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Felicia Yeow
Listing created by Felicia Yeow on December 23, 2012    

Located beside Sengkang Riverside Park, Sengkang Swimming Complex, otherwise known as Anchorvale Swimming Complex, is a newly-built public facility with five pools as well as slides. The swimming complex also offers swimming lessons for both adults and children.

Additional Details:

Weekday Opening Hours:
Tues-Sun 8am - 9.30pm
Entrance Fees:
Children/ Senior Citizen - $0.80
Adult - $1.50

Children/ Senior Citizen - $1.00
Adult - $2.00
Price Range
< $10


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(Updated: September 04, 2013)

Do not complain about the entrance fee...

Nobody should be mad to complain about paying to get in. For that amount, it's a steal.

You get a kids pool with all the fun stuff...I love the big bucket of water..the slides that once upon a time only Big Splash had. And remember how much it took to get into Big Splash? Here you get a sheltered teaching pool, you get a jacuzzi and an Olympic sized lap pool all for $3 max!

Don't complain. Know when you are getting a good deal. This is one area where the Government got it right. Well done!

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The embrassing splash

This is both a mini wild wild wet and swimming complex combined in one. The slide is not those kids play wherby in one second you're back in the pool. It's pretty high and there is a lifeguard at the top giving directions on when you can slide down.

My most embarrassing moment i life occurred when I underestimated the height of the slide. The ride was so fast that when i splashed into the pool, one of my bra pads came out! Luckily my friend caught it and secretly returned it to me in the pool.

The deep pool is olympics size and there are seats to do babes or hunks watching. I had immense fun swimming and sliding. Spend about 3-4 hours at the pool.

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Splashin' good time!

It's not often that I go swimming nowadays. Indeed, on the rare occasion that I'm actually in a pool, you're more likely to find me playing with water and splashing people rather than actually swimming in it.

That's why, when goaded by my cousins to bring them go swim, I thought I'd give Sengkang Swimming Complex a try. It's not that far from my house and more importantly, it's got slides! Wild Wild Wet crossed my mind, but I figured a neighborhood swimming complex would be less crowded, plus it was a whole lot cheaper as well.

The place was moderately crowded when we went there on a Sunday afternoon. However, I appreciate the fact that with attractive slides in public swimming pools on Sunday afternoons, 'moderately crowded' is as good as I'm gonna get. All the colorful slides there proved to be as fun as it looks, and a full description of our activities that afternoon could be summed up in 'Sit slide, Hit water, Climb back up slide, Repeat'.

Anyway, it was a great experience. When you have to be dragged off the swimming pool by two kids, you know that the swimming complex is worth a visit.

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Many to offer

I love to go to the SK swimming complex especially during the weekdays. I love its indoor pool which is totally shielded from the sun. As for the outdoor pool, it is great during the cold days. In addition, there is a Jacuzzi for people who just prefer to lie down there and relax. For the more adventurous, there are many slides for you to choose from! I was especially afraid of slides but was peer pressured into trying them out. And yes, it got really addictive! I ended up trying all the slides except that I chickened out at the spiraling ones.

What is disappointing is the fact that they are closed every Mondays. And sometimes, there are also schools conducting swimming lessons for the students, making the indoor pool crowded. The location is also rather inaccessible. You would need to take LRT or Bus from the SengKang interchange and continue to walk for a distance.

After your swim, you can also visit the many restaurants there. For Mac lovers, there is one outlet directly next to the swimming complex. For pasta lovers, PastaMania was just recently opened there! There is also a restaurant/bar which sells western meals nearby.

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for more than just a swimming experience :)

Sengkang Swimming Complex is one of Singapore's best swimming complexes to date with new facilities and lots of other activities all around. So why pay more for water parks when you can have the same fun at half the price?

This swimming complex is at Anchorvale Community Club. My kid loves this place so much because there are lots of activities to choose from. For those who just want to have a dip they can try the bubbling jacuzzi for relaxation. For adventurous and active adults there are water slides in different sizes, a sheltered pool for the swimmers at heart and a competition pool for professional and aspiring swimmers. Kids will surely have a lot of fun in the kiddie slides and water fountains designed for them within the water playground. Swimming lessons for kids and adults are available throughout the week.

