poetic flair)

"....if you want to compare with other competitors, then go buy from them...". (Well, sure, i have chosen to forgo all the points accrued and switched)

".. why should i, what is there to update you when the taobao seller never replied me.." (i learnt that they are scared of Yaobao selers because the sellers can collude to refuse/veto against selling to agents' accounts and shipping addresses... consumer sovereignty?)

"...if you want to speak to anyone else or hogher up, you are blocked by the mantra of you must send in a written request, every company does that...." (gosh, this is the new corporate millenium!)

"....i dont want to waste time to call my COO, because he will always tell us to tell you to write in. ." You have to send in an email as if you have to submit an imperial edict to seek an audience with the emperor! Despite writng in and even furnishing your contact details with express explicit request to talk to him, you receive a canned, cookie-cutter standard reply. The paragraphs and syntax dont even sync or link! Maybe really earned enough or am milking us as much as the business model lasts before bursting or superceded by Alibaa

Heck! Why should i pay to go through such negative experiences? Enough is enough! I discovered to my delight there are other alternatives: agents, direct shippers, personal shoppers, etc). DIY has become easy possible too! Thank you for sharing in this forum I learnt a lot... Thanks

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