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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 20, 2012    

SMRT Corporation is a public transport operator incorporated on March 6, 2000 and covers MRT, LRT, taxi and buses.


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SMRT aleck

The breakdowns are not really all that prevalent or dreadful. I used to live in London, where the tube is truly atrocious: polluted air, delays galore and rats everywhere. As with many issues in Singapore, it is the high-handed arrogant treatment of us peons that irk us, not so much the technical problem itself. That silly woman former CEO deserved to get booted out for her totally brainless foot in mouth statement.

My issue with SMRT is this. Singapore is that rare oddity: a country where the public transport system (i.e. SMRT, the major player) actually turns a healthy profit. Exactly where does this profit go? Why do the fares get hiked up every year?

The “security” stations are a joke. That token staff standing there doing nothing would be better deployed on the platforms yelling at the idiots who rush in the train doors without letting others alight first.

Don't even get me started on the taxis.

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(Updated: February 28, 2014)

Train faults all year round

SMRT is build to be extremely convenient for one to travel around one end of Singapore to another. With the multicolor train lines starting to pop out in the near future, it's no doubt that the statistics of people getting lost will decrease.

However, what I would suggest to them would be to fix the current train tacks before making new ones! With frequent train delay happening daily because to train faults, it's no wonder the platforms in the morning are so overcrowded and stuffy.

Apart from the crowd, you will not get any comfort space, probably have to hold your breathe from people releasing the silent 'bombs' and avoid falling down when the train moves. Oh and not forgetting, avoid getting 'Stomped' by commuters.

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Where are the good services?

Not only SMRT trains break down or get their bus schedule messed up and land people late for work. People also have noted the drivers do nothing when there is no more room in the bus, and in most cases if people really move to the rear there can actually be more space made.

One question that we really need to ask ourselves is, where do our moral values go? Does our society has forgo values in place of selfish urgency? If everyone played their part and moved in to the rear, no one will be "left behind" and watching the bus drive past them.

So who should we blame, SMRT service or people or both?

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Train Etiquette for Dummies

I know that being called an "auntie" in the train has been a public joke among Singaporeans. However, it is not so funny when you have been barged by some middle aged woman in the train so that she can get a seat.

I have a few incidents were I was carrying my heavy bag and some lady did not even say "excuse me" when she walked from behind me to get a seat. Moreover, some Singaporeans have the issue of the "reserved seat". I know some people breach the contract of the reserved seat. They are far too off the age range to seat on that indifferent colored chair. But for heaven's sake please be kind enough to give up the seat for the old man or the crying kid being held by his mother.

SMRT is not all negative tho. I always recommend to my foreign friends to experience the comfort SMRT has to offer. Let us all learn to be gracious in or out the train. After all, SMRT is part of the Singapore experience.

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(Updated: December 09, 2012)

World class public transport?

I lived in Bukit Panjang area and were served mainly by SMRT buses. Waiting for buses was a frustrating experience there. For a period of time I worked in SGH and I needed to take bus 190. This was the ultimate test of my patience bus route. For certain days, I waited at the bus stop and saw up to five buses left my bus stop before a bus with enough space to squeeze in a few passengers arrived. The buses would arrive at my bus stop packed to the front door of the buses. Some drivers did not bother opening the door to take in passengers, they just stopped to let however few passenger to alight, most of the times, the alighting passengers did not create additional space in the bus, it just let the existing passengers in the bus had a bit more space.

I saw many initiatives to study the situation at my bus stop. I had seen people taking records at the bus stop. I was not sure what they were actually recording but I guessed they were recording the arrival times of buses and the crowdedness of the buses. There was also a period when there were SMRT staff at the bus stops. These staff would try to ask passengers in buses that arrived to move to the back to try to create spaces for a few passengers to board the buses. All these initiatives were not prolonged and at most lasted a week. Since then I had moved from that estate.

People staying in estates served mostly by SMRT buses do take note, expect your valuations to be lower than other estates because the assessor would assess the accessibility of your estates to be lower because SMRT buses really cannot make it.

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missing the old you.

SMRT used to be very efficient in the transport system. Where have you gone?
Now, ever since a new boss took the position, things have started to go downhill. There were an increasing number of trains breakdown which cause large scale consequences and inconvenience to the commuters. Fortunately, I have not experienced any one of them before, but from the news, I can tell that things were bad.

