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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on December 21, 2012    

Mavis Tutorial Centre, opened in 1986, boasts of 17 branches in Singapore, Hong Kong and Jakarta. Committed to providing a quality tuition and enrichment programme in the primary, secondary and junior college levels respectively, it is a leading tuition centre in Singapore with plenty of top students as an accolade of its accomplishments

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An official embossment of academic kiasuness

It is strange that in select few countries around the world, tuition is considered a necessity. And it was a reason for me to be woeful about since young about how fast and how sparse my childhood was, simply because Singapore was one of these few countries.

My first experience in Mavis started when I was barely 10 years old. Ushered straight for another round of classes after school, I had the wrong impression that what i'm going through was 'childhood'. My parents, having a firm believe that good academic qualifications were everything, were not hesitant to sign me up for every subject under the sun.

However,I have to admit that Mavis is extremely professional. Charging reasonable rates with dedicated teachers, well planned lessons and syllabuses as well as high quality notes and reviews. In fact, i was taught by both Mr Melvin Ng and Mr Kelvin Ng, whose dedication to their profession was exemplary. Maths, from being a mundane subject, became very passionate and dynamic, and with much motivation from my teachers, my grades shot up and i eventually did quite well for my O levels.

All in all, it is a tuition centre which i'll definitely recommend to parents who are considering places to send their children to and the place encapsulates too much memories for myself. However, one final note is that academics is not everything in the real world, which encompasses so much more skills needed for you to succeed.

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