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#B3-30/31/32 313 Somerset 313 Orchard Road Singapore
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Meng Kang
Listing created by Meng Kang on April 17, 2014    

MK Restaurants is the most popular suki (Thai-style steamboat) in Thailand. Famous for its signature suki sauce and MK roasted duck, MK Restaurants has over 400 branches in Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam.

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(Updated: December 18, 2014)

Great meat

Being a former employee, my brother was raving about the food sold at MK. He brought us there one day for a family meal at the newly- opened Westgate mall. He did most of the ordering, which included spinach noodles, a seafood steamboat set and some roast meats which were oh-so-tender.

We got some dim sum to accompany our meal too which surprisingly tasted good for a restaurant not specializing in dim sum. The seafood were fresh and the meat was doused in a special sauce that wasn't too salty and which complimented the meats really well. However, the portion wasn't really huge and a meal may be pretty pricey for some, especially for the bigger eaters.

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roast meats doused with their special sauce
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I was enthusiastically looking forward to dining at this restaurant which bore the same initials as my name. For me, it seemed apt to celebrate my birthday here.

Having eaten MK in Bangkok before, I was expecting the same type of quality at it's pioneer branch in Singapore. However, it was not to be. They charged $30+ for a platter which only had a fixed number of steamboat food. Furthermore, there were only 2 soup bases to choose from; normal chicken soup or tom yum. I was quite thrown aback that the tom yum one required additional fees. This is not the unlimited buffet style steamboat restaurant that many would expect.

In spite of those negatives, there were some things which I was impressed with. First of all, the service was really good. Staff was responsive and quick to serve once we had ordered from the electronic board. Secondly, some of their food was really damn good. For instance it's roasted duck and char siew is really juicy and tender. Another dish which deserves credit would be it's red ruby. It's sweet milky flavour coupled with the chewy chestnuts made me craving for more.

So the question is : Is it worth it to dine here? For me, in light of the exorbitant price, It's not. Unless you are really a fan of thai steamboat or just want to experience their delicious roast duck, opt for other restaurants such as suki-ya or house of steamboat.

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Roasted Duck & Red Ruby
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