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Listing created by equina on February 27, 2013    

CA$H CONVERTERS offers an alternative to selling via the classified adverts in newspapers, car boot sales or over the Internet. The advantage is the immediacy of the process, as instant cash is paid once the price has been agreed. Cash Converters takes in household products such as TV’s, Hi Fi, Electrical Appliances, Computers, Jewellery, Sporting Goods, Musical Instruments etc.  Items such as Clothing, Books and Magazines, Bulky Furniture and Large Electronics such as Refrigerators and Washing Machines are usually not traded. All goods that the public sell to Cash Converters must be in working condition and have a resale value.

Customers who visit the Buys Room tend to be those who are upgrading and are looking to sell their old item to help finance a new purchase. There are also those who need some extra cash - and can get it by selling items that they no longer need or use.

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Rip off business

I am surprised how Cash Converters can last this long. There are apps like Carousell and Gumtree nowadays, why the need to sell used items to a middle party?

I had experience with Cash Converters many years ago. I went there to sell some old DVD player, TV, Speakers, etc. all relatively new and in good working condition. What they quoted me was few cents to a couple of dollars. I eventually sold my stuff to them because they would otherwise be in the bin. Then I went to their main store and saw that a TV similar to mine was going for almost a hundred. I was pissed and never went back ever again.

Can any one tell me why are there people selling and buying from them nowadays?

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Second Hand Gems

I felt a gush of cool wind hit me as I entered the shop.

Well, that was only the wall of cold air generated by the air-condition at the door, but it still acted out as a dream scene from a movie just before a successful scavenge. Personally, I love venturing into Cash Converters because you never know what you're going to find there. Most of the time, I head straight to the guitar section to check out the condition of the guitars which are usually in mint condition for a reasonable price - probably a good deal for a starter instrument.

Even when I don't manage to salvage any wheat from chaff from the second-hand stash, it's usually interesting and exciting to just walk around and see what they have from the most random to the most useful appliances. I think my math tuition teacher got a graphing calculator there for $30. What a steal, I got mine at $180.

I felt a gush of cool air hit me as I went out of the shop.

Out of shopping wonderland, off to another shop then.

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A plethora of wonders

For the budget minded shopper, Cash Converter is indeed a paradise for those who don't mind their goods second handed. I was always a frequent visitor as my shopping preferances border on acceptability of anything second-handed or third handed as long as its in relatively mint condition and at a good price.

Over the years, I've collected a number of items, such as video CDs, PSP UMDs, PC games, collector's edition display items (i.e. handcrafted chess pieces, mini-statues), usually at a very good price. Whilst they might be used items, the franchise had taken pains to make sure these items are in working conditions and fit for resale. Moreover, the price tags are strategically placed to ensure that the items cannot be tampered with without anyone noticing.

However, I do not encourage over-reliance on Cash Converters. Lifestyle items and gadgets are encouraged to be obtained second handed from budget shops. However, I do not recommend laptops and expensive walkmans as you'll be better off getting it first hand with a warranty. Cash Converters only covers the first 14 days exchange and no more after that. I would feel safer with a first handed laptop with up to date software for my work than a cheap second hand laptop that might unluckily break down on Day 15.

Enjoy the shopping!

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Hidden Gems

My dad and I love walking into cash converters and browsing those second-hand goods on sale. Occasionally we would find hidden gems going for cheap tucked away on the shelves. Once we found a really good bowling ball, another time a great billiard cue stick. Some areas of the outlet can get pretty messy because of the things thrown around, but the store is generally tidy and you can find everything of a certain category in one place.

It is certainly better than buying somethings off the shelf brand new, as it saves quite a bit of money. Although buying second-hand stuff might be awesome, I'm not sure whether is worth trying to sell used items to cash converters though. I heard they buy it at really low prices cause of the need to make a profit.

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Hidden Treasures

My dad is a big fan of cash converters because he enjoys looking around for random knick knacks and goodies that not everybody can appreciate. In fact, he was pretty ecstatic to find the whole set of zodiac figurines, a few pieces on one occasion, and the rest on another. Cash Converters certainly may not appeal to everyone because some might think the goods there are dirty or too old. But it really depends on what you’re looking for! For example, the figurines my dad found were in pretty good condition.

Buying aside, I’m not sure it is so worth it to sell your old items to them as my dad once carted our printer down and only got $2 in return. Not worth the effort put in by a 60+ year old man!

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(Updated: November 27, 2013)

Surprise they lasted this long

I am honestly surprised that Cash Converters has lasted this long and is still around. I am honestly surprised that Cash Converters is actually generating profit and sufficiently so that they can continually open branches.

I understand why people would sell their items at Cash Converters as often times they offer a better price than the garang kuni (colloquial term for rag and bone man). But to generate profit they have to sell too right? This is the perplexing part, that people would actually buy from Cash Converters. The second-hand products at Cash Converters are often very old and half the time they are dubious looking. Moreover, they are not extremely affordable. I honestly have no idea why people would purchase from them.

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I'd buy rather than sell

If you are looking to sell your items to earn cash, then let me tell you, you can forget it. With the time, effort and the price for the transport, (unless your house is situated just beside or above) the amount that they give for your good is SO not worth it.

It is actually pretty fun to walk around their large stores and take a look at the items on sale. They do sell items which are brand new and at cheap prices however I always have the impression that their items are of pretty low quality. I have bought some fake mp3 player (mp3 players were all the rage then) from them before, well, it did kinda fulfill its duty as an mp3 player but it definitely could not be compared to Steve Jobs creations. (duh.)

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You might be surprised.

There's a Cash Converters outlet near where I live, and so I've been to that outlet multiple times mainly out of boredom. 9/10 times, I'm usually disappointed by what I see because it isn't relevant nor interesting. But then sometimes, I'd hit gold.

Like that time I found Tegan and Sara's If It Was You.. I nearly cried. I cannot find that CD in HMV (maybe because it came out a decade ago) and you know how much they were selling it at Cash Converters? 5 freaking dollars! And still pretty much in it's pristine state!

If you have the time and patience to dig out through all the little knick-knacks enough times, I'm sure you'll find something you'll love.

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Waste of time

I remembered once when I was doing some housekeeping and decided to discard of some items. There was a Cash Converter near my place so I thought rather throwing away the items, it would be better to sell them.

So I went to Cash Converter. The first thing you needed to do was to get a queue number and then you wait. I remembered there was only very few sellers waiting at the waiting area and my queue number was just a few numbers away. My memory told me that I waited at least thirty minutes before being served.

What was even more annoying was the attitude of the staff. After waiting for so long, the staff did not even bother to look at the items I brought to sell and just offered me five dollars for each item. He told they already had a lot of the same items and those items were not selling so that was the best price they can offer. Of course I did not sell my items to them, I rather throw my items away then be insulted by the meagre amount offered.

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Good for killing time

When I was in my thrifting phase, Cash Converters was one of the places I would frequent. Here, you’d be able to find all sorts of items imaginable at much reduced prices. If you’re lucky and have a good eye, it is easy to spot many bargains!

They do have plenty of Xbox and PS3 games so it might be worth it to get them from Cash Converters as discs are reusable anyway. They also have cameras, guitars, sewing machines.. take a walk there if you haven’t already! It is also possible to sell your unwanted possessions to them!

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