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Aspire Hub is established in 2001 where it provides courses and workshops for both teenagers and adults. Their aim is to help their students to attain their desired results. Aspire Hub have well-trained and dedicated teachers that provide high-quality teachings to help students build confidence, improve their self-esteem and be prepared to overcome upcoming academic challenges.

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Special approach
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Overall Rating 

Aspire hub takes tuition to another level. Instead of one teacher talking in front of a whole class, a couple of teachers move around the class to individually help each student with their needs. I find this unique to aspire hub because it's almost like one-to-one tuition in a group.

I must add that the fees are quite hefty, but it is worth it, especially when you make full use of your lessons, and come prepared with questions to clarify with the teachers. The classes are quite flexible in the sense that there are 3-4 fixed 2hour slots a day to cater to students of different ages and levels. They try to put students of the same ages in the same classes on the same days, so that they can be taught together and it is also a great chance for us to meet other people our age from other schools.

The classrooms are spacious enough to accommodate a small group. Also, another unique element that Aspire hub has is that they offer lectures when the exam periods are approaching. During lectures, students that are taking that subjects have to all come on the same day at the same time, and this is where the teacher would stand in front of the big group and teach to mostly recap, as a final preparation for the exam. I think this is good as tuition centres usually only give exam papers to students near the exam period, but aspire hub takes the effort to re-teach and recap all the topics in addition to giving students exam papers to try.

It is a good tuition centre, with a great team of teachers and I would recommended this to any student who may be struggling with any subjects in school.

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A unique tuition centre
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I was a student from Aspire Hub. I still remembered struggling with math in J1 and I failed every single math test. I was very worried because my math have always been strong and when I came to JC, it became my weakest subject. I came across Aspire Hub through my mum's friend and decided to give it a try. A good thing about Aspire Hub is that they offer a free 1 hour trial for first timers.

My first lesson was filled with surprises. Art first, I thought the tuition class will be filled with students and the teacher would be teaching the subject in front of the class. I was wrong. There was only two students in the class and the teacher was seating at the same table. It was then I realised Aspire Hub teaches differently from other tuition centres. The teacher will cater to each and every student needs. It was more like private tutoring at a tuition centre. They even have their very own notes and exercises. All schools teach different topics so at other tuition centres you are forced to learn topics that are taught at the centre, while in Aspire Hub, the teacher caters specifically to your needs. I benefited and the first math test I passed was my mid-year exam. I even came up to be the top in class.

However, one thing bad about this kind of teaching style is when more students are added to the class, and the teacher's focus on each student decreases. It becomes worse when there are some students who refuse to let go of the teacher and continues to ask questions. Therefore, I think that a class should be limited to about 5 students at most. Also, the price for JC lessons are very expensive, amounting up to $1000 for a term.

Overall, I'm satisfied and I hope to do well for my A-levels next year.

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