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Singapore Conference Hall 7 Shenton Way Singapore 068810
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Singapore Conference Hall is a multi-purpose building for conferences and exhibitions. It is now refurbished and modernised into a concert hall where the building is home to the Singapore Chinese Orchestra

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The most professional Chinese musicians in Singapore

As a member of my school's Chinese Orchestra, Singapore Conference Hall (SCH) is a place where I often go to catch performances by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO). I recall vividly at how I was so wowed by their performance when I first watched them play classic Chinese music pieces. That was in 2010, at the prize giving ceremony for the Nation Chinese Music Competition which is held annually.

As my instructors are SCO members as well, being able to witness them performing, not to mention their musical prowess, was a powerful experience. SCH has given me many good memories as I exit the concert hall discussing the music with my friends and being able to replay the performed pieces in my mind.

If only SCH had more sources of food, it'd be the perfect place to go to!

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(Updated: April 02, 2013)

Erhu and pipa anyone?

I could not believe my ears when I heard my first performance by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. As a frequent classical music concert goer, I was intrigued by the prospect of a 'Chinese' orchestra, and I was amply rewarded.

On my first visit, I gazed in wonder as the orchestra formed on the stage of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra Hall in Shenton Way. I recognised cellos and double basses but the other collection of odd shapes and sizes of instruments had me baffled, as did the sounds. But, not a problem. It was new. It was fresh. It was exciting. It was different. It was wonderful. 
I have been to several concerts now and - apart from one in the botanic gardens - have not been disappointed. The concert hall in Shenton Way is the best auditorium to hear them. 

I can't say I understand them fully, but my introduction to the sounds of the erhu and the pipa, plus others whose names I am still to become familiar with, has made me a devotee.
 And the percussion section in 'full boom' mode with acrobatics to boot is amazing.

If there is a concert on, go! It is a memorable experience.

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(Updated: February 14, 2013)

Why is the name like that?

Why is Singapore Conference Hall called a Conference Hall?

I performed there as a band member for the Singapore Youth Festival. We rehearsed there daily and explored it front, back, upstairs and downstairs. We scoured the entire compound yet we found no conference halls! The scale is humongous. It was like pushing tympanis manually from Singapore to Johor Bahru. There were streams after streams of seats laid before us. They were similar to those seats at Golden Village cinemas, excluding the cup holder.

The parquet on stage glistened. The compound gives birth to series of echoes the moment it is vacant. The backstage is rather narrow for a venue where trillions of instruments lined up awaiting for their turn to take control of the stage. My dwarf band seemed to shrink considerably the moment we assembled onstage gearing ourselves for this competition. The scale of the stage for our puny sized band must have shook our windpipes and limb muscles.

We clinched bronze.

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Echos and scale.
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A pleasant performing experience!

The only times I visited the Singapore Conference Hall were for very different reasons: 1) to watch Chinese Orchestra concerts and 2) to perform in my own Singapore Youth Festival. The SCH is a very simple hall for musicians to perform in. The sound projection is decent, and as the hall is very small (fits less than 200 people), it is a decent place to perform for a school concert. SCH holds a lot of memories for me when I was still schooling.

When I was performing for SYF, my orchestra played 2 very simple pieces, and till I still can remember the quality of the sound our instruments produced. The first piece was mostly chords, and thus each discrepancy or minor alteration of sound would be clearly heard, but what I heard was so distinctly pure that I will always remember that sound.

Also, Chinese Orchestras from different schools usually use SCH for their concerts and competitions, thus more often than not, I always bump into familiar faces when I visit their concerts. It is a simple hall, much less grander as compared to Esplanade.

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Fond memories

I remembered this place with a lot of fond memories. When I was younger, my father was a bus driver and every year, I would qualify for the scholarship and most of the years, the award ceremony would be held here.

I would come here in my school uniform and sit together with the other award winners and wait for my turn to go up the stage to accept my award. If I remembered correctly, the amount was between $100 to $200. It was a big amount for a child and I was always happy after the ceremony.

I had a very fuzzy concept of money back then, not like my own children now at my age. I never got to use the money myself but still I just felt elated and Singapore Conference Hall back then meant money for me.

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(Updated: January 10, 2013)

one of the best choices for performances

The Singapore Conference Hall is usually really quiet and a platform for people to gather to appreciate music. I go there for Chinese Orchestra music and am extremely amazed by the large displays of Chinese Orchestral instruments like the Chinese drums and the bells. They could add more instruments to this amazing display.

I have performed and watched performances there. The dressing rooms were huge and very convenient for us to practise without disturbing the audience. There are also lcd screens at the back of the stage to allow us to observe what is happening outside. I think this is a very thoughtful and important feature for both the performers and the backstage crew; we can all prepare better both our hearts and their logistics through these screens. As audience, I have to say that the seating arrangement can be better. I really can't see the other side when I'm seated at the front of the stage. Most people are often misguided into thinking that a seat nearer to the stage is better but that is not true. This is because the seats are located below the stage. I think this affects the quality of the music received too, compounding on the fact that the view is pretty much horrendous. Nonetheless, I look forward to performing there again this year.

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A safe choice

I've had band performances at SCH 5 times. The concert halls are a lot smaller than those in Esplanade and Victoria Concert Hall but is still adequate to hold a large audience.

I do not like the projection of sound in the halls but I admire the classy environment within SCH. For a band of about 100 people, the stage was a little too cramped and my conductor was so close to falling off the stage. The management is slightly poor. Once, I went to SCH for a major band competition judged by foreign musicians. It was a very important competition and everything was expected to go well, but SCH did not make it happen for my band. There was a lack of music stands and my band had to wait close to 10minutes to get additional stands.

Nevertheless, SCH is an excellent alternative to the Esplanade, SIngapore Concert Hall and Victoria Concert Hall.

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A place filled with memories!

This was the place where I had my very first school choir concert, and out of all the concerts I've performed in with the choir, I have to say that the experience here at Singapore Conference Hall was definitely the best, in comparison to the concerts at other venues like Victoria Concert Hall. Even friends who attended the concert felt that the concert at SCH could not match up to the other years.

Ok, time for some criticism... The interior is simple and relatively modern and boring, with white painted walls and little decor around the place, whereas the concert hall looks more grand and spacious. Some may prefer places like VCH and Esplanade because they appear to be more artsy and grand though.

Nonetheless, this place will always be in my memories because of the experience I've had here. Definitely a nice alternative to hold or attend a concert if you're tired of always being at VCH or The Esplanade.

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