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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on December 25, 2013 is an online magazine about modern Singapore and its people, places and phenomena. It celebrates a Singapore in transition. Its writers are a happy mash-up of the old school and the cutting edge; the strange and the familiar; the weird and the wonderful. Creating a sense of community, online and off, Poskod delivers twice-weekly missives on unexpected lives, spaces and narratives in Singapore culture and history.

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Wonderful read and experience!

As an aspiring amateur journalist interested in people, phenomena and events in Singapore, I took up an internship with around 2 years ago during my school holidays. My objective then was to get a feel of how the journalism industry works and hopefully, get a nose into a pet reporting project of my own.

I found the experience at exceedingly wonderful and I outperformed my own expectations there as I got involved in many stuff that I never expected to dab in.

Firstly, my boss not only owns, but also Checkpoint Theatres (theatre) as well Studio WongHuzir ( brand consultancy). As such I had opportunities to dabble in theatre where I was involved in photoshoots and met playwrights as well as see the team in action as consultants. Moreover, being involved in inevitable administrative work, I gleaned much office skills along the way, which I felt would be extremely useful to me in the future.

Secondly, the website itself was wonderful. The articles on the site, mainly written by my mentors, were smooth, interesting and well written. As a lover of books and good articles, there is a feeling of joy pounding in your heart as you savour the words. The pictures that complement the articles not only provide interesting breaks, but enhances the overall reading experience as well!

Thirdly, I got to do a project on Singapore's education system as well as report on Kampung Temasek, which saw me conducting interviews, constructing articles, taking pictures, having close interactions and discussions with my mentors as well as discovery of new ideas. I enjoyed the entire process tremendously as this was what i set out to do and there was a sense of accomplishment in achieving it!

Time flew really fast as to my internship and I was really sad to leave on my last day of the job. I felt that TheSmartLocal and indeed have many things in common and I've found more or less the same enjoyment in contributing here as I did 2 years ago in!

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