Many commuters were very displeased with the service they received. And that was not the first time. The trains are too hold and in need of maintenance.

I truly hope SMRT will doing something about this asap, before matters gets worse.

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Where art thou my SMRT bus!

Unlike Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) trains, SMRT buses do not come in regular intervals - which they are supposed to - and worst of all, the buses do not come on the time as stated in their SMRT application for smartphones. Taking pubic buses becomes a challenge and a tiring pursuit, annoying me most of the times, especially when I am running late.

Recently, the old buses are replaced with the new ones called 'Man', which I refer as 'the most horrifying nightmare' ever. As a public transport commuter, I did not look forward to the 'low bus floor' paired with 'handles designed for the 170cm and above'. Although the number of seats have reduced to allow more space for commuters to stand, the whole bus feels even more cramped than before.

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Bad reputation in recent days

Sadly, a sequence of horrific accidents, breakdowns, and glitches have rendered the once-formidable SMRT vulnerable, and subjected the company to abuse from Singaporeans all over. This should not be so; it has faithfully served the nation for a long time, and is pretty good as far as train services go.

However, that is not to so they are perfect. I myself have issues with the system. Trains are often packed to the brim, especially during peak hours, and no matter what measures they take, they are often useless - irking many a commuter. I hope that they can get their heads screwed on straight, and go back to the system that has garnered so much praise in the past, before this current fiasco.

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There are ups and downs

Frankly speaking, I don't mind the SMRT train service. Despite the slight glitches that had surfaced during the past few months in 2012, overall it has definitely serve Singaporeans well. Personally, without SMRT train, it would be most inconvenient for me to travel. Be it to work or for leisure. Basically it saves a lot of travelling time.

On the other hand, SMRT buses are just pain in the.. you know what I mean. 912 especially. The longest time I have spent waiting would be 10-15 minutes! After perspiring buckets, I have to squeeze in the crowded bus. Not to mention some of the bus drivers drive like some wannabe Formula 1 racer. Most of the time I will be clinging onto the pole for dear life as the bus driver drive recklessly.

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We should be thankful

I'm proud to be a Singaporean who is able to enjoy the service from SMRT. I meant come on! Why should be complain about the fare and the breakdowns? Breakdowns were as common as nowadays years back, its just because of the social media that spreads the "Outrage" so fast that breakdowns are common. Think back in year 2005, when there is a breakdown, do we have things like Facebook or Twitter to "Mass-rant" about the service? No! Do we have a 9Gag Singapore to mock SMRT and brainwash citizens about how bad their service is? No!

SMRT provides truely a remarkable service for fellow Singaporeans and we should be thankful of this. Few days ago, I saw construction work of installation of "Jumbo" fans to cool passengers during hot weathers and yes, its a good thing! The frequency of train services had increased significantly too! Thus, SMRT is really doing a good job and we Singaporeans should be thankful of it. =)

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SMRT? What a rip off.

Let's give kudos to Singapore's Most Ridiculous Transportation (of course this isn't the actual meaning to the abbreviation but it really fits) or better known as Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) for ripping off commuters' money every single day. SMRT is Singapore's most notorious transportation system as of late especially since the numerous train breakdowns recently.

Charging at a minimum of $10 for an ezlink card top up, this company steals money from us like stealing candy from a baby. Technically, we're topping up only $7 because we're unable to board trains after a balance of $3. Standard ticket services are available but, a one-way train ride costs at least $2.70. So to and fro would've cost you $5.40 and this is the minimum price you have to pay if your destination is within 1 or 2 stops away but if not, be prepared to bid farewell to your money. Personally, I get a sum of pocket money of $10 everyday and it's never enough because I've to keep topping up just for train rides.

SMRT cabs are no different. A taxi ride in Singapore is as good as getting yourself a cheap student meal at Pizza Hut especially since SMRT raised their fares and surcharges last year. The flag-down price of one of those normal cabs costs $3 and it increases by 22 cents every kilometer. To call a cab already costs you $5. There are surcharges at every hour and what's worse is if you're entering town area with ERP or going to attractions such as Resorts World Sentosa. All in all, you're charged $10 even before your cab moves off!

SMRT? What a rip off.

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