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Han Language Centre specialise in teaching Chinese language. They have Chinese courses for writing techniques and converstaion techniques.



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One of the best
Overall Rating 

I've been a student of Han Language for 4 years and I can honestly say it's one of the better Chinese tuition centres (Trust me, I've gone to many!)

I took higher chinese since secondary one (though I've no idea why I was accepted), and to put it bluntly, my chinese SUCKED. F9s for every test were the norm for me, leading me to lose confidence in myself, and making me consider dropping higher chinese. It was just then that my parents were recommended Han Language, and I joined, still carrying the belief that no amount of tuition could pull my Chinese grades up.

Luckily of course, it did. Most of the teachers there come from Taiwan, and are thus fluent in Mandarin. I had to write compositions every alternate week, and do comprehension/ summary etc. every other week. The lessons closely followed the school's curriculum, which helped me better understand the lessons in school. Additionally, detailed notes were provided every lesson to assist in revision.

It's no wonder that my grades steadily improved, and to my surprise (and disbelief), I scored an A1 for O-Level Chinese. How can I not be grateful?

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Not another tuition centre
Overall Rating 

Being an ex-student myself, I would have to admit that han language learning centre has taught me a whole lot more than just chinese. It has gone beyond just teaching chinese characters and syllabus to students, to actually engaging the students in the language itself. Although I would have to admit that it was one of the more tedious tuitions that had so much additional homework to do and revise after every session it almost drove me crazy.

My chinese has always been very weak, and during my period when I was with Han language my grades really improved tremendously. The variety of classes that they provide specifically target the weak areas of students, hence as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. I was personally very weak in composition writing and after enrolling in the class I had to write a compo every lesson as homework, not to mention another one during class. The teachers mostly employ different methods of teaching that may or may not suit the individual, and although the materials provided are standardised, the teaching styles may bring it across very differently.

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