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MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO is Japan’s No.1 premier hair removal salon, which aims to be the No.1 Singapore hair removal salon that offers the best in hair removal care service. With 5 salons in the down town shopping area of Singapore, finding a MUSEE salon is fast and easy.

MUSEE uses the Smooth Skin Control (S.S.C.) hair removal treatment process. S.S.C treatment is done with their special formulated wax and exposure to light beams. It offers much better result as compared to wax removal cream or laser hair removal - S.S.C treatment is safer, less painful and more lasting. The service is provided exclusively for women.

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Hair removal without awkward conversations
Overall Rating 

When your nether regions are feeling airy and exposed while you’re having an IPL, being greeted with comfortable silence instead of pushy sales tactics is much appreciated. Musee Platinum offers just that, along with a satisfactory level of hygiene, impeccable service, and amazing offers.

Their staff rarely go into detailed explanations of packages that you’ve never asked about, and disposable undergarments are provided. What’s more, they often have sweet deals that included unlimited sessions of underarm and bikini line hair removal at only $38.

Currently, Musee Platinum is having yet another promotional offer, so if you’re thinking of pampering yourself with some smooth skin, the time is now.

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Slowly but Surely, Zap those Hairs Away
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Fellow females will agree: Shaving your pits every few days is a hassle, and when you forget to do so, it’s annoying how your wardrobe options get limited. Unless you’re one of those who subscribe to the recent long pit hair trend.

What could be better than an affordable, safe, and painless method to kill unwanted hair follicles? The $38 deal for lifetime armpit IPL treatment at Musee Platinum was a deal not to be missed.

No complaints on the treatment itself. However, the staff are visibly annoyed whenever I forget to bring my appointment card, even though they can easily retrieve all my info from keying my mobile number into their database. If you’re willing to look past the service, it’s a good investment.

Sounds unbelievable, but you’ll see results after just two sessions! The process takes time, though; It’s been two years of bi-monthly treatments, and while my hairs grow way slower than before, they still sprout. If you’re the impatient sort who’d want to un-gorillafy yourself quickly, you’d be better off going for laser.

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What every woman needs
Overall rating 
Overall Rating 

Talk about IPL(Intense Pulse Light) treatments and that’s enough to give me the jitters, BEFORE I had my first treatment done at Musee Platinum Tokyo. Many think that the process involves much pain with the use of lasers but for me, it was far from that! It was close to being PAINLESS, unless you count the occasional prick painful, or if your threshold is really low.

Steps might vary according to the area you’re treating but for the most part it goes like this:
1. Shaving
2. Applying of cooling gel
3. Treatment
4. Removing of cooling gel
5. Cool pad

And TADAH! You can now waltz away with smooth beautiful skin without having to worry about them growing out too quickly.

Treatment would be once every 2 months and it decreases as you go along. Cheap deals can be found on Groupon as well as your other deal-of-the-day websites. I found my lifetime IPL deal on Groupon for only S$98!

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