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Established in 1999, Just Education specialises in total education with a tutor strength of 300 and more than 13 000 students.

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Not Just Education

I joined Just Education when I was in primary 4. At that point of time, my science results were really worrying. No matter how hard I studied, I couldn't move from band 3 to band 2. Since attending just education's science tuition, my science results had a turning point.

I was getting band 3 at the beginning of primary 5. Slowly, I rose to a low band 2 to a high band 2 and eventually attained band 1 at the start of primary 6. In the end, on my PSLE cert, I got a band 1 for science!

After that, i quitted Just Education, but only to return again in secondary 3 when my Additional Math results became dismal. In similar fashion, Just Education aided me in obtaining an A1 for A Maths at the O levels.

Reflecting back, why was Just Education so effective in helping me achieve good results? In my opinion, the teachers there are a dedicated bunch. They encourage students by giving them sweets and presents for doing well in assignments and tests and are also willing to use time outside of their lesson to answer any questions you have. In addition, if you are absent for a particular session, a 30 minute clinic session can be arranged. Such actions made my learning experience much more effective because I enjoyed going to my tuition lessons. I felt cared for. It felt like home; giving me motivation to study. Funny how simple things like that could be more powerful than cheat sheets and formulas.

Of course, although Just Education was effective for me, it might not have worked for others. Maybe I was lucky? Nah, i think it was 60% hard work, 35% tuition centre + teacher and 5% luck. One's results still ultimately rely on the amount of effort one puts in. Just Education motivated me to put in that effort.

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bad experience over there

I attended Just Mathematics Additional Maths tuition in Secondary 3. I was disappointed because apparently, the teacher seemed not very professional and I even solved questions that he could not solve. I had to then explain to him how to solve the questions. He seemed unprepared for lessons and my tuition mates were also of lower academic understandiing relative to me. I guess it was not the place to go for enrichment but rather revision and keeping up with school work.

The tuition papers were also not challenging at all and appeared to be sub standard as compared to my school papers. Also, the tests similarly were not very challenging. I stopped tuition after 3 months.

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