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University Town, NUS College Avenue East Singapore
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An educational hub complete with residential spaces, teaching facilities and study clusters, UTown has created a lively intellectual, social and cultural environment at the National University of Singapore.


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Good food there!

I am a frequent visitor of the foodcourts at NUS University Town, which is open to the public. What I like is that there is a geat variety of food there. The Koufu foodcourt has very affordable food that comes in acceptable portions, and just a little way down is another foodcourt, which has a wide selection of Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisines. There is also an Astons there, which sells western food!

The place is air- conditioned and comfortable, and it is certainly a good place for studying as much as eating, as seen from the many students studying there. If you are looking for an affordable and air- conditioned foodcourt with acceptable food, this is certainly the place for you.

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Smooth and sleek

I had the opportunity during my JC years to attend quite a few functions, talks and events at NUS. As most of the speakers, deans chose to conduct their sessions and especially receptions (yum yum) at the University Town, it was a place that I visit on a regular basis every few months.

The first impression I had of the place was one of smoothness and sleekness. I like the way glasses were integrated into the architecture as they reflect sunlight especially in the evening, resulting in the whole campus shimmering and dizzyingly attractive.

Moreover, there are numerous places to socialise, especially while eating (restaurants and even a koufu there if i'm not wrong), couches and a really nice library where one can study in. Seats can easily be found too at levels and the toilets seem like they originated from a posh part of town.

However, its not really easy to find your way to U-town. On my very first trip, I got off the wrong stop from a shuttle bus and had to find my way to the bridge. Crossing the bridge (my, its really really long!) before eventually stumbling onto U-town. Thats not the end of the story as I had then to search for my auditorium which involved more asking of directions since signboards were not really enormous nor detailed.

Overall, a wonderful addition to the NUS campus worth a visit!

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An interesting college experience

I interned at a lab in NUS for 3 months and UTown was a place a visited on a regular basis if I had some extra time during lunch.

The architecture is new, it is a breath of fresh air and is refreshing especially after you have spent a day in the older buildings. There are many restaurants that serve up affordable tasty meals (students and staff get a discount as with many of the establishments on campus). My favourite place would be the Starbucks in the area. It is arguably one of the biggest Starbucks in Singapore and gives a very spacious, comfortable feel to the place. Students can study, huddle together for group discussions, rush out their final year thesis there or simply just hang out with their friends because the environment is very conducive for doing so.

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Slightly overrated.

U-Town is the probably *the* social hub in NUS today, where students from across different faculties flock and meet, whether for a meal, social activities, or simply to attend lectures. And it is no wonder that U-Town is so popular among so many students (even those from other universities). It has a larger variety (and better quality) of food options, an immaculate, glassy façade, and a huge, gorgeous grass patch.

But I say that U-Town is slightly overrated. Depending on which faculty you're from, shuffling from your faculty grounds to U-Town and back can be really exasperating, and it also doesn't help sometimes when the bus is late, or so packed that you have to wait for the next one. Trips to and from U-Town can be fun, as you get to bump into your friends now and then, wave at them, have a little chat, and so on, but the novelty of that wears off quickly after the first few weeks. When the hell week of tests and essay deadlines ushers in, all the travelling is going to be very troublesome and a waste of precious time.

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like hogwarts

The title was what i thought when i first stepped into Utown for a music practice in one of the residential colleges. The whole place is so new and attractive! The facilities are wonderfully designed and really looks like something plucked out from USS.

Having a meal at the food court at Utown, there was a wide choice of selection and the prices are very cheap! My friend was so happy that he bought 2 sets of meals, which add up to one chicken for a total of 6 dollars only!

The different colleges are very new and classy, just what i would expect of a modern learning environment in NUS. My friend told me that it is alos a town that never sleeps, as there will always be students up in the wee hours of the morning studying or discussing group projects.

Definitely consider staying there after matriculate into NUS.

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Lie down on the fields and read a book

NUS UTown is a newly-built architecture in NUS that really stands out like a gem because some buildings in NUS are really slightly slipshod and shabbby after not renovating for so long
UTown hosts certain edcuational institutes and hostels for foreign students or scholars etc.

I really like UTown for its cleanliness and space. There is a huge grassfield where you can see westerners just sprawling on the grass reading a book, a sight you never see elsewhere in the school. There is also an Apple room which are ideal for Mac users, all the computers provided are mac friendly only. The study rooms are also big and nice and i love to study at UTown during the exams period

My favourite food in UTown will be the Korean Restaurant. Its served by authentic Koreans who will speak korean to you as they take their order. The food, especially the Galbi Tang and the Bulgogi are all super yummy and at affordable prices at around 5-6 dollars only!

Defintely a good place to check out if you are a NUS Undergraduate!

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Spacious and Fun

As I stay in the school hostel, I am often forced to mull over what to eat for dinner, as by 7-8pm, all the usual canteens would be closed. Thankfully, ever since the construction of UTown, I have more choices for meals and do not have to go out of school just to grab a simple dinner.

UTown offers a wide variety of F&B outlets of different culinary origins, from Korean, to Italian, to local delights. I frequent the food court most often because the food there is affordable and the staff always gives great smiles and service. The foodcourt is open until 9:30pm so I do not have to worry about starving when I had been absorbed in studying and forgotten the time.

There is also a large grass patch in Utown outside the starbucks area where one can sit back and relax in the afternoon sun. I often see couples sitting along the stairs of that area and you can watch the sky change colour in the evening. There are sometimes events held there such as concerts and the atmosphere can get really high and exciting despite it being a school location.

Finally, one would not forget the massive starbucks outlet located at UTown serving as a great place for students to chill out or study.

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Mini town

This place always makes me feel as though I'm overseas. Firstly the design is quite stylish and there's a big green space in the middle of UTown. Secondly, you can always spot foreigners around because most exchange students stay there. It's design is meant to be eco-friendly and as such it allows the wind to flow through the structures for natural cooling. However, it also means that you get a bit wet on rainy days even under the shelter because the wind brings the rain in.

Food can be quite expensive here for the average student to dine here on a daily basis There's a few restaurants like Bruce Lee cafe, Sapore and Hwang's as well as Koufu foodcourt. So it gives one quite a good selection of food. Not to forget, there's a 24 hour Starbucks. UTown is a really convenient place to stay in. If you forget to print your notes for an 8am lecture, you can always go to the Mac or PC Commons to print your notes at any time of the day. It's open 24 hours. It's really like an own town in itself.

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Lovely study and eating environment

I am actually not sure how welcome the public is at this university campus/residential area but if you just happen to be in that area out West, I don't think you would be breaking any rules if you drop by for a visit. As an NUS undergraduate, University Town is one of my favourite haunts.

The place is firstly newly built, stylish and spacious. After alighting at the only shuttle busstop or walking the sheltered pathway in, you are greeted by a sleek floor fountain and pathway flanked by restaurants on both sides. These restaurants include a Korean one, Hong Kong, Italian pizza, Subway. There is also a Cheers outlet and a Koufu food court. Of those I've tried, the Hong Kong Bruce Lee Cafe has average food at pricey small portions, while Hwang’s has more reasonable prices for its good if not spectacular Korean fare. The food court has only very normal to substandard food. NUS students may get a discount at these places.

Further in is an open field with tall trees and mini amphitheatre. Even more prominent is of course the Starbucks, with a wide outdoor seating area and indoors with glassed windows. The seats are always occupied by students getting their Starbucks fix while studying. The grassy area makes for a nice view for chilling out at the outdoor tables.

The only thing is that Utown can be quite inaccessible in its quiet corner of the university. But it is a nice addition in school for students and campus stayers.

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