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112 Faber Drive Singapore 129424
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 04, 2012    

Serving up a range of delicious Thai dishes, this place is run by thais, and their tom yam soup is recommended.

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(Updated: February 11, 2013)

I'd live here if I could

Thai Noodle House is in my area, so my family visits it quite a bit for dinner, whether we're dining there or getting takeaways for home. I absolutely love the food here; it's hard to even decide which main on the menu is my favourite. I'd say it's a toss-up between the phad thai and the beef noodle soup, but I've also, on occasion, enjoyed alternatives like their tom yum noodle soup and olive rice.

Another thing I adore about this place is their omelette. I know, omelettes aren't particularly Thai, but this omelette is one of the best I've had; it's fluffy and soft and huge and wonderful. For my drink, I usually get the chin chow because the sweetness level is just right. I've also had their mango salad, mango sticky rice, etc, and none of them have diminished my love for TNH in the least. Plus, the Thai lady who owns the shop is always friendly and accommodating.

I do think, though, that the olive rice gets a bit too much if you eat a whole bowl by yourself - I tried ordering it for myself once and got really sick of it less than halfway through, so it's probably best to share that as I usually do now. The place is also pretty small, so if you're seated at one of the smaller tables, you'll probably be able to hear your neighbours' conversation.

That aside, TNH is pretty much perfect.

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