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The [email protected] Bay (AKA Marina Bay Floating Platform), located on the waters of the Marina Reservoir, is the world's largest floating stage.

This stage is known for holding some of the biggest events in Singapore and the world, such as the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics opening and closing ceremony.

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Previously refreshing!

This floating platform used frequently for National Day parades was previously a refreshing sight. Then, it was used repeatedly for several occasions. I recalled being blown away with the techniques and technology the floating stadium flaunted during Singapore Youth Olympic Games opening and closing ceremony. It was an occasion that brimmed with grandeur. Unfortunately, after breaking multiple boundaries for these ceremonies, the National Day Parades that followed suit began dripping mundaneness.

I was previously an avid fan of the NDP parades. I used to be a regular participant in online and newspaper contests that offered NDP tickets as a prize. The goodie bags that differed yearly along with it's contents fuelled my interest and curiosity towards NDP parades per year. Unfortunately, my interests weaned a little when I attempted to witness a parade on the floating stadium. The flight of steps towards the summit doesn't seem to cease. Horrendous. Finally, we reached our seats and were greeted by a spectacular display of Singapore's iconic skyline and performances. Unfortunately, I was rather reluctant to conquer those flight of steps there the following years. I'd rather watch the performance from the comfort of an air conditioned room and padded sofa.

Additionally, the YOG festivals there were so breathtaking till the NDP parades that followed suit seemed lacklustre. Especially the parade last year. Had there been no flag being billowed outside the HDB window panes, I may actually forget to tune in to the parade. The venue was at the float again and the amount of surprises and things that could be conducted there seemed to be diminishing. It's beginning to be a bore! If it isn't one already.

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The skyline
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(Updated: February 01, 2013)

Stage with a view

For me there is absolutely no stage in the world that I’ve been to that boost a better view than the Marina bay floating platform. As I sit amidst all that gleaming skyscrapers, I never fail to feel inspired and to have a strong sense of pride towards Singapore. Whatever the occasion may be, I hope to one day be able to stand on that stage as a performer for I can imagine the feeling to be quite out of this world.

With all that being said, work needs to be done on the sound and acoustics of the stage if the venue is to be a truly world class performance venue. On the few occasions that I was there, I notice that the sound system was somewhat inferior to some of the outdoor stadium concerts that I’ve attended overseas.

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Not a good concert venue

The [email protected] Bay, first of its kind in the world. Ever since the tearing down of our National Stadium to make way for the Sports Hub, every large scale event have shifted their area of operations to the the float. From concerts to the National Day Parade, The Float can said to be packed whole year round.

Personally though, i do not have very good experience while attending events at The Float. The main grouse was that the seats are too far away from the stage if its on the floating platform. The bridges and the road in front of the seating gallery makes the stage even further away. Which is the reason why i feel the venue is not suitable for a concert. Unless you are in the mosh pit, one can hardly see the stage and the performers, instead you may have to glue your eyes to the LED screens that are always put up and to me, that is not exactly watching the performance live!

I personally can't wait for the Sports Hub to be completed so that all the big concerts can finally shift back there.

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Good venue for National Day

I still have no idea if this is a temporary venue for having the National Day Parades while the Sports Hub is being built. It has however, for the past 5 years or so been of great service. Seats are comfortable enough, no one is mad enough to complain about them. There are proper toilets. It is accessible and near major MRT stations and best of all it is right smack in the middle of town with a great view.

The best event it had ever hosted was the Singapore Grand Prix. I had grandstand tickets and being able to see the cars up close was a fantastic experience with the noise and all.

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Capable of holding massive concerts/parades

I remember that many years ago I got tickets to see the National Day Parade performed at the Floating Platform, and I had to admit I was rather impressed. The backdrop is beautiful, of course, being smack middle in the best of Singapore's uptown district, and the pyrotechnics on stage certainly brought across the message that this wasn't just a temporary stage for the NDP while the Padang went under renovation - this stage is here to stay, and it is capable of holding world-class concerts any day, as proven by the recent SM World Tour.

It was much easier to see what was happening at the other end of the stage even when I was seated at the far end: tons better than one of my NDP experiences in the Padang where I was seated behind the stage and I was completely blocked from seeing some of the performances :( I look forward to seeing more concerts/parades held at the Floating Platform!

P.S. For those who get seasick, I can attest that you definitely won't get seasick by being on the platform because it does not move whatsoever!

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Fantastic experience, but seats are a bit too far

To be honest, the floating platform looks nicer from a distance than when you are actually seated inside. From the top, it is really a sight to behold though the spectator experience is a different thing altogether.

I attended the SM Town Concert last month and the seats were really, really far from the stage. I could barely make out if the performers were moving when they were at the main stage. If not for the binos, I could well have spent my whole time looking at the screen.

Thanks to the set-up of the venue, fans seating further back were able to enjoy quite a number of performances on the front stage. As it is outdoors, the atmosphere was also fantastic and when the venue was close to full capacity, I got absorbed into the energy of the crowd. It got even better when it started to rain as everybody gamely took out their gear and cheered even louder.

The concert is an experience I won't forget, given the seating capacity and outdoor setting. However, the distance from the stage is a negative point and we can't do much about that.

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Where we mark plenty of significant events

I remember plonking down on a bright yellow chair when I went to the Floating Platform to attend one of Singapore's National Parades ages ago. The first thing I marvelled was that, wow, the planners were really confident to plan for a totally outdoor stage and sitting area.
Equipped with sophisticated equipment and up-to-date technology, the Float is a perfect place for holding many high-key performances, promising a spectacular evening for spectators.
If you ever chanced to explore the backstage area or the space underneath the huge stands on a random day, be prepared for a free preview, especially the National Day Parade, when the military performance troupe are out in full force. Their usual sites of costume fitting and move perfection are usually there, in full view of the street. Providing your timing is right of course.

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Magnificent place for holding concerts

If you have attended SMTOWN World Tour, you will not forget the experience you had at the [email protected] bay! it is open air, which makes it even more thrilling than having it in an enclosed area like the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The way the float is build allows all the spectators to get a sight of the performance. Even if you are seating at the dark blue/green areas, you will still get a rather panoramic view of the stage. What's even more exciting is that when it rains especially with the unpredictable weather, the whole atmosphere becomes even much more livelier! I can never forget cheering and shivering in the rain at my SMTOWN concert.

However, there is no shelter at the float which makes it troublesome to repair and manage the stage setup. And some may find it bothersome to put on their raincoat in the rain.

I personally feel that the float is nothing special. However, it is the location that actually matters as it is built with a bird eye's view of Singapore.

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Great platform for large-scale performances an parades

The float has held many important and grand vent and performances, example the National Day performance and parade annually, or celebrity concerts or even the total defense parade. The float is a great as a stage for performances due to its car size to provide ample amount of space for props and a grand show.

However, as the float is situated away from the shelters, the wether greatly affects the progress the progress of the performances or events held in the platform. The events may be subject to a sudden change in the weather, example a downpour that may disrupt the activities and spoil the performance or affect the mood of the audiences. Other than that, the float is generally one of the great places for the performances and concerts to be held at.

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