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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

Wild Wild Wet is a water park located in NTUC Downtown East, Pasir Ris - Singapore. All visitors will receive FunKey as the ticket and used to make any transactions or payments in the park as well.

Additional Details:

Weekday Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed to Fri 1pm - 7pm
Weekend Opening Hours:
Sat, Sun, School & Public Holidays 10am - 7pm
Entrance Fees:
Adult $15.50

Child (3-12 years old) $10.50

Family Package
(2 adults & 2 children) $42.00
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(Updated: April 23, 2012)

Exciting and fun rides!

Out of the many attractions in Singapore, the Wild Wild Wet is one that I do not visit often as it is located quite far away from where I stay. However, given the chance to, families and friends should head down together and enjoy a wet day at Wild Wild Wet!

The price of the entry fees are rather expensive though, priced at around $15 and above for an adult ticket, it is definitely not so pocket friendly. However, the rides made up for it! On weekends, there might be long queues for the rides so it would be better to go on a weekday instead. The most exciting ride there is Slide up. Two people will sit on the same float and plunge down the 4m high ramp together until they reached the high end of the ramp which is U-shaped. You will feel as if you are flying out of the ramp when you reach the peak, hence, this is a ride for the brave and for those who love thrills! If you do not fancy such exciting rides, you can always wade around at the Shiok river, or have a taste of 'Tsunami' at the Tsunami pool! The waves are sure huge and you can rent floats to play in the pools. The raft slide is rather fun too, as a group of 5 people or so slide down the water slides in the raft. Do be prepared to smile for the camera at some part! You can purchase your photograph later on and it would be funny to see the candid moments captured on the water slides!

Yay for water slides and water theme park at that! Perfect place for teenagers and friends to mingle and have fun at the same time!

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Wild and wet fun for both young and old

Contrary to popular perception, Wild Wild Wet isn't just a place for the kids. I have to say, this is by far one of my favourite places to head to - it isn't too expensive, and I can both relax AND have fun here. Although WWW attracts more of the younger crowd, I wasn't surprised to spot many older couples here too.

If you're looking to just relax, the Lazy River would be a good choice for you to just lie on the float, soak up the sun and let the river bring you along. You might get bumped into once in awhile by the rowdier teenage crowd, but apart from that, it's quite a good way to de-stress (or at least that's how it is for me!). If you're looking for some fun, there are lots of rides for you to try out - my favourite being the Samsung Wave. Took me a lot of guts to try it the first time, and each time I'm up there my heart still feels like it's about to drop out anytime, but the thrill is simply unexplainable. 5 stars for my favourite WWW ride of all time, a "must try" for anyone who visits this place!

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Perfect For Group Outings!

Whether it's a family day out or friends retreat, Wild Wild Wet is a great option for people of all ages to enjoy. With a myriad of rides available, you are sure to find one that you absolutely love. For pairs, you have to try the Slide-Up, a heart-pounding ride that is not, I REPEAT, not for the weak-hearted. When you're pushed off the slide, it almost feels as if you're falling off a cliff. But the thrill of it all was just absolutely fun!

If you are in groups of 3 or more, go for the Ular-Lah! A waterslide with floats that accommodates big groups of people! For the crazy daredevils, go for their torpedo ride. A solo ride that puts you on a standing platform that will open and send you dropping down, sliding through a slide that rushes you to the bottom before you know it.

To end your time at WWW, a group activity that truly allows you to bond is cruising through the lazy river. Grab a float and let the water do all the work. Flowing through slowly and calmly, its no surprise one would just doze off.

The best part is, after having a fun filled day at WWW, you can just hop onto E-hub for a hearty meal or do more activities such as laser tag!

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(Updated: September 23, 2012)

Cheap and good!

I first visited Wild Wild Wet when I was 6 or 7 years old and honestly, it was truly heaven. All the water slides and other attractions such as the ‘Shioks Pool’ make up this huge water themed playground that you can spend your entire afternoon in. With the admission tickets rated at $16.00 and below, it is very much affordable and cheaper than many other local attractions.

Despite visiting Wild Wild Wet occasionally during Class Chalets, I began to find it a little boring for its limited attractions. However, if you are seeking for an activity to do during a hot afternoon, Wild Wild Wet would just be a place for you!

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(Updated: June 19, 2012)

An awesome change from your average swimming pool

Wild wild wet is more of a family water park where you experience the high adrenalin rush from the rides together while laughing at your own facial expressions that you wear while you slide down the high slopes you have never tried before.

The colours-yellow and blue which you see almost everywhere help to create the fun and vibrant environment. My favorite part of it all was the wave pool. With artificial wave currents created- you could bob up and down where you can just float around, either with or without your buoys. Interestingly enough, there were also twin-buoys- that look like the figure of the number 8 for you and your partner to enjoy waves side by side. This type of buoys is not commonly found in our neighbourhood swimming pools so do grab this chance to try it out!

As for your meals, it is advisable that you bring your own food (have a pot luck concept) if you are really on a tight budget. While I heard the food was expensive, I know for certain that a can of coke could cost up to $3. While the pricing is understandable given that it’s a tourist attraction, we locals are better off taking that extra effort to save whenever we can!

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A fun-filled water theme park!

Located at near Ehub at Downtown East, Wild Wild Wet is definitely a place that families are looking for to spend a day and provides a huge fun for both kids and parents, which this cultivate family time and maximises family bonding.

