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David Tan
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Nanyang Technological University's (NTU) history dates well back to 1955 and is well-known for its strengths in science and engineering courses and currently runs courses via its 4 colleges with 12 schools.


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Furthest University in Singapore

I took exactly 2 hours to travel to NTU for its open house. It was a really long ride for me.

However, the open house made the long ride worthwhile as I got to clear all my doubts that I had. On top of that, NTU was also known to be the most happening University in Singapore due to its many extra-curricular activities. I think it is good as it trains students to find a balance between work and play and this skill is extremely important even in the working world.

I am also happy to see NTU coming up with more new courses so as to allow students to have a wider array of courses to choose from.

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(Updated: March 03, 2014)

Pulau NTU- a school and more!

"Argh!" was the thought I always had in mind when I had to drag myself out of bed for school. This is because school equates to taking a 45minutes train ride to Boon Lay and that is not it, I still had to take a bus to enter the school! It had always been a dreadful affair to drag myself out of bed to attend lessons as the journey put me off. This is probably the reason NTU is always referred to as Pulau NTU, as it is too far away from town areas and seemed like an island in itself.

But school life at NTU isn't all that bad. Even though some lessons were sleep-inducing and seemed to go on and on, meeting friends in school for lessons was the best part. The friendships forged would never be replaceable, as cheesy as this may sound. Also, there were many fond memories of having meals together in school campus, where we always fret over what to eat. In NTU, there are many canteens near the halls which serve delicious yet affordable food. I remembered that my friends and I like to treat ourselves to an awesome meal at Hall 2 canteen, which consists of beefball soup with rice and a big cup of the richest teh ping ever.

When one mentions NTU, I was also reminded of the days we had presentations and deadlines to meet for 3000 words essays. The many benches and study corners around the school served as a convenient location for students to do their work before or after lessons. The tutors and lecturers in NTU were very friendly and helpful, which made school a much better place as we knew we could always depend on them when we had our doubts on our academics. It might get a little competitive between students as GPA is quite a big deal. However, most of the fellow classmates that I have met were humble and amiable. There were many electives to choose from and I would think that most students enjoy taking elective modules more than their core modules. Taking different elective modules allow us to be exposed to much more interesting and engaging information and perspectives. For instance, I took up basketball one semester and it turned out to be the most fun module (and the healthiest) ever!

All in all, I am really grateful for having chosen to go NTU. Despite the stress that we went through, I was really fortunate to have many friendships forged and receive help from tutors or friends in times of need. I think life is not just about the grades you achieved at the end of the day, but more about the fond memories that you could look back on even years after you graduated. Thank you NTU for the many fond memories.

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GPA is temporary, friends are forever

During exam periods, I often hear people say that pain is only temporary, GPA is forever. I'd beg to differ. I feel that GPA is temporary, friends are forever. Of course, nobody wants a substandard GPA. But the point is, do not forsake the many opportunities to socialize and play in university for your books. At the end of the day, you do not want to remember your university life as three years of constant 'mugging'.

I shall reserve my comments about the culture in each university, but if there is one thing that makes NBS stands out from the rest of the business schools in Singapore, it is the three year direct honours program. In fact, I chose NBS based on this factor. Professionally put, you graduate faster than your peers and will be given a headstart in your career. Bluntly put, it is one less year of torture that studying puts you through.

Life in Nanyang Business School, NTU is no doubt competitive and hectic. Everyone wants to hit the particular class of honours, and it may get pretty stressful at times. I was lucky to have met some of the most helpful and non-competitive people here in my faculty. That made my life a lot easier. I made some of my best friends here, and I believe the times spent with the people here, rather than studying, define my NBS life.

If I were to choose again, I will still choose NTU.

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(Updated: March 01, 2013)

Justice missing on this island a little!

This is one particular school that had been located right at the very corner of Singapore! My daily car rides to this Pulau NTU felt some what like I've paddled on a canoe from Singapore to America. My muscles ached considerably. My joints began engaging in a cracking a session. It was exhausting conquering impending traffic jams daily. My bum was sore after sitting in the car for what seemed like years on every available weekday. There was no longer any vacant rooms available at NTU's halls. Hence, the trips back and forth from East to West and vice versa.

Coupled with the painstakingly long, almost inaccessible journey to NTU, I had taken up a course which required both mental and physical abilities. Writing essays wasn't the only requirement there. Creative juice had to be squeezed out frequently there; like we were machines farting innovations consistently. We were required to construct things and boy were they not miniscule. The workload from this particular course was near surrealistic. There were approximately 4 compulsory core subjects. Each owned workloads that required inhumanely ginormous scale. Humongous scales like these consumes time. Lots of time. Certainly no blissful situation especially if you stay a gazillion miles away from the West.

Juggling my time appropriately was certainly a struggle. I had to sacrifice several lessons to complete several projects. Unfortunately, NTU is infamous for being oblivious to it's GPRS. They are excessively attentive over punctuality regardless of where we were coming from, near or far. No matter the reason, valid or invalid, they'd mark one as absent. It wasn't like I came late on purpose. There were obstacles like project completions and vehicles on the road. NTU should splurge their cash on a special transport for Easterners. Yes, a helicopter. Or better still, a private jet. Punctuality guaranteed. I'd be able to complete several projects within the vehicle compound; something a car has been deemed impossible. Oh, NTU stated that their grades will slide if one isn't punctual for more than 4 times. Which is a norm for most education sectors. However, I recall them saying that a person is considered late if they turned up beyond 15 minutes later than the actual time. I was marked absent numerous times even when I turned up merely 10 minutes later than the actual time. Infuriating. The duration for the class there wasn't even an hour or 1 and half hour long. It was a whopping 3 or 4 hours. A mere 10 or 15 minutes is nothing compared to the overall duration; no contents were lost. Or if there were important factors taught within the first 15 minutes, my fellow peers had 3 more hours to summarise them. The contents that I missed appeared to be rather small in content usually. Lecturers there tend to stress upon the most crucial factors few minutes BEFORE the class ends, not the first few minutes AFTER the class commenced. Apparently, NTU should learn the term " Better Late Than Never".

