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Listing created by wangkh on January 12, 2013    

With around 30 petrol stations all over Singapore. Some stations offering snow wash car wash. Also the station to pride itself in offering 5 stars washrooms.


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Not bad at all!

I do not own a car. Neither do I have a license yet so that I can drive a loaned car anywhere or everywhere. Hence, I do not really know how much and how good the litres of fuel offered by Caltex is. However, I do frequent this Caltex petrol kiosk to feed my father's car.

The logo isn't an eyesore unlike some other petrol kiosks littered around Singapore. It is rather eye catching actually! I alighted my car whilst it fuelled itself. The store under Caltex was rather wide and spacious. It offered a wider range of edibleness and even sold bathing gels and shampoos! Right smack in the middle of a fuel station! I was rather gobsmacked at first. Caltex stores are truly an impending threat to Giant. The contents in the store didn't even smell like fuel. Truly impressive.

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Friendly and knowledgeable staff

The service offered by Caltex staff are definitely much better and nicer than other petrol kiosks. Eventhough there are other competitors such as Esso, Shell and SPC, There are times that the pump attendants are able to answer your inquiries on where you are going and what you are looking for around certain areas.

As I do ride and drive around Singapore, there's not much Caltex stations compared to others on where I am going. Plus, not a lot of petrol kiosks have services offered for bike wash at $5-$10. Usually I get turn off for bike wash services for my motorcycle.

Nonetheless, the toilets are clean and most of the products in store are able to accommodate our daily needs. And lastly, best to use those cards that offer the best discounts for fuel prices. I'll definitely choose Caltex for a cleaner combustion engine as I feel a slight difference in terms of performance and servicing when pumping their petrol with or without Techron.

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Clean restrooms

Caltex is one of my most frequented petrol station when I was still driving. Of course it’s not really about the superiority of the petrol and how it does wonder to my petrol consumption. Frankly I dun see the difference in such efficiency.

The main reason that I prefer caltex was the cleanliness and image of their petrol station. Their 5 star washroom was definitely something unique. Most of the stations from other brands only have toilets on the outside and the toilets are often in a terrible state. Somehow putting them within the supermart seems to let people take better care of it.

On top of that, I also like the car wash service there, I can't remember if they were the first to come out with the snow wash but the cleaners were always very professional and ensure that every spot is clean, sprayed and wipe dry.

I guess the only thing that I do not really like was their rewards system, which allows you to accumulate points for exchange of products. I did exchange a cordless phone and abalone before. But frankly, I would much prefer then to be as a direct rebate.
Techron or not, caltex is definitely my first choice.

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(Updated: January 26, 2013)

5-star toilets

Caltex really set themselves apart from others not by cheaper petrol prices but by offering 5-star toilets. The toilets are not really 5-star but they are definitely much cleaner than those found at other petrol kiosks. They are quite nicely renovated and equivalent to those found in shopping malls. Its certainly more comfortable and hygienic to use. I always found this an interesting gimmick as most drivers would not wish to use the toilets of petrol kiosks due to the uncleanliness. I wonder how effective a marketing ploy this is?

Aside from that, I have always found Caltex staff to be courteous and helpful. Its rare that I would have to pump my own petrol at a Caltex station as the staff always manages to find them to come and serve you before you can reach the pump yourself.

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Snow Car Wash

I think Caltex was the company to introduce snow car wash into Singapore. Basically, they used a special pump to create foam and sprayed it over your car so it looked the car was covered in snow.

I told my wife that when she was going for car wash, she must bring our children. Then we may be able to get a bit more soap onto our car. Tell your children to stick their face to the car window and most likely the person spraying the soap will entertain your children by spraying more soap at the window.

With my children doing their best to attract the attention of the car washer, we normally got more soap than other cars. Do not share this secret with too many people or else it would lose its effect.

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