A lot of other activities are available too. Among these activities are the Ballet and Music Lessons. Badminton Court and Multi-Purpose Hall are available for booking at reasonable rate. Vendo machines are available for cold beverages and snacks are up for grabs at McDonalds and McCafe.

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Perfect Washing Machine Experience

Looking for a place to bring your kids and even kids at heart? Well, this place is the one for you!

This public swimming pool has slides. One is the close kind and one is the open.

I was a bit scared to try both because it really looks a bit high especially the closed convoluted slides. However, as I remembered I have insurance plan, I went to try it. I felt like I was in a washing machine and the time inside seems incredibly slow. However, when I came out from the water cannon, I meant slide, I really felt all the adrenalin rushing when all the water splashed on my face.

This is a really great place to spend your day offs and it is not so crowded yet. Best place for spending your Saturday mornings and afternoons alone or with companions.

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(Updated: January 03, 2013)

All in one package

The area in which Sengkang Swimming Complex is located is an all-in-one stop for the guy training for his IPPT or just trying to work out his/her entire body. The Sengkang Swimming Complex not only houses the swimming pools, but also a gym, a hockey stadium and is beside a park where the fitness corner is merely a few hundred meters away. I always visit the place either as a stop on my cycling trip or to train for my IPPT. The first stop would of course, be the park (where i'll have a jog and work on my pull ups at the fitness corner), next would be the gym (where the weights and other exercises are are carried out) and lastly, the swimming pool (More of a recreation and a cooling respite from the heaty body from so much workout).

The swimming pool I always used would be the indoor adult swimming pool, comparable to Olympic sized swimming pools, it offers swimmers a challenge from trying to swim laps. There is also an outdoor swimming pool and a pool for the kids (The slides are really fun, even teenagers like me like to go round after round).

After the exercise, there is a McDonalds outlet beside the complex which provides a decent, stomach-filling meal. Alternatively, if you do not wish to gain back the calories you have lost, simply hop onto the LRT opposite the road to compass point for a healthier fare

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Whats there not to love about this swimming complex? I can come anytime, rain or shine. Rain because there's a huge indoor swimming pool for everyone and shine because of the other awesome facilities outside. The thrilling slides and jacuzzi especially! I always gave tons of fun whenever I'm here with my friends or family.

The toilets are relatively clean too. I can bathe in peace without being disgusted by the dirt and grime in the bathroom. Also, with many cubicles around, one does not have to wait for eons before taking a quick shower.

Besides swimming, cycling is also another alternative as it's located just nearby. I haven't tried it yet and I hope to someday.

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One of the newer public swimming pools

My daughter took her swimming lessons here so I was here almost every week for the year plus that my daughter was having her swimming lessons. This public swimming pool has quite a few facilities, there is the jacuzzi pool, slides and a covered pool.

My sons' favourite is the pool for water play. The water is shallow and even my youngest son who was afraid of water was not afraid to play in this pool. There is also the short slide here for young children.

My daughter prefer the more challenging long slides. She was afraid to try the slide at first but after she tried it, she loved it and every time, she would go on the slides at least a few times.

For me, I liked the jacuzzi. It was relaxing to let the strong jets of water hit your body while you just sat there doing nothing. Doing nothing is a luxury in Singapore.

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For all ages

Teenagers my age are usually considered too mature to go to public swimming pools unless we're there to do some swimming in the deep pool. However, my friends and I went there for the same reasons most kids go there; namely, for the slides.

When one mentions public swimming pools with fun slides, most people would think of Jurong East Swimming Complex, which is the largest public pool in Singapore with amazing slides. However, though the slides at Sengkang Swimming Complex are admittably not as thrilling as those at Jurong East Swimming Complex, they come a close second. The crowd here is also smaller than that of Jurong East, which is a factor to be considered if you don't want to face a lot of traffic in the pools or long queues at the slides. In fact, when my friends and I went there on a weekday morning, there was hardly any queue for the slides.

There are eight slides in total: two about a storey tall (the tunnel-like one is more fun), four two storeys tall ones (great for sitting together with friends), and two other tunnel-like slides about two-and-a-half storeys tall (simply AMAZING). There are also a lot of pools there: a deep pool, a kiddy pool with a fantastic water playground in the middle, a jacuzzi, and two teaching pools (one of which is indoors).

Since the complex is still quite new, the lockers all function properly and the toilets with bathing cubicles are really clean.

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