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Peers, Western food stalls and chatter
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Western edge of Singapore
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A home away from home

There was something distinctly different about NTU that made me choose it over the other two universities three years ago.

No, it wasn't the sprawling campus. And neither was it the shorts and slippers and Hokkien-Chinese-Singlish slang that most people seem to characterise NTU students with.

It was the culture and the people that set it apart - there seemed to be a certain vibrance, homeliness and down-to-earth nature within the NTU community, that made me feel that it was a place I could call my second home. And indeed, three years later, I have discovered this to be true.

With just a few more months left before graduation, I realised there are many things I would miss dearly in NTU: the close friends that I've made and supportive professors that I've had; the sharings (and complaints) that I've had with my "travel buddies" on the long journey home from the west; and of course, having basement 3 and 4 somewhere in mid-air, due to the unconventional numbering systems around the school. (I suppose that's what you get from being in a technological university!)

In spite of its imperfections, the NTU community is definitely a great one to be in, for the warm support and diversity that you get. It is definitely a place I am proud to call a home away from home.

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Best time of my life

I am currently in year 4, doing my final semester next january when school reopens. I remember the first day when I first stepped into this school. It felt so different from JC and there were no fixed class. Hence, the only way to make friends is to mix around and attend their orientation camps which were nothing short of fun and adventure.

NTU is really huge. It is almost impossible, at least for me, to walk from one end to the other. People call NTU Pulau NTU which suggests that the school is situated away from civilization. Indeed, Boon Lay may not be the most centralized location in Singapore, I actually appreciate the fact that NTU is situated on an "island" of its own. Away from the busy and hectic city life in Singapore, NTU has lush greenery and I have enjoyed myself a great deal the past 3 and half years.

I would certainly miss NTU very much after graduating as it is the place where I've met great friends, great professors, and a great partner. More importantly, it is the place when I've grown up, from a teenage student to now, a young adult, who is about to complete her education and ready to enter the workforce.

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My NTU experience

NTU is so different from JC life. Your attendance is your own responsibility. Mine was kind of screwed up because I didn’t realize attendance constitutes 30% of my linguistic module, my lecturer simply told me she can’t help it as I did not submit an MC, I emailed her a few times and she just told me to forget it…
There are many exchange students here and hanging out with them can expose you to different cultures. I hung out with some hot Swedish guys last semester and they told me about Swedish sports such as ice hockey and skiing.
The food here is bad. I am so sick of MacDonald’s, Subways and Old Chang Kee, and I had food poisoning after having coffee with sour milk for breakfast from the supposedly best canteen in NTU. Honestly, the canteens here are horrible, do not bother trying any one of them. I have already given up drinking coffee at any of the canteens and only get it from the cafes now.

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Stressed but I guess will be worth the while!

I'm currently a year 1 student in NBS and how I would describe my sem 1 life is HECTIC but ENRICHING. It is interesting to learn new modules that are not taught in JC, however to master a module in 3 months is no joke! School food isn't that great (Can A and B food make me so tired of eating them, However there are canteens that sell great food too like Can 1 but it is rather inconvenient to get there D:).

For me, my lessons are such that I can walk to the next venue instead of waiting for the shuttle bus which saves much time. Also, the public bus goes in a loop which makes almost all venues accessible via public bus or through a little walk from the bus stop. Hence, it makes life for people with no sense of direction easier.

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Study hard, and make good friends!

My NTU experience is one that you would typically associate with that of a study nerd - except that I refuse to think of myself as such. It's not that I enjoy being a study nerd, but the circumstances, you see, have forced me to be as such. After I graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Pharmaceutical Sciences diploma, I decided that I would venture into Biological Sciences - a loosely related field to what I had studied and a field which would allow me to explore my love for Biology - but the intense curriculum left me battered as I found myself swept away by the pace right from the start. I cannot remember a time that I have mugged as hard as I do now in all the previous years of my life. To make matters worse, the competition is crushing, and I was particularly demoralized once when I failed to score within the cohort average, even though I thought I studied so hard that my brains would fall out...

Even though my university experience has been a particularly humbling one, I'm glad for the new friends that I make and the rapport that my friends provide in these difficult times! We look out for each other by having study sessions together and photocopying excerpts from textbooks for each other when we go through a particularly difficult chapter in the syllabus. Friends make the difficult journey more tolerable and I'm thankful for them in my university life!

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(Updated: January 12, 2013)

Fulfilling Hall Experience [hall 2]

Everyone has their own worries when it comes to university life. Staying in hall is definitely one of the concerns! There are 16 halls and only a handful are air-conditioned. The very day when I received the e-mail that I'm posted to hall 2, I would say I am very disappointed and was hesitant if I should take up the lot. It is the first hostel built, non air-conditioned and not fully renovated.

After much considerations, I discard all the negative thought and decided to give it a shot. Sure enough, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. It has 2 canteens to cater for our food needs, shop and save and 7-11 for groceries shopping and what's more? Bathroom is just a door away. Why do we need air-con when the fan is more than enough. Hall life is an experience that every individual university student should not forgo!Do not be affected by all the negative online reviews.

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