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ThaiPan Restaurant was first established in 2003 with its first outlet located inside Mandarin Gardens condominium. After years of providing quality food & service, ThaiPan restaurant set up another outlet at Civil Service Club in Changi Village; set atop the boardwalk overlooking the charming Changi Beach. Diners have the option of dining in air–conditioned comfort or alfresco at the garden terrace overlooking the sea amid lush greenery. The atmosphere is cozy, yet exclusive, promising an ideal venue to host corporate functions and family gatherings. We are passionate about providing quality food and service to our diners. We use fresh and quality ingredients and our seafood catch is from our Live Seafood Gallery.

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(Updated: April 25, 2012)

more rice please

The convenient eating place for many of the students from the schools nearby, this place owes its popularity to the loyal student supporters that it has. The crowd during the lunch and dinner hours are mostly that of a classes of students eating together so as to 'share' the food portions and maximise what little of the pocket money they have.

The small cosy restaurant at the foot of the condominium is a very popular hang out spot due to its comfortable seating and atmosphere. It is kept simple and open, fully air-conditioned to the liking of customers who just cannot stand the heat of the scorching sun. Thaipan has a variety of food, mostly based around the idea of a 'tze-char' store where main dishes are shared and everyone has a bowl of rice. There are also some thai specialties like tom yam soup and pineapple rice, but the most popular is still by far the butter squid. Hardly anyone would reject this dish despite its oily nature as it is just too good and too addictive to resist.

In comparison to a neighbourhood food shop, Thaipan is definitely value-for money for its food and for those staying nearby the convenience is a big plus. However, travelling all the way just for a plate of butter-squid from thaipan might not be too worth it in the end as the quality of the food is rather average and not over the top delicious.

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Great restaurant for large groups.

The favorite haunt of students from schools around Marine Parade, it is no surprise to see various groups of students in the restaurant. And it’s only natural, given that Thai Pan offers good food at reasonable prices. The large tables also makes it an appropriate restaurant to go for class lunches.

Must-trys from Thai Pan include their Cereal Chicken and Butter Squid. The Cereal Chicken sees fried juicy bits of chicken enveloped in an addictive cereal topping that will see you reaching out for it by the spoonfuls. The butter squid reminds me of soggy calamari drenched in buttery egg. It may not sound appetising, but trust me when I say that it’s a crowd-pleaser. I would stay away from the Pad Thai because the last time I tried it, I found it too sweet.

Another one of my personal favourites would be the Olive Fried Rice that comes with some minced meat. Portions are typical of other chinese restaurants, with an option to choose from small, medium, or large. Perfect for both small or big groups alike!

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Butter Squid!

Coming from a school near ThaiPan, I've visited ThaiPan many times over a few years. Though prices have increased, the quality of food has remained the same!

My favourite is the Butter Squid. Fried squid served in a warm thick, buttery sauce with a little bit of chili and curry leaves for colour. Sometimes my friends and I just have a plate of butter squid with rice. Other nice dishes would be the silky smooth Jade Tofu, and the Prawn Paste Chicken.

They also offer fried rice, noodles and other Thai dishes. Personally, their Pad Thai is not good. The time I had it, it was watery and lackluster in flavour. Their fried rice portions are big, even if you order small. I like the Yang Zhou and Olive fried rice. Their Thai dishes like Green Curry are average, ironically, not to die for. I would say their "tze char" dishes are much better!

The staff there are spontaneous; they even served us free Almond Jelly as dessert if we 'liked' their Facebook page. Maybe also because we were frequent customers, ha ha.

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Fabulous food!

I was addicted to the food the first time I visited the restaurant. The location did not appeal that much to me. It is not easily accessible being situated in the Mandarin Gardens condo, especially by public transport. However, having tasted the food, it is definitely a trip worthwhile.

The restaurant serves dishes very akin to local chinese cuisines. The butter squid and olive fried rice are to die-for! The portions given were just right for two persons sharing. Though the butter squid was a tad too greasy, it was really rich in flavor and it was a taste hard to forget! The olive fried rice went well with the squid too!

The only minus point for the restaurant was the service of the staff. It was obvious that the manpower was lacking during dinner time. I had a bad experience dining with the staff shouting orders from one corner to the reception counter. The food did compensate for the poor service. On top of that, the price was very affordable as well!

