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LASALLE College of the Arts was founded in 1984 and provides tertiary arts education within a dynamic environment that reflects the collaborative and interactive practices inherent in artistic practice.


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fun and vibrant

I've been to Lasalle for about three times, and I really like the environment. There is a green space in the middle of the campus, where students relax and unwind. During open houses, it is transformed into a performance arena with students cheering from the sidelines. The doors to each block in the campus is really cool, when opened, it revolves in the centre, so that there are two openings on either side for you to enter or exit. However, it can be quite dangerous so do be careful when near the doors, lest you get hit. D:

However, as the campus is rather small, it can get quite noisy during open houses as the music reverberates around the school. Also, this is one school where it appears to be a dead town below!! Everyone is hanging out at the upper levels in their respective buildings.

I have a good impression of this place though, its facade is unique(often referred to by my friends as the building with various holes) and its students friendly. I hope I'll be able to be a student of here (:

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Memories of the Mountbatten Campus

Sights, sounds and smells (sometimes odours) still linger in my mind, remembering the orderly chaos that my 4-year stint at LASALLE College of the Arts was. I entered school in the year 2004, fresh faced and artistically innocent, excited yet nervous at the thought of finally beginning my tertiary education.

First impressions were bad, graffiti painted walls, the smell of turpentine in the air surrounding the fine arts block, the beep of computers emanating from the video arts faculty, a chorus of perfectly synchronised yelps from the drama department, yet as I think back, these were the memories that I hold most dear and with fondness, the crazy topsy-turvy world of an arts school.

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