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Listing created by equina on February 27, 2013    

In May 2000, the New2U Thrift Shop opened its doors. The Shop is managed entirely by volunteers, some of whom have been volunteering with New2U for many years. The shop sells pre-loved clothing, accessories, household items, oraments, books and etc. All goods are donated, and prices start from as low as S$1.00.

Proceeds from the store go towards`Star Shelter and the various SCWO Initiatives.

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Monday to Friday: 10.30am to 2.30pm

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Thrift shopping was new to me

A few years ago, you weren’t a true teenage girl unless you had gone through a thrift shopping phase. Popularized by beauty YouTuber and personal girl crush Jenn Im, thrifting had become all the rage, and New2U had been one of the most raved about thrift shops in Singapore.

The journey there wasn’t an easy one - my friend and I had required the help of Google Maps, iPhone maps,, and a few random aunties on the street. We found it soon enough, and we could almost feel a dark cloud hanging over our heads as we realised that New2U was just a tiny store. But refusing to be disheartened, we scoured the shop for treasures - to no avail. Eventually, as we trudged to the nearest bus stop with Google Maps’ help, we knew we had to accept the fact that we have made a wasted trip. At least Google Maps doesn’t disappoint.

it’s too difficult for thrift shopping to become a fashionable practice in Singapore with the limited choices available, especially when these limited choices fail to sufficiently provide. I guess I’ll be sticking to my flea markets!

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(Updated: November 27, 2014)

I'm gonna pop some tags / Only got twenty dollars in my pocket

(Please excuse the title, I couldn't resist)

Locating New2U proved to be a challenge for me. Fortunately, I visited it with a friend. My friend, the map situated at the MRT and Google Maps collectively made up for my lack of an inbuilt GPS. So much for Geography students being good with directions, I scoff. (Said friend was a History student, by the way.)

I will not say I wasn’t in the least disappointed with the size of the place – I was, and also with the clutter and haphazard scattering of the items – but once I got over that, I did manage to find some pretty good stuff, including a few vintage ties (I recently re-watched old episodes of Gossip Girl and developed an obsession with Season 1/2 Serena van der Woodsen), this oversized white shirt, an oversized blazer, this Zara dress and this other green-and-black striped dress. 6 items for $28 – I believe that’s quite a steal. I do regret not going on a Tuesday though – that would have saved me $8, but well, it’s money well spent on a good cause.

One thing about visiting New2U: you have to be willing to scavenge and rummage through tons of clothes before being able to find suitable pieces. The designer and brand new apparel located inside on the rack inside the store is worth a browse too - I spotted this presumably brand new Ted Baker dress with the most gorgeous prints and a beautiful silhouette going for $30 - alas, it was a bigger size than I usually wear.

New2U is definitely worth a visit, whether out of curiosity (if you've never been thrift shopping) or if you're looking out for cheap thrills. Anyway, if you visit this place while out on a shopping date and find it too disappointing, you can always visit Bugis Street, Bugis Plus or Bugis Junction nearby. However, do note that they close really early!

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(Updated: November 07, 2013)

Hipsters, this one's for you!

I discovered this gem of a place when my friends and I were discussing thrift shopping in Singapore. Indeed, as compared to countries like Japan or the USA, Singapore's thrift culture is piteously undersized. But fret not, New2U is here to save the day.

While this thrift store might be situated near Bugis and Bras Basah MRT, I ended up having to walk quite a considerable distance under the sun. But then again, I would suppose that this is only a worthy sacrifice for cheap thrifted goods.

Upon entering the store, do not - I repeat, do not- let your initial shock take root on your face. Certainly, we all have different opinions on how a thrift store may look like, but I was definitely a little shocked at how New2U was actually like. Don't expect fashionable vintage, because more often than not, about 70% of clothes there are likely to be unsuitable for the teenaged soul. Take the time to actually rummage through the racks patiently though. There are definitely treasures hidden between oversized pilling tank tops.

Prices at New2U range from $2 to $20 or possibly more, especially if you're looking at designer blazers. Do look out for the typical defects though - pit stains, broken seams, missing buttons, etc.

There's definitely a very warm vibe over at New2U. The cashiers are pretty much chatty volunteers who will look through the items you're getting and congratulate you for your finds. Yes, very warm indeed. I felt a little bad for leaving the store with only 2 items actually.

That said, New2U definitely gave me a very interesting thrifting experience, though my mother absolutely abhorred the clothes I got. But I don't suppose opinions matter a lot - not when you're paying peanuts for each item.

P.S. Students get half-prices on Tuesday!

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