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Baguette – The Viet Inspired Deli serves the masses with hearty sandwiches and the comforts of simple and uncomplicated cuisine. You will get to savour the taste of old Vietnam in modern Singapore, where Vietnamese noodles (“bun”) are cleverly packed into plastic boxes – a solution for busy Singaporeans who need a quick and simple meal. Baguette also offers the refreshing flavours of Soda Chanh, a thirst-quenching drink, using fresh lime juice, syrup and soda water.

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[email protected]
1 HarbourFront Walk
Tel : (65) 6493 1426
Business Hours :
Mon-Sun, 10am - 10pm (last order 930pm)

Square 2 @ Novena
10 Sinaran Drive
Tel : 6397 2078
Business Hours :
Mon-Sun, 10am - 930pm (last order 9pm)

Baguette Pte Ltd
529 AMK Ave 10
Tel : (65) 6457 6159
Fax : (65) 6457 0546
[email protected]

International [email protected] pagar
10 Anson Rd
Tel : 6223 1839
Business Hours :
Mon-Fri, 10am - 7pm (last order 630pm)Fri : 10am - 630pm (last order 6pm)
Closed : Sat, Sun & Public Holiday

[email protected] Tower
16 Collyer Quay #01-14
Tel : (65) 6535 7604
Business Hours :
Mon-Thurs : 10am - 7pm (last order 630pm)
Fri : 10am - 630pm (last order 6pm)
Closed : Sat, Sun & Public Holidays


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It's definitely all right. No more, no less.

I wouldn't say that the baguettes here are anything to rave about but they're fine. I usually order the mini grilled chicken baguette when I'm here for snacks and it's really not too bad.

However, I decided to try their signature Saigon baguette (reg at $6.80) today and well, it didn't really stand out. It was my first time ordering a regular sized baguette and after I was halfway through it, it began to taste really boring. The tastes of the three different Australian hams and pate were too nuanced and smothered by all the bread. The veges also didn't stay in the bread and kept falling out so I ended up having to eat them separately.

To their credit, the veges are nicely crunchy and flavourful on their own.

I also tried a mini sauteed mushroom baguette but I didn't feel that that was a very good combination. The mushrooms also had a very mild taste and when combined with the bread, I just didn't feel that kick. It didn't have any 'oomph' factor and was a disappointment.

I'll still be back though, but only for the grilled chicken baguette, and a mini one at that.

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I think there's definitely better Vietnemese eateries out there.

I bought a couple of vouchers from for this place at 50% off. Deciding on heading down to the Novena outlet, I went there on a Saturday afternoon. the place was half-full on a Saturday afternoon and we made up our minds rather quickly. the self-service counter had no queue and the order-taker was quick.

Our food was served within 10 minutes. The baguettes were rather on the long-ish side and thin. The taste is definitely uninspiring. I find the baguette on a whole to be alright, but there was nothing to rave about.

I strongly believe that for purveyors of authentic cuisine, there are other restaurants out there with better and more authentic-tasting Vietnamese cuisine.

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Goodness in a bun

Alongside typical Vietnamese foodfare that can be found on the streets of Ho Chih Minh, the star dish on the menu of this cozy Vietnamese franchise would be, as the name suggests, baguettes.

I pop by here whenever I need to have lunch on the go, or am badly in need of a little teatime snack. The half baguette goes for about $3 to $4, and the full baguette goes for $6+. I've never personally tried the entire selection before, but I've heard from a friend that worked there previously that everything there is oh-so-divine. They also have baguette-of-the-day deals, which might come in handy if you're on a bit of a budget.

My favourite baguette would have to be the Saigon baguette, which comes in a crunchy brown baguette roll, wrapped up in signature "Baguette" paper, and stuffed with pork pate, ham, vietnamese mayo and pickled vegetables (carrots and cucumbers). If you're a diehard fan of achar, you'll most probably enjoy the tangy, refreshing crunch of the vegetables, mixed together with the saltiness of the ham and pate.

However, the smell of the pate and the pickled vegetables might just put some people off - I tried getting the boyfriend to give it a shot and he pushed it away in disgust, but who knows, he might just be unadventurous :p

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Saigon Baguette
Branch Location:
Vivo City/International Plaza
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delicious saigon baguette that goes well with soda chanh muo

Apart from baguette, Baguette – The Viet Inspired Deli sells a range of other food items and beverages.

I like the saigon baguette most. It contains a few slices of ham and mostly vegetables. I will usually order one without the parsley. The vegetables are fresh and slightly crunchy and sour. The bread is soft and chewy. It is possible to have this bread as a meal, as the bread is rather big with a lot of ingredients and quite filling. For drinks, the soda chanh muo goes well with this baguette. The slight hint of sour plum makes it a very refreshing drink. The prawn rolls are worth a try as well, as the ingredients used are fresh and the skin is thin. This is a good side dish to be shared with friends.

Although the prices for the baguettes are affordable, the side dishes are considered expensive as they are less filling yet cost salmost the same price as the baguettes. There is rarely a queue at the stall, except during mealtimes. And during this time, it can be hard to get a seat as well.

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Branch Location:
Vivo City
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If you think that Vietnamese food is only about Pho and rice with pork chops then you are very wrong. Baguette – The Viet Inspired Deli adds a refreshing twist to the typical Vietnamese food that we are used to. The place is bright and inviting in red and white, looks clean and simple too. Most of the branches covers a cosy floor size, so don’t expect to be able to find seats if you come with a huge group of friends.

I have tried both their sandwiches and rice with pork and would say it is good and fills you up. As the sandwiches are filled with a lot of pickled carrot, daikon, cucumbers and coriander (my fav!!!) it makes you feel full and kinda revitalised as you don’t have that heavy fat-laden feeling – like how you will feel after eating a burger. My favourite filling is the grilled pork as it is well seasoned and grilled and have that slight grilled aroma and still maintain its juiciness. The amount of meat to vegetables is a good balance and the meal is complete with their Soda Chanh with plum (lime juice with soda water and plum). The soda chanh is a very refreshing drink. But if you like Vietnamese drip coffee, they offer it on their menu as well. They offer limited number of sliced cakes as well, good if you would like to have a sweet ending to your meal.

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Soda Chanh
Branch Location:
Vivo City
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