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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on January 05, 2014    

Chubby Chubby sells a range of different hamdmade items from baby shoes to shower sets to kids gifts. They are regular vendors at MAAD Market Singapore.


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I don't know much about them

I chanced by their booth on my way to the Maad Museum event of the night.

I was looking for a friend's birthday present and she had an owl tattoo so this place immediately caught my eye. The owner of the booth was really friendly and telling me about the different types of owl plushies she had - from seasonal ones to the regular ones. I chose one with a christmas hat and she packed it lovingly.

She then offered me a pen to write my birthday card and chit chatted about the rest of her products and shared the url of her online site with me. My friend loved the plushie and I hesitated giving it to her, didn't feel like parting with it heh heh.

Go check them out, support the local scene!

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Cute stuffed toys
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Maad Museum
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