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Luxury Tours & Travel is a Singapore registered and licensed travel agency since 1985.

They offer a comprehensive range of travel services in Asia from simple airport transfers to sightseeing tours (seat in coach), worldwide hotel accommodations and tour packages. Their system enables partners to search and book online, receiving instant confirmation without the need of email and fax requests. 


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Run Away!

I have had a bad experience from the start with luxury travel. When preparing the lady told me it would be up to 30 minutes for my ride to show up to the hotel. There was a guy there who came back about 10 minutes later. Obviously in no sense of urgency to help the customer. About 15 minutes after showing up the guy who had been there all along ended up being the driver. We didn't wait for anyone else.
After getting to the hotel I found out that there was no breakfast included with the hotel. I tried to have the hotel arrange for an earlier pickup because I only have the room to 4pm and want to go back to the airport then. The hotel could not arrange it and said I needed to contact the company directly. When I called Luxury travel they said they were unable to pick me up earlier and I would have to wait until 9:30 pm. Would never use them again. I am frankly surprised that Singapore Airlines uses them.

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Compared to the absolutely horrible experience I had with Konsortium, Luxury Tours offered me so much better service and quality on the same trip to and fro Malacca. The first thing I like about Luxury is that pick up point is at the Concorde Hotel in Orchard. This makes travelling to the pick up area extremely convenient for most of us. The service staff who took care of the admin arrangements was also knowledgeable, polite and friendly. She was patient in answering our queries and even gave us instructions for the trip back.

The bus was clean and comfortable with great seats that made falling asleep a breeze. They even have an in-coach entertainment system to be able to watch movies and tv shows. The only thing is that you must bring your own earpiece because they do not provide them. The bus driver did not speed and tried his best to make our journey pleasant by continually asking us if there was anything we needed. A tour guide was also present and occasionally spoke of interesting facts or information along the way.

Overall, Luxury was excellent for me and provided better and cheaper service than its fellow counterpart, Konsortium. Definitely the first choice of my transport to Malaysia for my subsequent visits.

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Your typical Singaporean tour agency

I booked a free-and-easy trip to Kuala Lumpur for my virgin solo travel experience about a year and a half ago. There was a sale that time, so prices were lower as compared to other tour agencies, hence my choice.

The trip there was average. No matter how much a tour agency touts that it is 'lux', chances are they are not. It was a good enough coach though, the driver was familiar with the route and aware of his surroundings, he didn't need to brake the bus suddenly - something that cannot be said for most other drivers.

I have returned on several other occasions, and my opinion is that if you are looking for a fuss-free tour agency with all the basic necessities at an average price, Luxury Tours & Travel is the place to go.

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Average. Enough said.

I booked a short getaway with their 2D1N Malacca trip. The price was quite reasonable, it only differed from the other companies' by a few dollars. The service staff, however, were quite abrupt. Plus, the driver of the coach was also quite rude to the passengers and this was the general sentiment of the passengers aboard, and this did not improve on the coach ride.

Comfort-wise, I've had better and I've had worse. It's nothing to brag about, though, because there is certainly nothing 'luxurious' about their coach. In the future, I'll be sticking with Five Star, because that is certainly better, in my opinion.

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(Updated: November 08, 2012)

Wait and wait...

Bought a groupon for Port Dickson 2d1n at Thistle hotel.

It wasn't a good experience from the start, they didn't state in the groupon that the trip is not confirmed and will only go ahead after meeting the minimum number of participants. Moreover they were completely disorganized, agents' answers to my enquiries differ from one another.

Trip was confirmed only a few days before the supposed date.

On the day itself, we reached the hotel in the evening about 5pm.We actually took off since 8am, stopped by Malacca at about noon.

This was not expected as it wasn't stated in the terms and condition, the itinerary wasn't clear too.

I will definitely avoid this travel agency.

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Booked a '2d1n Port Dickson' package with them through a bulk-buying website and their service is pretty disappointing.

Waited for three weeks for confirmation, and only managed to get it two days before the trip itself. I am guessing the turnover rate in the company is high because each time I asked for an update, the customer service agent would ask who served me previously and would claim that the particular person has left the company and they would have to take some time to retrieve my information again. This happened about 4 times.

The trip itself was alright so I suppose although the service is not fantastic or reliable, the trips organized by Luxury Tours is still alright.

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