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#01-72A, City Plaza 810 Geylang Road Singapore 409286
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Delima Express is one of the most popular and long serving express bus companies in Malacca (Melaka). The company has been serving the commuters in Malacca for more than 20 years. Besides providing express bus service from Singapore to Malacca, they have also return trip from JB to Malacca, Malacca to Kuala Lumpur. 

The company is located in City Plaza Singapore, which is within 5 minute walking distance from Paya Lebar MRT. The transport from Singapore to Malacca will be non stop and shortened from 4hrs to 3.5hrs. 



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Like air Asia but for busses - extremely small seats

If your like 150 cm and 45 kg, you will be ok, otherwise I would avoid them as mush as I could

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Not one of the best.

I traveled to KL on a Delima Express coach, and I highly doubt that I'll be doing the journey with them again.

Firstly, the coach was old and the seats were well-worn. This made it impossible to doze off during the journey, which was what I really wanted to do. The bus ride itself was generally bumpy, which told me that the suspension system of the bus was probably way past overdue for repairs. Secondly, the air-con seemed to only work intermittently, which was a disadvantage for all aboard as it was a really humid day outside.

For my return trip, I purchased coach tickets from Transnasional, which roughly cost around the same and I had a much better ride on the way home.

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Never again!

Although we had a safe journey with the Delima bus service to Melaka Sentral, its probably not a service we will be using again. The highlight of the trip had to be the non-stop journey which cut the travel time by 30 minutes and the fact that it departed from City Plaza instead of the really boring golden mile complex!

On our trip to Melaka, the bus felt old and worn and not in good condition. The air-corn was way too cold and the air was stale, smelling of cigarette smoke. The air-corn was leaking too which makes me wonder if some basics aren't maintained, are the vehicles well maintained and road worthy too? Anyway lucky we bought a one way ticket so we could buy cheaper tickets directly from the Melaka Sentral station!

On our return trip we used StarMart which ended up costing about the same price but the difference in quality was tremendous.

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