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Listing created by wangkh on January 17, 2013    

ELC sells toys that develop vital skills while enjoying creative and stimulating play. The toys make learning fun and help children be all they can be.


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Wonderful shop!

One of my favorite stall for my kid! Loved their toys and puzzles! They carry a wide range of products that are suitable for all boys and girls. Be it toys for pretend play, racing track for cars, educational puzzles, they have almost everything!

I managed to find many educational sticker books from ELC, which is a real fun way educating toddler. They carry a whole range of safe and non-toxic paints for kids as well. Their friendly and knowledgeable shop assistants are always ready to serve you with a smile and provide you assistances to all enquire.

Their sales are always a hit! Suppose to last 3 days but their racks are often empty by day 2.

However, I have to agree that their items are more on a pricey side. Perhaps all things associated with kids are more expensive?

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Good puzzles

My children liked to play puzzles and I was happy that nowadays, the puzzles were getting more educational. My sons had a set of puzzles that have spellings of the animals. So as my sons were forming the picture of the animals, they were also seeing the spelling for the animals. My elder son that had learnt spellings of the animals solved the puzzles by the characters. His younger brother solved the puzzles using the pictures.

ELC sold many different types of puzzles and it would be a worthwhile addition to the array of toys any children had. ELC also sold many "play pretend" toys so your children could pretend to play different occupations. The toys were also clearly divided by boys and girls but personally I prefer gender neutral toys.

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Old and new combined

My daughter recently received some gifts bought from ELC. The first was her first birthday gift from my wife. It was an interesting merge of storybook and electronic gadget. The storybook came along with a toy dog which would read the text and make comments on certain pictures when touched to the book. The other was a mini "lap-top" for children which taught simple shapes and numbers. Both toys quickly became her favorites.

In today's world of iPhones and tablets, children quickly outgrow traditional toys and ELC toys do a good job of bringing the benefits of tried and true toys to kids while using modern technology to capture their attention.

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