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Listing created by aikiash on January 25, 2013    

Jobiness is a job website with a twist. Aside form job listings, it offers a user an inside view of the company via reviews by employees, an estimate salary range, and even photos of the office.


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Interesting concept

I was just visiting the web site and was actually a bit confused on how to use the web site. I was seeing reviews of company by so called employees but most likely ex-employess and salary ranges for certain positions within certain companies. I was worried for those people that had provided their inputs to this web site whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Based on the inputs, it may be very easy for a company to determine who provided the input especially if the scale of the company was not that big or may be the number of people working for a certain positions with the given salary range were not that many.

I think the idea of the web site was good but going to the detailed level of company salary may be a bit too sensitive, they should try to protect the identity of the people that took the risk to gave them the inputs.

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(Updated: January 25, 2013)

New kid on the block with awesome potential

A new player on the job website scene, Jobiness made its debut with a bang through an ad that is still going viral. Most of us should have seen the advertisement featuring a Hokkien speaking uncle complaining about his job of massaging models and dreaming of an office job. There are even 2 sequels to that ad.

Upon visiting their site, one can quickly see the potential of the site. The lay out is neat and orderly, making it easy for you to navigate. Also the extra features of insights into the company via salary and photos are completely new to the market. I particular love the employee reviews as there is no better way of determining the job environment than from an actual employee.

However, the site is still young with many companies not yet listed on the site. Also, many of the job listings are by recruitment agencies so you will not be able to really know which company you are applying for. You can refer back to the website for insights after getting the interview appointment and finding out the company though.

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