I believe the dining experience could be made much more satisfying if the service provided improves.

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Best Part:
Butter squid and Olive rice
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Mandarin Gardens
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Perfect for budget conscious students

ThaiPan is a favourite amongst many students from Temasek Junior College as well as Victoria Junior College as the Mandarin Garden branch is relatively near to the campuses of both schools. The food is priced similarly to zi char prices, the quality however is commendable. My personal favourites include butter squid and butter prawns.

However, there seems to be a discrepancy in both service and food quality between the 2 branches. I often visit the Mandarin Garden branch and thought I should introduce this restaurant to my family as well. I then proceeded to bring them to the branch in Changi. The staff at Changi were rather rude and inattentive and the food served was below expectations. Moreover, the prices were slightly higher. Regardless, I would still give this restaurant a high score as I am mainly judging it based on the Mandarin Garden branch which I frequent.

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Wonderful food and scenery

Thai Pan at the Changi Civil Service Club is one of my favorite restaurants in the east. The food is fantastic, service is great and most of all, it has a cosy and quiet ambience. Since its rather out of the way, there's usually not much crowd. However, you can see office people and businessman coming for meals during the weekday lunch hour.

Both the olive rice and pineapple rice served here are good. I prefer the olive rice as its very fragrant and not oily at all. The speciality of the restaurant has got to be the butter squid and butter prawn. These two dishes are made with cereal and egg and certainly worth a try if you are there. I don't think I have tasted a similar dish elsewhere in Singapore. While you are there, enjoy the lush and green scenery overlooking the sea. Great for family outing.

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Reasonable prices, good food

I seriously wish they would open a branch that isn't so inaccessible. The Siglap Road branch caters to the residents of Mandarin Gardens, being just below the condo. I only ever come here when I'm in the East Coast area. Although the food is good, the distance is just too far.

The restaurant is air conditioned but the prices are quite reasonable, almost the same as those in coffee shops. The sweet and sour pork is good although not many can go wrong with this dish. Their butter squid was the most memorable dish I had. All in all, a good place to go for lunch at a reasonable price with a group of friends.

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Branch Location:
Mandarin Gardens
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a significant part of my schooling days

As it is located within a condo, not many people apart from residents in the immediate estate would know about this place. However students from VJC and the other neighbouring schools would definitely have gone there at least once or eaten take-away food from the restaurant during school camps or late study sessions.

For myself, the restaurant and its food have a significant part in my memories of my JC days. A good number of class outings or gatherings among friends took place in that hidden restaurant, which serves Thai and Chinese dishes in a style similar to zi char stalls. A must-order is their butter squid, an always piping-hot mix of butter and squid in a wet batter with a bit of chilli. It may be a tad oily but so tasty we never failed to order it. Other dishes like the padthai and fried rice are good too. The owners will also serve free dessert like logan soup to big groups.

In my days (though I’m not sure if they still do) they had delivery to nearby schools even pretty late at night. And at only $3 for dishes like horfun or fried noodles, these dinners or suppers in school are all fond memories for me.

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Hidden in Mandarin Gardens

True enough, not many people have heard of its existence, except perhaps people living in close proximity to Thai Pan (Located within Mandarin Gardens, near marine parade) . However, upon recommendation by my friends/relatives living in the area, I decided to give this restaurant a try. True enough, I wasn’t let down.

Though it is fairly inaccessible to people not living in the area unless they’re willing to endure a long bus ride especially for people not staying in the east since there isn’t a close enough MRT Station , the food itself makes up for its inaccessibility to some extent . It is unlike your regular ‘tze char’ stall next door, so be sure to give their signature dishes like fried rice a try !

Also, do order their Buttered Squid, which is oily but fantastic. (one of my favourites actually) Comes in around 8 to 9 pieces per plate, and is topped with cereal if I’m not mistaken. Price wise? Regular, just like any other restaurant outside these days, not too cheap but yet, not too expensive. Ambience wise – Not too bad as it is generally quiet, since not many people flock here , and you can have a pool side view while eating. Service – Acceptable , not fantastic but normal , they are quite efficient in serving out the food promptly though.

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