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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on November 03, 2012    

Mind Stretcher Learning Centre was established in 2002 to provide enrichment programmes for pre-primary and primary school students.

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Really stretching

My daughter has her Mathematics tuition class in Mind Stretcher at Clementi Mall. They have two levels of course for each standard. There are the Achiever and High Achiever. Achiever is meant for anyone but High Achiever is meant for the better students. I understand you need to take a qualifying test to qualify for The High Achiever class.

My daughter is only taking the Achiever level, we did not want to put her through more stress by taking a qualifying test to join a more stressful tuition class. Even for the Achiever level, it is very challenging. My daughter has the habit to pass her tuition homework to let me go through before she submit to the teacher. Sometimes, I have to spend hours just to check through her homework. I am not trained in their new techniques of solving mathematical problems so I am having problems checking some of her answers.

It is no wonder such tuition centres can have walls full of top scorers from national examinations, they really drill the students hard.

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Pay heed to the name

Like the name suggests, go to them only if want your mind stretched and make sure that you have the pre-requisites for that to happen. Their instructional materials are pitched at a higher level and the pace is pretty fast.

If you need a slower pace of instruction plus extra coaching in the fundamentals, perhaps this may not be the place for you. But if you are getting bored in school, give them a try.

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