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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 20, 2012    

Captain Explorer DUKW® will bring you on a land adventure before splashing down in the waters of Marina Bay. Great when you charter the boats for group excursions.

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9.30am to 6.30pm daily
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$29.90 (Adult) / $20.90 (Child)
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Quack laod of joy

The breeze whizzed pass as the open concept duck boat headed towards the river. I felt like I was saddled in a convertible car. The seats, though, were slightly hard. Calling for more paddings please.

Duck tours is another ideal venue for those who adore photo shoots with a differing setting. I for one certainly was. I snapped here. I snapped there. My shutter button was partially concave throughout the entire journey. The wind that billowed as we transported against it made hair commercials out of fellow passengers. It was like we were filming for an advertisement for Heads and Shoulders shampoo!

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Best part:
The wind and setting
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(Updated: April 02, 2013)

Chuck the duck

As a city-scape, Singapore takes some beating. It is truly an amazing city. So why not look at it from a different angle? Some friends and I on a whim, decided try our luck and tuck into the duck. My friends were all Singaporeans. We paid our $33 (no senior’s discount) and climbed up the stairs to the duck's dilapidated deck. Off we went.

What can I say? The seats were so cramped it made Air Asia economy look like first class. Army duck? Try sardine can. These were ex Vietnam war relics on wheels. The hostess was adequate, but a little off key with a few of her historical 'facts'. However, to be fair to her, she was somewhat distracted by her mobile phone. Obviously her attention was on her plans for the evening.

The most exciting part of the one hour trip? The plunge into the Kallang River from near the F1 buildings. 

Other wow factors? Hmmm.

Moving right along. Oh yes! We saw the Merlion. We saw the MBS. We saw Gardens by the Bay. Wow wow. Then the sailed back.

The duck waddled ashore and ground its noisy, slow, bumpy way to the flier. We waited there for fifteen minutes at the plea of an old US tourist who needed a pit stop because of a medical condition. I suspect it was a bursting bladder. Full credit to the operators to allow her to do that, but leaving the rest of us sitting there for that period of time without explanation was not nice. 
Then we pottered round the Padang and the duck driver drove us back to Suntec.

In summary? Why spend $33 to look at the Merlion from the water?
Nah! Obviously the trip is a tourist thing, not something that ranks high on my scale of wonderful things to do in Singapore.

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New life for military vehicles

Many years ago when I went back for my in camp training, I saw a similar vehicle. It was called LARC V. At that time, the soldiers on the vehicles all looked quite old and we knew they were all serving their last few cycles of ICT.

True enough, few years later, the vehicles were phased out and I thought I would never see this vehicle again. And was I surprised when I saw this vehicle being converted for leisure use. I could not confirm whether it was the same vehicle I saw in my camp but it definitely looked familiar.

My guess was that it just looked the same but were not the vehicles used by SAF. But a few of the drivers may be those old soldiers I saw in the camp.

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Wasn't it Duck all the time?

Wah, i always thought the tour was really called Duck Tour. Now then I realise it is not the case. Anyway, i did took a ride on one of this a few years back during one of the company events. The first part of the tour was a ride on land across marina and raffles area. It was always interesting to be able to listen to bits and pieces of the history of Singapore, since more often than not, our knowledge of our history is the same or even worse than that of tourists. But being not exactly tourists, the group of us were not as enthusiastic as the guide hope we would be and he really tried his best to get us to warm up to him.

As we entered the water, that's where the screams came about, as the river water starts splashing into the vehicle and everyone starts squirming around so as not to get wet. The water ride itself was not bad. It was a pleasant ride down the river, with a strong diesel smell from the exhaust though. Again, the guide tried to rally us by introducing the Singapore River to us.

Overall, it was still a wonderful trip with a dose of national education :)

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Journey to the central

Despite being a local, many of us are still clueless on the history and details of our iconic sites. That’s why experiencing the duck tour is a wise choice as you would undergo a ‘crash course’ on the stories while you get to revisit Singapore in the eyes of a tourist.

