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Located in CBD, this Thai restaurant seems to be surprisingly affordable, yet effort has been taken into the decor which creates a cosy ambience for diners.

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Affordable Thai food with a rustic atmosphere

With each branch designed to have a charm of its own, Folks Collective at China Square Central prides itself as “the vintage shophouse” - and I utterly loved it. With a name that reflects all things indie and hipster, the decor does the same. Think vintage scooters, brick walls and sky blue walls. And yet it is designed so well that it doesn’t feel overdone and you just feel warm and cozy inside.

Beyond its atmosphere, the restaurant welcomes swarms of office workers due to its affordable weekday set lunches and daily specials served from 11am - 3pm, and deservingly so. During my visit, I tried the Set B featuring their Mini Street Omelette, Green Chicken Curry and Steamed Jasmine Rice ($10.90). While served in atypical red porcelain dishes, the taste felt authentically Thai, with good a balance between spice and flavour. Not the best, but pretty decent.

My only qualm would be that the serving size is not big. But this problem can be easily solved with a side of Folks Drumlets ($6.90) or a sweet Honey Mango ($7.90) to end the meal.

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(Updated: July 17, 2013)

Can't decide if the food is authentic

This place has been highly raved about for quite a while, and when I went there, I'll admit that I was really wow-ed by the decor of the place. I just kept going on about the interior and my friend told me she had the same reaction when she first went there too! It was really, really, pretty, and you could see the amount of effort put into its details.

When I was handed the menu, I was pretty surprised that it was still written as a soft launch menu because I had the impression that it has at least been opened for quite a while, with the number of reviews online that I checked out before going there. My friends ordered a Pad Thai & Green Curry, while I ordered a Pad Thai.

Now, I've had plenty of pad thai-s while I was in Bangkok, and I remember thinking that it's strange how none of them were spicy. The one at Folk's Collective, however, was really spicy. Makes me wonder if the Pad Thai is truly authentic or otherwise localized. It wasn't just because of the chili flakes (served beside the peanuts, which was both meant to be mixed in). There were some previous reviews which stated that it wasn't spicy enough, so I'm guessing they probably upped the spiciness from the feedback? If you can't take spicy stuff, do tell them to tone it down while preparing yours! I can't remember ever feeling unwell after eating spicy stuff, but I did after last night's dinner there. My friends agreed that it was spicy too. They too commented that the servings were pretty small.

There is also a bar area there, perfect for the CBD-ers who intend to end off a day of work with a Thai dinner and a quick drink for chilling. Most of the crowd there on a Tuesday night belonged to the working group, unsurprisingly. The staff there is really friendly and helpful as well. (:

Definitely a place I'd love to come to again. Probably not gonna order Pad Thai again though!

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A great place to chill

Folks collective is THE place to go if you need to chill after work, or just have a good dinner with your friends. I was fortunate that there were not many people in the restaurant when I was there last weekday evening. I love the interior. The dimmed lights creates a cosy ambience of warmth and relaxation. Although the furniture is not uniform and arrangement inconsistent, everything looks in place and is just where it should be. I noticed that every 'section' of the interior looks distinctly different, yet in perfect harmony with each other.

We ordered pad thai, fried rice and tom yam soup (with milk) for mains, thai milk tea and ice lemon tea for drinks, and mango sticky rice for desserts. I love thai milk tea and always opt for that whenever I visit a Thai restaurant. However, the tea was too diluted for my liking and nearing the end of the meal, it tasted like water. The ice lemon tea was a tad too sour as well. Perhaps the Thais like it this way though? For the mains, I would prefer the servings to be more generous, but that might be because the dishes were too good and I couldn't have enough of them. I highly recommend the pad thai and tom yam soup. The mango sticky rice was one of the best I have tried too -- sweet but not too 'gelat'.

I would definitely come again!

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Cosy ambience, courteous service!

Located in CBD, this Thai restaurant seems to be surprisingly affordable, yet effort has been taken into the decor which creates a cosy ambience for diners! Seeing crowd in the weekends, moreover in the CBD.. seems good enough to look forward to?

Menu is not yet completely fixed, due to this period which is still their soft launch. But food range is not too limited, and you wouldn't find it hard at all to get the food down your throat :)

Ordered shrimp pancake with plum sauce, crispy tofu with sweet chili sauce, crispy chicken skin,sambal prawns, thai basil stir fry, mango sticky rice, and ice cream kati, totaling to around $66 with drinks, steamed rice, gst &tax all inclusive.

Their food are not very awesome, but it is still yummy! I think it is super worth it, as most of their dishes are less than $10,and their service is super courteous. If you are looking for a drink, they have a bar counter as well.

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China Square Central
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