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Kent Ridge Tutors Pte Ltd (KRTC) started in 1988 and spans 19 branches island-wide in Singapore.



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(Updated: January 20, 2013)
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Overall Rating 

Started English tuition when I was Secondary 3. My English grades were literally stuck at D7- C6 throughout the entire year. I was pretty worried for my 'O' levels and decided to attend KRTC, whitesands. My initial experience was negative.

This particular English tutor completed mocked my mediocre English standards, saying I was not 'fit' to be his student. Therefore, I joined another tutor, Mr Toh, who was meticulous in his teaching, and never loses his temper at any student.

He is a very easy-going man. During an intensive 6 hour English tuition, he even allowed students to bring in food. He groomed me from a D7 student into an A1 student. Enough said.

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Why I improved (the reason is not what you think)
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Scoring a C6 for Chemistry during my Secondary 4 mid-year exams earned me a one-way ticket to Kent Ridge. Though my results did improve to a B3 during my prelims, I'm still dubious about this tuition centre.

Firstly, though my teacher was highly qualified, he often strayed off topic, and could spend up to a third of the lesson lecturing about 'the values of life' instead of Chemistry, which was what I believe my parents paid him to teach. And when he actually conducted the lesson, there were times when he slipped up and didn't even notice it, leading to the confusion of some of the students.

Secondly, the classes were far too big. My class alone had about 22 students, though I remembered the clerk had said that the maximum number of students per class was 20. Since I entered Kent Ridge later then the other students, I had to sit at the back of the class, which was too far from the whiteboard. It should also be noted that in the course of my half year at Kent Ridge, many students dropped out from the class.

However, what Kent Ridge does have is an abundance of teaching materials. Notes and exam papers were given every lesson, and it was compulsory for a student to sit for a mock exam every 2-3 weeks. I can safely say that it was only because of this that I stayed on at Kent Ridge, and during the lessons, I revised on my own instead.

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Victim of kiasu-ism
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Its hard to find a child who actually enjoy tuition, and I hated it. My parents used to send me to Kent Ridge Tutors for extra classes after my regular school classes. Though regular tuition classes were indeed boring, and I would advise parents not to ogle too much about the students who apparently just jump from D to A in a few months displayed in front, there are indeed some good points about the tuition centre.

Firstly, the teachers are indeed certified and some of my teachers went beyond the call of duty to help me during my tuition days, that still made me feel very touched today.

Secondly, worksheets are customised and with small class sizes, the atmosphere is cozy and it is easy to clear your doubts with the teacher. That greatly helped facilitate my learning, though i failed to achieve that spectacular jump displayed outside.

Lastly, the tuition carries out assessments, a boon for students looking for more avenues to practise and apply their concepts. But a no-no for students like myself not seeking additional stress.

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