Despite of the limited number of facilities and rides over at the water park, one can still enjoy the fun the park provides and spend the entire day there. Although people might say that Wild Wild Wet is something like the normal swimming pools with slides facilities, I still feel Wild Wild Wet certainly gives a completely different level of fun and it is definitely more worthwhile to visit Wild Wild Wet than just normal swimming pools.

Most of the rides are not very scary and is suitable for kids to ride with their parents which thus encourage family bonding. As for teenagers who are looking for a thrill, one can try the ride called 'Slide Up' which plunges you down from a high storey and can be very thrilling.

It is highly suggested that you visit Wild Wild Wet and have a day filled with fun with your family or friends.

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suitable for a family day out

This park is a safe and fun water park for a family day-out. There is nothing too dangerous or thrilling that you have to reject your child or younger sibling if he or she wants to get on it. This is somewhere where everything can be played by everyone of all ages.

My favorite would be the lazy pool. The pool is usually quite filled but the lazy pool will aid the flow of people with their self-generated waves. Rent a float, close your eyes and relax while the pool does its job. The long slide is my sister's favorite! When too many people wants to go on the slide, you do have to queue, but because a slide is a slide, people go down very quickly, so no worries about waiting time.

My least favorite part of Wild Wild Wet would be the locker area and toilets. It can get dirty easily with lots of people showering and littering in it. Also, if you are looking for rides that are not for the faint-hearted, this place is not for you. Downtown East is also not very accessible unless you are staying at Pasir Ris or somewhere near there. Do get to the water park as early as possible to get your traveling worth! There are a lot of food places outside of Wild Wild Wet for you to choose from. There are food sold in Wild Wild Wet itself but prices are a little steep.

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Great Fun for Everyone!

Wild Wild Wet is a small waterpark but it certainly delivers in entertainment value. When you book a chalet with the Downtown East Chalet, you would usually get complimentary tickets to the park as well. I visited the park for the first time as part of the four complimentary tickets one of my friends got for booking a chalet here and we had a awesome time indeed!

As I am not a big fan of extreme rides of any kind, this park was pretty much perfect for me. It had all kinds of low-stress, yet fun rides. There is one where you get to cycle on a little contraption on some tracks that rise above the park so you can see all around you and it is indeed quite a lovely experience although the height can be a little scary.

For those more adventurous, there is also a “slide up” ride where you slip down a ramp in pairs and experience quite an adrenaline rush! Each of you will be facing a different direction and it is both nerve wrecking whether for the person facing forward directly viewing the drop or the person facing back and having to anticipate the drop!

Overall it’s a great place for people of all ages as there are rides that cater to a wide range of preferences.

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A splashing good time!

Located in Downtown East, it may not be very accessible to many but if you're organizing a family day out or a class/group outing, this is great place to have some seriously wild and wet fun. Tickets are priced at about 15 SGD for adults but with NEBO or NTUC card, it can go down to as low as 11.

The park may not have as wide a variety of ride as compared to other water theme parks across the world but it does not do badly when compared. The ride you must not miss would be the "Ooh-Lah-Lah" or the Family ride. My friends and I went on a weekday which was relatively not crowded and found ourselves going for the ride over and over again! Groups of up to 8 sit in a float and slide down a massive slide full of twists, turns and drops. The result, a thrilling ride that is still exciting for adults and mild enough for children (the little more daring ones) to enjoy. Remember to smile for the camera near the end if you want a commemorative photograph!

When tired, head to the Shiok River (more commonly known as the lazy river) for a relaxing soak as the current pushes you round and round. There are water guns stationed at parts of the river for anyone to shoot water at those lazing around in the river! For the more daring, give the Samsung Slide-Up a go. Two people in float getting pushed down a steep slide, this is for the ultimate thrill seeker.

One major gripe I have about the water park would be the lockers. All lockers are for a one time use only at $3 SGD for the big lockers. Which means you have to take out everything you need for the day and store the rest inside. Once you have locked the lockers, the next time you open it, take stuff out and wish to lock it again, you would have to pay another $3. This is terribly inconvenient.

Other than that, Wild Wild Wet stays true to it's name and it is bound to give you a splashing good time at the park.

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Best part:
The "Ooh-lah-lah"
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(Updated: April 11, 2012)


wild wild wet is a place really for every age , old , young , teenagers. The tickets are really quite expensive if you do not have card to get discounts . Usually NEBO cards and NTUC cards give better offers.

Wild wild wet is a good place to go to with friends and families. there are varies things you can do at wild wild wet! the thing i loved most is the U shaped slide . There is usually a long queue for it as it is really fun . so what you can do is to hang out at other facilites like the tsunami , river go round , slides and the wu lala. my comments on these main facilities are .

1) the river go round . it is fun to play catching with friends or to really just relax. however , sometimes it get really crowded and squeezy or you will just go bored.

2) the tsunami. Its really fun as you will get to experience the energy of tsunami especially to the shore of the 'beach' . Just becareful not to fall and slide on the shallow ground as it will really make you hurt. the other thing about the tsunami is that it has intervals for the tsunami to start again.

3) the slides. to me they are not really exciting but kids love them . first of all you might get stuck and also the speed is not that fast at all.

4) the wu lala. its definitely a must try thing with your friends as it is really fun . however , sometimes the queue really gets terrible. a tip for singles and couples , always be proactive when the staff asks for extra people to fill in the hoop . by doing that, you will get to cut queue.

5)my personal best facility the u shaped slide. it is the most thrilling and exciting facility in the whole wild wild wet. the more scarier sit is the one facing the slide. usually the queue is long , so try to be early or late around 4 or 5.
so do go and experience WWW!!

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u shaped slide
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