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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 15, 2012    

Singapore Management University (SMU) is established in 2000 and is located right in downtown Singapore just beside Orchard area. SMU offers courses through the School of Accountancy, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, School of Economics, School of Information Systems, School of Law and School of Social Sciences.


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My Dream University

Although I am not a student in SMU, I personally prefer the learning and teaching style in SMU as it is more interactive and involves lots of participation during tutorials in order for the student to benefit from the lesson. I think this is really useful as it trains SMU students to be more vocal and at the same time, teaching students how to do proper presentation with more confidence and professionalism.

If I have the opportunity to choose any universities for my education, I will definitely choose SMU.

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Culture Differences

Though I'm no SMU student, I think I prefer the university life and culture there. Based on what I feel and from interactions with other SMU students, I think their learning style is more vocal and interactive. It is the kind of classroom where you have to be fully participative in order to really benefit, and personally this type of learning suits me best.

It is located near Dhoby Ghaut, a convenient location. Since it is a relatively new university, the buildings are beautiful and it is not crowded with students. The main drawback about SMU is that it is a small university, which means that they only have a few faculties. I suppose the most popular faculty is Law.

Despite the small campus size as compared to NUS for example, I think if given a choice, I would definitely pick SMU as my university because culture and learning takes priority over university rankings and in the end, I want to be able to learn the most and the best I can.

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The first impression

Having read loads of excellent pieces about their SMU experience, I felt that as a prospective student bound for the school after my National Service, that I cannot contribute much as to the currency of life there. However, from a fresh perspective, the process of entering the school yet not experiencing it would offer a new take.

SMU is the only university which requires an interview to enter every one of its schools. This is unique as I attended an interview when I applied for the school of social sciences at SMU whereas for similar faculties (NUS's FASS and NTU's School of Humanities), I gained direct entry based on my 'A' Level results. Moreover, the professionalism of the interviewers makes it feel like a job interview. This I felt, was the main reason I chose the school over the other universities as from the first impression, I had more confidence in the school in preparing me for the workplace.

Meanwhile, while interview questions are largely related to the course, I couldn't help but marvel at the practicality of the questions. I remembered my interview article being one about global poverty. However, instead of theory based questions on what it is and what may have caused it, the interviewers put me in the position of how to tackle the problem. They made me think critically and brainstorm realistic, practical ideas on how to solve the problem, which I felt was highly relevant to the workplace as you need to be on your toes to solve the problems as the situation demands, not stand around bemoaning why it happened and trying to find a scapegoat.

The friendliness of the students in helping me find my way to the interview venue then was a testament, in my opinion, of the warmth and vibrancy of the school. It is with a good deal of pleasure and anticipation that i look forward to going back to school after ORD!

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A Different U

I love my school, I really do. But sometimes it is more of a love-hate relationship. Having been here for four years, I can safely say now that I will never trade this school for another one. I'm happy to say I have no regrets coming to SMU.

Being a management university with an emphasis on business, SMU is all about presentations, presentations and more presentations. Simply do a simple search on Youtube and you will find an insane amount of crazy and wacky presentations done by students over the years. Sometimes the amount of effort students will put in to impress their professors just makes you want to clap for them.

The school not only nurtures you to be an excellent presenter, they also develop their students to be an expert at Google search. Expect lots of assignments, project work and even in class participation which makes Google your new best friend. Having said that, having a city campus is a huge plus in my opinion. Bored of studying? Head nearby to Plaza Sing or The Cathay to catch a movie. The downside of being in town? Expensive food :( SMU, "A Different U" indeed.

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Though not a student of SMU myself, I find myself visiting/going to SMU at least once a week! SMU is a very happening place which is very accessible to everyone. SMU is a university that is very near town, and there are many facilities and rooms which you can use if you are a student there. Also, there is an indoor basketball court, with many open spaces and studying benches for students to have group projects and meetings.

One of the places which i frequent, and is accessible to the public, is the "giant steps", basically just an open space with some huge boxes. Many of my gatherings are situated there! SMU is also very convenient if you are looking to grab a bite. There is a food court in the building itself!

SMU is a very nice university, and if it provided my choice of university course, i will definitely consider studying there. Sadly, it does not!

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A place with abundant opportunities

I have never really expressed my full thoughts on SMU before mainly because of my conflicted feelings. I love SMU but at certain point in every semester, it is inevitable to feel really stressed out.

Initially, I chose SMU because of its convenient location. I then started to love SMU for many other things, her instructors who are all (at least for all that I have met) so passionate, the practical learning system and also the small-sized lectures which are really conducive. Before long, despite being a rather passive person, I actually saw myself doing many things that I would have never imagined before.

One such unforgettable experience in SMU was participating in an overseas community service project. We are required to complete minimum hours of community service (which can be done locally) but I have never imagined myself going to another country as a volunteer. Being rather shy (and yes, timid :x ) I actually overcame my fears and went all the way to Vietnam. At there, we taught the children ABC, played with them and did some painting jobs. In the end I learnt from the kids there instead, learnt about cherishing life and that staying happy can be so simple. It was a choice that I will never regret and I really thank SMU for giving me that opportunity.

SMU has really given me so much. I have grown intellectually (hmm at least slightly than before? haha) and get to meet so many different people who have changed my life. Come to think of it, actually all the stressful periods of projects, exams and presentations were nothing compared to the positive experiences that I had and will have in time to come :)

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(Updated: January 16, 2013)

My Experience in SMU

My experience at SMU had been a bittersweet memory for me - school projects, presentations and examinations took up most of my hectic schedule but yet along the way, I've met great friends whom made the journey worthwhile. Other than the usual school work, I participated in various activities such as Freshmen Orientation Camp, overseas community work in Cambodia and even became the President of a co-curricular club in SMU.

Through these school activities, I felt more bonded to the school community and gained wider exposure where such experiences are hard to come by. Nonetheless, it was a struggle to keep a balance between grades and school activities. Looking back now, I felt that it was the pressure to perform equally well in both academics and school curricular that gave me the drive and motivation to where I am today.

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I do not study in SMU

But I've worked here for a full day and the people here are very different.

I realized a very metro-sexual streak in their men and a very cold one in their girls. The students of this university will not look at you a second time. They will ignore your hello and blatantly walk away as if they never heard of manners.

But of course, with the bad cones the good.

The welfare committee here has really welcoming crew. The people are nice and helpful and eager with a smile. They were the saving grace to this school and I am very glad to have had the chance to visit and work in this place for a day.

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