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36 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Singapore 099007
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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 15, 2012    

Wave House Sentosa is the fourth and newest installation in an archipelago of Wave Houses that stretches from Durban in South Africa, San Diego in California, to Santiago in Chile. It features a 10’ barrel wave that rivals those at the beaches of Uluwatu, Grajagan or Macaronis.

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All I want to do forever

I don't know how to say I love you to inanimate objects.

But I will start with some lovin' for my board and the waves.

I came here for a beginner's Girls Learn to Ride under Apesnap. Me and my friend were an entire hour late but the kind staff waved us in and WE STARTED OUR SESSION!

Warning to all girls who are thinking of trying this: if you wear a bare bikini, I assure you you'll be pleasing the eyes of everyone there.

I was nervous so I pushed my friend to go first. She was gungho and tried to balance on her board and when the instructor left her for a while to talk to another, she slipped and flew.

And I laughed.

In hindsight, I probably got it coming.

My turn came quickly and in a minute I was on the board and the instructor was yelling above the waves telling me to "CONTROL YO' HIPS GURL, CONTROL YO' HIPS" without the ghetto language.

And I tried so very hard to comply I did, but I'm no Shakira and I fell within the first 3 seconds of her letting go.

My second try was just as bad and on my third try, I lasted 5 seconds but I had a spectacular fall - my bikini failed me and my dress flew and the waves basically took me and threw me onto the cushioned ledge.

But it was so addictive. The adrenaline, watching people around you try and fall, watching the instructor glide so easily across the waves to chit chat, everything was a mad, delirious, sexy blur.

And to wave your board and the waves obey you for 5 glorious seconds.

I am coming back for you.

Your queen is coming back.

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Best part:
Balancing on the board beyond 3 seconds!
Sentosa Siloso Beach
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Washed away over and over again

12 of us booked the entire level 3 difficulty wave pool paying $40 each at a discounted Wednesday special rate. I had the best 3 hours of surfing in my life! There are 3 wave pools at wave house. Level 3 was the most difficult as the waves are bigger and stronger than the other 2. Each station had a lifeguard and an instructor to teach beginners how to surf. As it was my 1st time surfing, i was terrified. When the waves were on, i saw how strong they were.

As a beginner, i held on a rope which was in front to prevent me from being easily blown off by the waves. However, being washed away by the waves is inevitable no matter how pro you are. Once you are a little off balance, the wave shows no mercy as i got washed away, gulping mouths of water as i was swept 360 degrees upside down. I was practically doing back flips in the water umpteen times! The wave pool only allowed one person at a time to be surfing. After an hour, i finally got a hang of it and could stay on board for a good 5 minutes. At the end of surfing, my arms and legs were aching badly.

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Great Vegetarian Burger & for Lounging

Wave House is a great place for surfing in Singapore. However, I have yet to try the surfing services. Instead, I was there for the dining, and the retail services.

For dining, I think Wave House is a great place to dine. It has a beautiful view, and perfect for lounging around on a lazy Sunday. I really enjoyed the experience, and the service crew was really polite. I would definitely recommend the Prawn Fritters with Wasabi Mayo, which is a nice snack to munch on while enjoying the view. For vegetarians, I daresay I had one of the best vegetarian burgers here. The Tofu Brown Rice Burger was delicious. It was a generous serving for a mere $10.50. The tofu patty was cooked with a brown rice crumble that made it interesting and really flavourful.

The surf shop at Wave House was also worth going to. It’s convenient for those in Sentosa who need a little retail therapy. They have a wide range of surf brands, such as Nixon, Billabong, Roxy and Quiksilver.

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(Updated: February 03, 2013)

Waves without the sea

The first of its kind in Asia, the Wave House has brought the surf to Singapore, with all the other elements made complete on Siloso beach to make things more or less, a man-made paradise.

At a first glance just a random hang out place among the others along Siloso Beach, one of the three artificial beaches of Sentosa. But if you have a closer look, you´ll see that there is more about Wavehouse than about the other nearby bars. Aside from good food, expensive beverages, music and special events every once in a while, you´ll find an opportunity to be active in a, for Singapore, unique way.

The Wave House serves both beginners and intermediate surfers, with two operating systems. The smaller one, is called Flowrider and meant for the beginners. Basically, this one is just water running upwards on a slope. You´ll get a board, which does not have any of the actual surfboard sizes, but looks more like a long skateboard or narrow wakeboard withour bindings.

The other, more interesting option would be the Flowbarrel. As the name indicates, this is an actual barrel, which can be adjusted to the surfers capabilities by increasing or decreasing the waterpressure, speed and amount of water running towards you into the approximately 6 feet high barrel construction.

This mixes in with the really "chillout" bar and restaurant, which i have to say serves really good burgers. All in all, the wavehouse is really something to talk about in Singapore, apart from the usual Universal Studios or Singapore Flyer

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Best part:
Riding waves!
Siloso Beach
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