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Listing created by fakiehealer on February 22, 2013    

Paradigm Infinitum sells many different kinds of board games, card games, miniature games and role-playing games. They also hold the occasional gaming event.

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Everyday from 12pm to 9.00pm Open on Public Holidays except on the first day of Chinese New Year


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Terrible service - not just unhelpful, but rude

I've bought a lot of miniatures from paradigm infinitum over the years, but their service has been getting worse. Recently tried to buy a paint set after getting an age of sigmar collection, and asked if there was a painting guide.
The staff member started making fun of me by reading the instructions on the paint set slowly and laughing.
A simple 'No, we don't sell it' would have sufficed. Being unhelpful is one thing, being elitist assholes is quite another.

Immediately cancelled my purchase. If they think they're too good for my money, why should I go there again?

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Recommended shopping for geeks!

Paradigm Infinitum is my go-to place for card/board games. The staff are pretty friendly and knowledgeable about the market, and will readily give advice about games they do not carry. They have an increasingly expanding range of products, including (but not limited to) card/board games, guidebooks, miniature figurines, and game accessories.

The prices are a little higher than if you sourced for the items online, but being physically at the shop gives you more ideas for items to buy for yourself or friends. The staff will also take the extra step to teach you how to play the games (after purchase), and will help clarify any doubts you have about the rules of the game. Always a good place to visit, particularly if you're in need of a last minute gift!

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Arrogance and Price Gouging Makes for a Toxic Blend

The store has a great location at downtown Orchard Road and it's easily accessible from public transport. It also has a great layout and has very tidy organization for its various products but the positives end and it goes downhill from here.

As a global citizen, I have visited many traditional gaming stores like this and the prices are one of the most uncompetitive I have had the displeasure of encountering. I did my homework and came up with the notion that the combined cost of purchasing and shipping the same exact products from the United Kingdom in British Pound Sterling would still be more competitive than the prices offered by Paradigm Infinitum.

While their staff may be friendly on the surface, there is a hint of arrogance to their behavior, and that is *not* what one may want out of your Friendly Local Gaming Store. Their social media presence has been disappointing as well, where "Privileges and Entitlements" were the way they described any in-store service they may offer, and they resorted to calling one of their loyal store regulars a "troll" when he disagreed with a store policy.

I find it appalling that such a store staffed with folks of this level of arrogance is able to exist, but alas they still do, only because they are the sole distributors of the products they carry.

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