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Lego (trademarked in capitals as LEGO) is a popular construction toys manufactured by The Lego Group. Lego bricks can be assembled and connected in many ways, to construct objects such as vehicles, buildings, robots and more. Anything constructed can then be taken apart again, and the pieces used to make other objects. Lego began manufacturing interlocking toy bricks in 1949, since which a global Lego sub-culture has developed, supporting movies, games, competitions, and six themed amusement parks.

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Good logical training

Bricks World is a Lego shop. I always feel that Lego is a good toy to get for boys because boys like to tear things apart. So I would build the Lego items and then let my boys play but eventually it would be dismantled. If it was some other toys, after they dismantled, I would have to throw the toy away. Lego also taught my boys some logical thinking. When they started playing Lego, they just kept stacking one piece on top of another and after some height, the stack will topple. Now they had learnt that the base must be broader than the top so the stack would not topple.

Lego was previously more of a boy toys. Recently, my daughter went to a birthday party and her door gift was Lego Friends. A girly version of Lego where little girls can play their Lego characters in brick city.

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Mini Lego Land!

... Okay not really, but at least this is free to enter, haha!

Bricks World does not directly tell one that the store sells Lego products, but I guess if you know what Lego is, then that would be your first guess as to what you are going to find here. That, or you're going to enter a shop selling bricks, but something about this store would definitely make one curious enough to walk into the store to see what's selling.

I am not a lego fan myself, but I enjoy walking into Bricks World to look at Lego products and reminisce about my childhood days when I used to often play with Lego, be it by myself or with friends or siblings. I started playing with Lego bricks from kindergarten during play time, and I've had fond memories that have to do with me playing with these little 'brick-like' toys, being innovative and all and building random stuff.

Oh man, all that nostalgia! Funny how you need to purchase anything or seek any staff assistance in a store to have an interesting experience by being in your own world for a few moments in such a place.

Whether or not you are an avid Lego fan, you can always check out Bricks World, no matter what age you are.

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Whoooohoooo! LEGO!

How could any guy not love Lego? I was out with my son at Northpoint one day when the familar colour and logo caught our attention. We entered the shop and started gawking at the range of Lego available. The service in the shop is not bad, the assistants would give you time and space to browse without being obstrusive.

Lego is not exactly cheap but it is worth the money spent on them. You can get countless hours of enjoyment building things that could only be limited by your imagination.

My son and I walked out of the shop with a box of Lego each, me a Star Wars Millenium Falcon and my son a Ninjago set, both of which have been built, torn apart and rebuilt at least twice. Good stuff.

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