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Listing created by subathrad on April 21, 2012    

Only 1 outlet at Vivocity, this Thai restaurant is a posher/more elite version of Thai Express.

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Tasty But Expensive Thai Food

This was my first time having Thai food other than at Thai Express, and I was excited to try new dishes that were hopefully more authentic and with a greater variety too. What I was not prepared for, however, were the exorbitant prices that they came with. A glass of Thai Iced Tea set me back almost ten bucks. It was delicious, I have to say. Albeit a tad too sweet for my liking.

I recommend going for the Thai Green Curry. Chock full of fresh and quality ingredients like chicken chunks and an assortment of veggies, it's delectably robust and very flavourful indeed. Fair warning, it does pack a punch in the spice department so prepared to chug loads of water to quell the flames in your mouth.

Dessert wise, you can't go wrong with the traditional Mango Sticky Rice. The fruit was sweet, succulent and very juicy. It paired off perfectly with the warm sticky rice, drizzled over with just the right amount of condensed milk. A stellar dish that's worth splurging on once in a blue moon, I'd say!

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Delicious Thai food for a large group!

I still remember going to Thai Accent two years ago with a large group of friends, and we were all able to be seated together thanks to a few nice and helpful staff.

We ordered a couple of dishes: chicken, beef, tofu, greens, etc. and passed the food around to share. I really liked most of the food here, especially the tofu! I cannot remember exactly what the dish was, but I remember being extremely greedy and eating most of it, because I just love tofu, and I really enjoyed that dish a lot. I remember savouring the meat dishes as well.

Oh man, if only I could still remember the food I ate exactly. I can remember the taste, the texture, and all, but not the names, so my apologies on that. I also cannot remember the pricing of the food items as well, but that was because an extremely generous friend wanted to treat us all, so I didn't take much notice of the price...

In comparison to Thai Express, I really think that Thai Accent really sells authentic Thai cuisine, and Thai food lovers should come and dine here, as well as large groups, as this restaurant efficiently caters to such!

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Unexpectedly good!

I would ALWAYS end up eating at Thai Accent whenever I am at Vivocity. Here's why:

1) The portion is big! Looks exactly the same as their pictures
2) Easy-to-read menu with no gimmicks
3) Affordable! (Same prices as Thai Express)
4) WAAAAAAAAY better than Thai Express

Thai Accent always satisfies my hunger pangs without fail. I love it that their menu is so straightforward and they offer a large variety of food. My tom yam seafood noodle was great and its basil chicken was really good too!

Ever since I came back from Bangkok, I stopped eating at Thai Express (I had been eating Thai Express at least once a week before that). In fact, it was a long while before I got back to eating Thai food in Singapore, because I was almost sure that I would get disappointed. However, I visited Thai Accent with my bf after a movie at Vivocity because I vaguely remembered my first visit was not too bad and I decided to give it a second shot as I was craving for Thai food badly. I enjoyed my food thoroughly! Although nothing can compare to the real deal in Bangkok, Thai Accent was good enough for me :)

I packed the mango sticky rice back home and was surprised that it still tasted so good! Especially the mango, which is usually sour and unripe in Singapore.

Kudos to the chefs at Thai Accent! If you need a quick fix of Thai food at Vivocity, be sure to drop by Thai Accent!

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Good food, but there's better

Thai Accent is, forgive me, tons better than Thai Express. I was surprised by the standard of their food when I dined there on a busy weekend night. Naturally, there was no ambience to speak of as the whole place was crowded and noisy with kids. Service was rather efficient despite the amount of customers and I enjoyed their pineapple fried rice. The price is decent as well, given that it is a restaurant located in a popular shopping mall. However, I would still choose to go Nakhon Kitchen at Bedok, which offers cheaper but just as tasty (if not, even tastier) Thai food.

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My top thai food choice!

Thai Accent is my top choice when it comes to satisfying with taste buds with Thai food. I always recommend this place to my friends and relatives whenever they are craving for spicy food.

My usual dishes from Thai Accent will be their tom yam prawn soup ($9.90 for per bowl or $20.90 for 3-4 pax) which is a staple when you’re enjoying Thai cuisine. Thai Accent has option of having your soup either clear or thick. Thick meaning with coconut milk. I usually prefer it clear. The clear soup allows the spice and flavouring in the soup to ride up all the way to your throat and along with their prawns, mushroom and all other ingredients the soup is just perfect. My mouth is already watering as I describe the soup to you. Other dishes I’ve tried in Thai Accent and enjoyed would be stir-fried kangkong with shrimp paste ($10.90), pandan leaves chicken ($12.90), stir-fried minced chicken with hot basil leaves ($12.90) and steamed seabass with lime and chilli sauce ($28.90). If you’re looking for noodles, I would recommend their phad thai fried noodles with prawns ($12.90). As for dessert, their mango sticky rice served with coconut milk ($6.90) is a must-have. The mango served is sweet and fresh and along with the coconut milk it’s indeed a true delicacy.

The service in Thai Accent has also been very pleasant during all my visits. The only pity is that they only have 1 outlet at Vivocity and on public holidays they don’t have a reservation policy. They’re usually pretty full so you might want to head down there early to grab a table if you have friends joining you later to avoid queuing.

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Tom yam prawn soup, kangkong, mango sticky rice
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