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Hong Thai Travel is your One-stop Travel agent, bringing the world to you at your convenience.

Hong Thai has joined forces with many other large-scale travel agencies and is now being recognized as one of the largest firm in the industry. Hong Thai Travel is also a leading travel agency providing a diverse of services. They constantly innovate in offering the best travel options and have broadened their scope into Cruise vacation. Hong Thai Travel aimed to maintain people relations, perceptive to changes and be socially responsible in providing high quality travel services.

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Bad service

First up, I have not travelled with Hong Thai before; so readers might want to take my review with a pinch of salt. I went to their booth at NATAS fair and I was pretty put off by their service. All of their officers were pretty unkempt with their appearance - messy/funky hairstyles, broken English. The officer who attended to us was pretty rude too! The tour package sounded a little shabby to us, so we probed a little more and he replied with "Auntie, it if is a scam, why would we offer it to you? We don't sell scams one."

We were quite taken aback and when we went online to search for reviews for Hong Thai, it seemed many shared our sentiments of having questionable service.

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Although I had only used Hong Thai Travel Services once, I have to say that the travel experience with them was pretty pleasant. And much of it got to do with the tour guide who was friendly and dedicated to his job. While I would have preferred the tour guide to use English as a mode of communication (he said most tour guides use Chinese in his agency!), travel with this agency was still pretty memorable.

I followed his tour group on a trip to Japan and it was pretty unforgettable. I particularly enjoyed his explanation of various landmarks and best of all; he even delved into details of the culture and way of life in their society. I thoroughly enjoyed the informative bits; he even went on to talk about their educational system! I thought it made the trip a lot more enjoyable and it made the bus ride to various locations less mundane.

For people having travel plans, you can consider trying out Hong Thai Travel!

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Quality service

If you are looking for quality service as part of your holiday tour, Hong Thai Travel is the tour agency that you are looking for. I'm an avid traveler and out of all tour agencies, Hong Thai has given me one of the best travelling experience so far. It is my currently my third consecutive time travelling with Hong Thai.

The local tour guide that the agency provides is well-trained and mannered. Every night, the local tour guide will give a call to all the rooms to ensure that there are no problems and would answer to our enquiries if we have any. I still remembered the local tour guide that followed us to Turkey. A boy in our tour group went missing and she searched thoroughly in the cold streets under the heavy rain just to find the boy. She didn't want to hinder our schedule so she asked us to leave without her. Fortunately the boy was found only after a few hours. I really applaud for her responsibility that she took.

I believe that quality service is essential in a holiday tour. It determines whether your holiday trip will be a pleasant or an unpleasant one.

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