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Johnathan Yeo
Listing created by Johnathan Yeo on March 22, 2014    

A toy store which sells stuffed toys in the style of cats, rabbits, monkeys and more. They come in simple yet relaxing designs, with special ones for Halloween and festive seasons. They come in all sorts of sizes. Other items include slippers, purses and blankets

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cute, quality plush cushions

Craftholic plush cushions are easily some of the most recognisable and popular cushions in Singapore. All their cushions are very distinctive, with their elongated shape and cutesy designs.

Of their four key characters my favourite is the Sloth Bear, but all their printed cushions are super soft and huggable! From soft pastel hues to vibrant prints, their cutesy designs are sure to put a smile on your face. The plush material is also hypoallergenic and washable, which is really convenient. My mom is a huge fan of these cute cushions, but their hefty price tags always deter us from making the purchase. Apart from their signature plush cushions though they also have pouches, blankets and other items for sale. Designs and patterns are also regularly updated so there’s sure to be something for everyone. If you’re looking for an adorable huggable friend you should definitely consider Craftholic!

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Instant cutesy-fier

Craftholic carries a line of soft toys with signature long limbs and long ears. The store is lined with countless of such colourful stuffed toys, and it gives the shop a vibrant and cheerful look.

The Craftholic toys are soft and cuddly, and have a certain charm that makes you want to hug them and never let go. They have irresistibly cute faces and the colourful bodies contribute to their aesthetic appeal. The prices are affordable as the stuffed toys are huuuuge. Craftholic products have the ability to make a room cuter and livelier. They also sell these really cute bedroom slippers which are soooo comfortable and cushioned, it’s like you’re stepping on clouds.

If you are ever out of gift ideas, take a trip to Craftholics to check out their stuffed toys or other adorable items such as cushions or blankets. Or just take a look and have a feel of their fluffy products around the shop.

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Quality Plushies Worth The Occasional Splurge

I never quite got the appeal of this brand of stuffed animals, but I visit their store from time to time as it's a great one-stop shop to get gifts for my friends who happen to be big fans of their elongated plushie aesthetic.

Initially I was worried that the signature, full-sized dolls were quite out of my budget. Fret not! They actually offer a wide range of merchandise from smaller, more affordable models of their stuffed animals to tiny keychains and coin purses that are just as cute and fluffy.

What I love most is the variety of the patterns and designs. You're bound to find something that tickles your fancy. Also, the service staff are generally quite friendly and ready to help you find the design you want, or even make their own recommendations.

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Cute toys with long ears

Craftholic's successful branding has made its products stand out in a sea of boring teddy bears and soft toys. When you look at a soft toy with long ears and an elongated body, you'll know it's from this brand. It has a loyal following and people actually love Craftholic!! I haven't heard people saying anything bad about this though! I hate soft toys but these are alright to me. The ears are sooo cute and long, and they come in a variety of colors and designs that are not found anywhere else. Their designs are not mainstream designs as well. They carry toys that suits different seasons, preferences and hobbies! Very cute.

In line with their famous stuffed toys, Craftholic also carries a range of other products like pencil cases, blankets and stuff. Very soft, furry, colorful and cute. I like to look at them but I wouldn't actually purchase them because the whole cutesy thing doesn't really appeal to me personally! I understand why lots of females love them though cos it's really cute. If cute stuffed toys and products are your cup of tea then do visit this place! :)

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Just Charming

Ever wanted to get some loving with couple soft toys? Well, look no further! This place seems to offer all of the most outrageous designs under the sun. From the hipster ideal of a sunny beach to the more mainstream aztec designs on their little rabbits, it seems that this place has the perfect design for everyone.

While the designs may have tempted me slightly - well, quite a bit considering I almost bought one - I find the price a little bit out of my price range. I would consider their prices a little off the top for their off the top designs: It's novel - but definitely something I would think twice about getting.

Other than that, if you find that these toys are a steal then just get them anyway. Where else can you find such a lovable creature with fur that rubs against your skin like a real bunny?

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The cutest, most adorable toys (:

This has got to be the cutest store ever!!! So anyway I was dragged in here by my friend who wanted to buy gifts for his dear mother. So he told me that this year he would NOT buy a rabbit because he had done that for 5 consecutive years. Wow! So anyway while he was struggling with his indecision I looked around at all the cute (albeit creepy and weird for some) stuffed animals.

They come in all sorts of sizes, from the huggable to the ones that are taller than you. They have a promotion right now, so you can get 2 decent sized animals for $52, which I would actually be willing to fork out. Then there are those that are roughly the size of a pillow (which, the store owner also advertised as something that can be used to substitute a pillow), which will be around 2 for 26.

They sell some other really cute and nice stuff here, like purses and blankets made out of the same materials. But, please just get some of the colorful and cute little rabbits / bears /cats or whatever :D

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Plaza Singapura
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