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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 16, 2012    

Marina at Keppel Bay is the exclusive home of choice for international luxury yachts and a water playground for the privileged. Located on the privately owned Keppel Island, the Marina enjoys proximity to the city centre and is in the necklace of entertainment hotspots such as the Resorts World at Sentosa and VivoCity, Singapore’s largest entertainment and retail hub. Marina at Keppel Bay is the crown jewel in Singapore’s southern shores.

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)

Lounge in the lap of luxury

This is a pretty place, no doubt about that.

The first time I'm here, it was night. Driving down the blue-lit stretch of bridge from the mainland makes me feel like I'm entering some magical island. The food and drinks here are exorbitant, of course, but the boardwalk is free, so my friends and I strolled around the place casually pretending to be rich.

As a testament to the indulgence of this place, the boardwalk here is the most expansive that I have ever seen, kids and adults both can run around playing catch with no fear of falling into the sea. At night, the scenery is enchanting and the place feels so romantic that I wonder why I am there with 3 grown men instead of a girl.

My subsequent visit to Keppel Marina happened in the evening. Besides the beautiful scene of white yachts bobbing in the sea, The Reflections condominiums forms an awesome backdrop that completes the picture of luxury in Keppel Bay.

Kinda makes you hate your life though.

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(Updated: December 11, 2012)

A different part of Singapore

The big boats and expensive yachts here make me feel like I've landed in another part of Singapore. I guess this is the Monaco in us. Against the white boats, the water looks especially blue. So pristine and pretty!

I spent a lovely afternoon here after a late alfresco lunch, lounging around and reading. It's nice to walk around enjoying the sunset and it gets really breezy at night. Feels really intimate being with a loved one here. There are also some joggers running along the waterfront and if I drove so that I could conveniently bring my running gear around, I'd totally come here to run all the time. Love this place.

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A Refreshing Change

I personally call this place a refreshing change for those who love to visit peaceful and spacious places. The glittering scenery of yachts on the clean river is easy on the eye where you can simply gaze at while enjoying the passing breeze.

Given the atmosphere, you could really immerse yourself in a dreamy state, away from the constraints and stress of a busy city life. If you are with a partner, an intimate session of talking heart-to-heart would be perfect. The fact that there is not much of a crowd serves as a plus point too.

Condition wise, the whole place is generally clear of litter, with rubbish bins in sight in approximately every 200 meters. There are also certain points in the area where you cannot get network coverage- so others might not get through contacting you. Still if you don’t want any disturbance, it works out well for you. Really a double-edged sword factor.

Getting there is extremely convenient. It is situated right next to Labrador MRT, just turn right from the exit and walk in straight. There are also road side shops leading to the place which give a wide choice of food and drinks to bring in. since most of the restaurants there are not halal, some might want to plan ahead to bring in their own food. Otherwise, you can expect to have a lovely time there!

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Quite, romantic, exclusive.

It was my first time at the Marina sometime last week. I am not a member and was never aware of this location till my friend brought a visiting friend to his yacht and I was called along.

We got to the marina at about 11pm. It was already late and there were only a few patrons enjoying their wine at one of the few restaurants in the Marina. We adjourned to the Jetty which was a members' only area. This was the first time I saw such an extensive collection of private yachts in Singapore. They were all beautifully maintained and many were shiny and almost brand new. There were also a few boats that looked like mock-sail boats reminisce of the green peace movement!

The scenery was beautiful as you could have a view of the Marina Area all to yourself especially at a time like that.

Although the docks and restaurants are members-only areas, I suspect that the board walks (though I can't confirm this) are open to the public. If so, they provide a romantic waterfront location for dating couples or just anyone to enjoy a good sunrise or sunset.

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