You would get to hitch a ride on land and on water via the ‘Vietnam War Amphibious Vehicles’ as you go along many routes that go through many of our iconic sites. It might appear to be not so worth it as there really isn't anything much new to see especially on land. However, the ride on the Singapore river has a nice view as you view the Merlion, the esplanade and marina bay. The ride ambassador is also very engaging and sets you in an outgoing and somewhat adventurous mood while he/she gives you the overview of the places as you pass by them. Of course, taking camera shots would work best in good sunny weather-so do check the weather forecast in advance for a smoother experience.

Fortunately, there’s adult and child pricing so it’s family friendly to an extent. It is also recommended to pay and book online as it’s cheaper and easier without the hassle to queue physically. Indeed, every dollar saved counts! Personally, it’s a great introductory approach for my friends who came to visit from overseas to learn Singapore by its famous trademarks. Worth the learning journey!

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We're going on a Ducktour - quack quack quack

Duck Tour – we went for this cute ride a very long time ago, when it first started and to this day, my kids still remember the experience.

We bought our tickets and “set sail” almost immediately as they were waiting to fill up the vacant seats. A huge boat on wheels awaited us at the boarding bay and pretty soon we were on the road.

The initial ride took us around Suntec City and the kids’ excitement increased when the boat veered off the road towards a forested area, and then launched into the sea.

The tour guide was a very chirpy young lady, who gave us a history of the Duck vehicles , there are 2 and they were named Darly and Darcy.

She gave very interesting bits of information on the history of The Fullerton, the Merlion, the Esplanade and other local landmarks along the bay.

Towards the end, there was a quiz and we won a “quacker”, great souvenir of our ducky ride.

Till today, the little ditty that was played during the tour is still in my mind. “We’re going on a duck tour, quack, quack, quack…

Something out of the ordinary, and fun for the family.

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Great eye-opener for everyone

The Duck Tour is a service that caters to a wide range of tourists/locals, ranging from lone travellers to couples to families. Each boat has close to 30 seats, and a very friendly tour guide. The tour guide who served us was very enthusiastic and sure knew his information like the back of his hands. He even bothered to ask every single one of us which country we were from!

On the road, we passed by several landmarks like Suntec City. While in the water, we passed by many tourist attractions such as the Marina Bay Sands, the Integrated Resorts and the Central Business District area, among many others.

Not to worry, the tour guide will explain every iconic tourist attraction that you pass by in great detail. I would recommend the Duck Tour for anyone who does not want to tire themselves out by walking around, yet get an overview of the tourist attractions in the heart of this sunny island.

One thing is for sure, you can expect a smooth ride! The only bumpy period would be the transition between land and water, but that would only last several seconds. They have experienced drivers who will ensure your safety.

However, do not expect a lot of leg room. The gap between two rows is ample, but not very much. Seats are reasonably comfortable, but do not expect great air ventilation. It was in the late afternoon when I went on the Duck Tour, but it was pretty humid and hot inside the vehicle itself.

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A tour !

Captain Explorer is a tour hub for tourists. My overseas friend had his very own personal experience and he shared with me some of his thoughts about this tour and I would like to share it here. My overseas friend was in going to be in Singapore for only 2 days and so he wanted to visit the most important places in Singapore of interest. He told me that he was told by his hotel concierge to use this particular tour company. The only reason being, for selecting this tour was due to the convenience of the hop-on, hop-off buses that were made available.

He felt that the staffs were a bit unapproachable as my friend found them to be difficult to hold a conversation with. They were a bit unfriendly when he raised questions regarding the tours. He also felt that they stop running their buses quite early. Most of the routes’ last pick-up times were from 5-5:30. Personally, he felt that it is pretty early considering the fact that most tourists continue touring later into the evening.

Overall, he felt that he only felt “ok” with the tour. He still feels that he could have selected some other tours instead of this one. Nevertheless, he still said he got to see the attractions that he wanted to see in Singapore.

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