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Listing created by cmacrina on May 11, 2012    

Movie Replicas is a toy store, located in Plaza Singapura. It provides a wide range of Toys and collectables, mainly from movies and shows, ranging from merchandises sold at retail outlets decades ago, to the ones you can find in retail outlets currently.

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I wonder who shops here?

This is one of my favorite shops to browse in at Plaza Singapura while waiting for a movie to start. Emphasis on the word "browse".

Make no mistake, the shop is impressive. It is filled of miniature movie replicas and memorabilias such as Harry Potter wands,LOTR rings and even Captain America's Shield. Leave adulthood at the door and immerse yourself in a number of different fantasy worlds all in one shop. Finally, look at the little pieces of paper attached to said memorabilia. Those are known on Planet Earth as "price-tags". See the figures on the price tags and reality comes crashing back.

I really wonder how this shop stays afloat. I never see anyone buy anything from them and I would bet there are not many people, even die hard Star Wars fans, who would be in the market for a life sized Darth Vader to put in their room. That would be a sure-fire way to become a 40 year old virgin, unless you date another die hard Star Wars fan as obsessed as you. But what are the chances of that?

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Window shopping

I like to visit this shop but had never bought anything from this shop. When I was younger, I was also into collecting collectibles but after I got married and moved into my own house, I realised all these collectibles could no longer be displayed, they were all stored inside some storage boxes and every once in a while when we were doing spring cleaning, they would always be in risk to being thrown out.

I always envied the shop for having so many shelves to display all these collectibles. If my wife would allow me to have just one shelf in my house, I would be contented. Since I could not have that, then I would just have to be contented to see these items on display but I would definitely not buy anything no matter how much time I spent in the shop.

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Great place!

Being one of the biggest movie franchise/comic nerd and fan you'll ever meet, it's no surprise that Movie Replicas is one of my favorite places to go whenever I'm out and about.

I love how this store is always full of impressive figurines and collector's items to look at and purchase. While the things on sale are pricey, I feel like it's all worth the expense. I am a fan of Star Wars and the Marvel universe, so this place is pretty much my version of heaven. In fact, I've already made a list of things I want to buy once I have enough money to spend - and room in my house.

The layout of this store isn't messy, which is something I like. The displays for the bigger figures and more desirable items like statuettes or life-sized models are neatly arranged.

One thing I have to complain about, however, is the price tags. Since the spot for bigger/rarer items are separated from customers by railing - so people don't accidentally break anything while handling them - it only makes sense to put price tags on the railing itself so people know how much things cost. However, I found that some of the tags were missing, leading to a lot of confusion. It doesn't bother me so much, but when I actually want to buy something from there, I think it's going to be a problem.

All in all, this is a great place if you're a fan of the things they sell. They're always in stock of amazing collector's items, so do drop by and be wowed by the merchandise!

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Good to shop around but seldom any purchases

On numerous occasions while shopping around Plaza Singapura, I would venture into Movie Replicas (or in fact, the whole stretch of shops at level 7 captivates me).

You'll find yourself indulging in a cross movie era, jumping from movie sets to another with so many to see. Find life sized Jedi here, the harry potter wands (that's made of plastic not wood by the way) and many other toys and collectibles from different movies. Yes, it's worthwhile to spend some time window shopping in here and fantasize about owning them until you see the hefty price-tag. Unless you're a hardcore fan of the movie or character, or you're just plain rich and looking for a masterpiece to decorate your home, I doubt many of the random shoppers would be purchasing anything.

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Does anyone actually buy anything?

I'm pretty sure that's a solid no.

This place is pretty cool I guess. I've been dragged here on numerous occasions but my guy friends who's convinced this is the only reason Plaza Singapura serves and it has since lost its shock value, but it's still an interesting place to be in.

I used to be really fantastic with a tiny Captain America there because it is mini Chris Evans. There's a life-size villain, I truly forgot who, but it's Star Wars, and it was very intricately made. If I come here drunk, I will at some point scream that all their eyes are blinking and proceed to throw myself out of the shop (I am such a considerate shopper).

Worth your time.

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Just a cool place.

Judging from the shop name, one would be able to guess what Movie Replicas sells, but not really... Actually, you'd only find movie replicas at the window display, near the entrance, and at the back. Everywhere else, you'd find toys, such as lego and collectibles, and tees too.

I really like the back section of the shop, as they display all the to-scale replicas, statues and models of various movie characters from films like Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars. There used to be a Chucky replica on window display but I think it was removed because it was scaring kids, or some weirdo bought it, I don't know.

Although I rarely come in to buy anything, I like to come inside and admire the objects I can call 'movie replicas' in Movie Replicas. Other than that, I guess if I have friends who like collectibles and comic character tees, I can always check out this place and I might be able to find something for them. Besides, next door is just Toy Outpost, which I often visit, so no harm dropping by this shop and look around if I got spare time.

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Brings out the child in you!

I went with my friends for a movie at GV Plaza Singapura. After the movie, we decided to just do some window shopping. Coincidentally, we stumbled upon 'Movie Replicas', and we decided to go in and take a look.

Once you step in, you'd think that this place is the Kingdom of Toys and figurines. Naturally, I lost my 'mature' self and decided to walk around, with a hint of excitement. Then, something caught my eye. It was a figurine of my idol, Bruce Lee, and it was standing there, on a shelf, behind a 'fence'. The temptation to touch and feel it was extremely strong, although I decided to just lean in and take a look at the price.

If I could afford it, I would certainly buy it. It is just so...wonderful and fascinating. Nothing amazes me more than my favourite band. The bad thing though, was that the store had too many people, and there were too little employees to offer service to potential customers.

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I always enjoy going into Movie Replicas for a quick browse as they sell many interesting products raning from superhero toys to anime figurines. One of my favourite products there has got to be the (life size?) replica of Captain America's shield, which they display right outside the shop. A smart marketing strategy, as it is extremely eye-catching and people will be curious about the shop.

However, there is not really anything I will buy from there, as it mostly caters to toy collectors, and I am clearly not one. It's a nice place to pass time while you are waiting to enter the cinema, but but to me that is all there is to the shop.

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Very small shop with a wide variety of collectible items.

Movie Replica is the best store for the toys and figurines lovers. From outside, you can see a lot of toys, action figures and other collectible items displayed inside the glass window. The display is not really appealing because there are many assorted figurines from different categories being put together into one display. It is too unorganized to be able to identify and relate each figures to one another. 

When you enter the shop, you can see most of the figures and toys are being locked inside glass displays. Nice each glass shelves, there are bright lights for better and detailed viewing. I would not say that this would attract female shoppers as much as the males. You might be able to find the most unique and rarest items that you can only get it online. I'm not sure about the pricing either. 

The shop is really small, some items and boxes are put on the floor , making it more difficult for the customers to pass through. I went into this shop a couple of times just for window shopping. Other than that, I would give this store a miss. 

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