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Tucked in a row of shophouses, LeWu cafe is owned by Thais and serve up authentic Thai cuisine that would leave you wanting more. 

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Where to get your dose of authentic Thai food at affordable prices

Do you recall that time where you and your sibling kicked up a big fuss fighting over what to eat for dinner? Le Wu is a great place for families who want the best of both worlds - or in this case, the best of both Thai and Western cuisine. A hidden gem unbeknownst to many, Le Wu is a casual Thai eatery located along Bukit Timah road that offers authentic Thai food.

Their Thai dishes are highly recommended, however the Western food that they serve is not too shabby either. My all-time favourite would be the spicy tom yum noodle soup - a generous helping of squid, prawns, fish, rice noodles steeped in a spicy and sour broth. The sesame chicken wings and red ruby are also must-orders whenever I eat at Le Wu. The phad thai here is good too, although at times it can be a tad too dry (the quality really depends on which auntie is cooking your food).

A major turn-off is the long waiting time. Although we are avid fans of the food, my friends and I often opted for another eating joint during my schooling days because we could not afford the time. It is not abnormal to wait more than 30 minutes for your food to arrive.

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The cause of my Thai food cravings

A daily exchange between two average Bukit Timah students during the A Level period probably went like: “Let’s eat at LeWu!” “NO!”

Don’t get me wrong, the food is great and affordable. A personal favourite of mine and many of my friends’ would be the Fried Sesame Chicken Wings with rice and an additional sunny side up, for only $4 from the student menu! The chicken wings are fried to perfection - an extremely crispy skin, with tender and flavorsome meat. The chicken tastes even more yummy when paired with the Thai chilli sauce provided, and becomes something that haunts my cravings every few weeks.

With that being said, why are my friends so averse to dining at this cafe? Well, the culprit would be the long waiting time that accompanies every experience. The time spent at your table awaiting your food usually takes around half an hour or even more, but every minute is precious to someone with A Levels looming around the corner. If you have time to spare though, give LeWu Cafe a try!

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I pass by LeWu cafe everyday to and fro form school. Honestly speaking, I do not have a very good impression of it. The place is always dimly light and the lack of proper lighting makes the place look shady. However, students from the nearby JCs do frequent the place and this lends it some credibility.

However, I feel that they do not really have a wide selection of food to choose from. Everything is rather simple, and it's nothing particularly appealing. Personally, I would just count LeWu as a reliable backup plan for a meal place, but I wouldn't put it as my first choice. This is especially so after hearing a first-person account from my friend. She found a dead cockroach in her food but staff there were rather unhelpful and only refunded for that dish rather than the entire meal.

The stall at the far end of the stretch where LeWu is situated has closed, twice with different shops already. Let's just hope LeWu doesn't follow its footsteps and continues to attract customers with more affordable food choices and better hygiene practices.

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Good portions and affordable!

It was my first time going to LeWu Café, as my friend had recommended it to us. It is a restaurant serving Thai food, and I thought it was quite nice! I ordered the Chicken Pad Thai, and as I am a student, the price was way cheaper than the adult price! Besides, the portion for the adult’s price is just marginally larger than the portion of food under the student’s price.

The portion was acceptable, and I was pretty happy for the price I paid for it. They did not cheat on the amount of chicken, and the meal I had was delicious. The environment is air- conditioned and comfortable, and I think I’ll be a frequent visitor of LeWu Café!

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Must Go!

I can honestly say that LeWu perhaps has the best Thai food I've ever tasted in Singapore. Housed in Bukit Timah, it requires a relatively short walk from Botanic Gardens MRT, so it is pretty accessible.

The interior is simple, almost rustic, like you're dining at someone's home. If you can, try to head to the 2nd floor which is air-conditioned instead of dining alfresco, especially on a hot day.

One thing that I never fail to order is their Pad Thai. It is so good, I've actually eaten Pad Thai in Thailand that did not match up. The price is very reasonable too, being a student, I paid only $6 for a pretty sizeable portion! The waiting time might be a little long, and the service might be a tad inefficient, but the price, taste and cozy atmosphere of the place just whisks you away from the busyness of everyday life. If you're a Thai food fan like me, you cannot miss this place!

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Hearty homely grub

This place is pretty much the go-to place for my school mates because of its close proximity to my school which is down the road. After hearing that many of my friends go there for lunch gatherings after a half day of school, I decided to check it out.

Selling mainly thai food, it is housed in a dual storey shophouse which is pretty small, cozy and dimly lit. Their food is homely and not too expensive (get the student meals they offer for cheaper fare!), with their must-tries being their mango sticky rice and their wok-fried items. Initially I didn't really hold high expectations of their food but upon trying, I was a convert, consequently paying them more visits.

Do drop by if you're looking for somewhere quiet and cozy to have a meal with your other one!

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Hidden Gem

I've been schooling in the vicinity of this cafe for a decade, but I haven't stepped in until yesterday when one of my friends suggested we come here. A few others wanted to go to town to have dinner, but this one friend was really persistent in coming here and I wondered why.

I got my answer as soon as the food arrived at our table. The waiting time was a tad long, but it is a small restaurant as it was a full house that night. The cafe itself offers two levels of dining as well as alfresco seating. Payment was to be made upon ordering and there were student prices too. The student servings were adequate, and an upsize of $1 entitled you to double the portions. I feel like that is really affordable, especially for us students.

I ordered the beef noodles and it was heavenly. The soup was not too peppery or sweet, it was just right. The noodles were skinny (how I like it best) and succulent. The meatballs were average, but complimented the dish well. My friends ordered tom yam soup, pineapple fried rice, Brazil chicken and another kind of fried rice. They were ALL good. Each had their own special flavour but left you wanting another spoonful. The tom yam, especially, was so addictive. It wasn't too spicy or too sour, the chef balanced it well, and I stole (more than) a few spoonfuls from my friend.

Also, the cafe offers Thai desserts like the well-known Mango Sticky Rice, but my friends wanted to have ice cream instead so we headed some place else. I've been told the Pad Thai's nice too, but I didn't feel like ordering that last night. Perhaps I'll get that on my next visit there!

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