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#03-17 151 Pasir Panjang Road Singapore 118480
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Lemongrass Thai Restaurant is established in 1995 with its first outlet in East Coast. It serves quality authentic Thai cuisines for every Thai food lovers.

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Opening Hours:
1130am - 1030pm
Avg Price:
  • < $10
  • $10-$20
List of Outlets:
Pasir Ris Branch
1 Pasir Ris Close
#01-41 The Alley @ Downtown East
Singapore 519599

Tel: 6583 2112
Fax: 6583 1221

East Coast Branch
899 East Coast Road
Singapore 459102

Tel: 6443 1995
Fax: 6442 1995


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good, authentic Thai food

I live quite close to the Lemongrass restaurant, so my family have eaten meals there quite a few times over the years. It can be quite expensive, and many items on the menu do taste good, but I'm not sure if it's worth the price.

The dish that keeps us going back would be the green Thai curry. I have no idea what herbs or ingredients they use, but it's criminally addictive - although I have a smaller-than-average appetite and am not a fan of rice in general, I can eat copious amounts of rice with just the green curry to top it off. The chicken in the curry is also delicious! I have negligible tolerance for spicy foods, but the curry isn't spicy at all - the tiny bit of chilli added is unnoticeable to seasoned chilli lovers. Just a slight tingle in the tastebuds, that's all. No distracting from the wonderful blend of herbs and flavours! Definitely worth a try.

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green curry
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Hot and spicy

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant is one of the few Thai Resturants I used to patronize, and I have to confess; I seriously love the prawn crackers with chili dip served while waiting for the food we ordered. It’s like a light snack you consume before eating your main course. The crackers are so crisp and light, and dipping it into chili sauce enhances the taste, which makes it so much better. Having something to eat occupies me, and makes my wait time for the main course less irritable.

Some of the dishes they serve, such as the Tom Yam Soup is so incredibly hot and spicy, and I remember having tried it as a kid, but I really didn’t like it too hot though. The pineapple fried rice was not too bad, but I felt it was a little oily. I do remember that the lemon grass chicken did taste good though.

Recommended for Thai Food lovers, or for those interested in trying out authentic thai style cooking.

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Nice fish maw soup

When I was staying in Pasir Ris, I frequented the Lemongrass Thai Restaurant in Downtown East quite frequently. It used to be a very popular restaurant before the new extension building with the Ferris wheel was built. When the extension, that part of Downtown East saw less traffic.

I especially loved the fish maw soup there but I did not know whether that was an authentic Thai dish because in my impression, tom yam soup and green curry were authentic Thai dishes. The way the soup was cooked was closer to a Chinese dish but anyway, the taste still went well with the other more well known Thai dishes.

We thought it would be difficult for younger children to eat Thai food because of the sour and spicy taste for most of the dishes but this soup at least give them a nice dish to go with the fragrant Thai rice.

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Indochinese/ thai style

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant does not serve the best Thai food in Singapore. However, if you're just looking for a place to have some decent Thai food in the east, you might like this place. I made reservations for a table for 10 people and was given a VIP room. I liked that idea because that means, we are able to make as much noise as we want, without disturbing the other patrons.

The food at Lemongrass Thai Restaurant was alright, nothing too fantastic about it. I vaguely remember the lemon grass chicken which was not bad and my friends claimed that the green and red curry was quite good too. I did not try the green and red curry as I do not take spicy food. However, like most Thai restaurants, Lemongrass Thai Restaurant serve excellent iced milk tea.

Overall, the price is reasonable and my friends and I had a good time catching up with each other in the VIP room as we laughed and chatted really loudly, without receiving stares from people seated beside us.

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Childhood restaurant

Back in my primary school days, Lemongrass was my favourite restaurant. However, I have a strong suspicion that the main reason for that was only because Lemongrass serves prawn crackers to its customers during wait time.

However, I visited Lemongrass restaurant a few months back, and I was surprisingly disappointed. Perhaps the main reason was because the childishness that used to fog up my judgment had dissipated, or maybe I was just not that interested in prawn crackers anymore, but I found the food at Lemongrass merely average.

The menu at Lemongrass lacks in variety. After studying the menu closely, my family realized that the dining options were in fact pretty limited. The prices at Lemongrass were also little more expensive than that of other Thai restaurants serving up similar stuff.

However, I do feel that their Pineapple Fried Rice is worth an honorary mention, and it was quite delicious. Also, the dessert selection at Lemongrass is definitely worth a try! I particularly loved their Mango with Glutinous Rice, and as I type this out at 11.30 pm, my stomach is growling at the memory of it.

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Downtown East
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(Updated: May 08, 2012)

Friendly staff, powerful tom yum soup

Lemongrass is another of my family’s favourite hangout place on a lazy Sunday night. We always head to the branch nearest to our house which is at Siglap. The staff there are very friendly and the boss himself is often seen serving the customers with a friendly smile on his face. Prawn crackers with delicious chilli dip are always served immediately without fail. Wait time for food at lemongrass is by far the best.

We always order the tom yum soup which is viciously hot and extremely adored by my family who appreciates spicy food. Not recommended for people with sensitive tastebuds. Green curry is awesome too! Generous chunks of seafood and chicken is found buried in the curry. Never once, did we scoop the curry out of the bowl with a disappointed look on our faces. Thai styled kangkong is one of my favourite too. Portion is kinda small though. Put I’m a huge vegetable eater, and that needs to be put in consideration.

If you pay by cash, you will get a discount. However, I feel that the normal zhi char stall sells food of the same standard too and at a fraction of their price. But for their hygiene and friendly staff, I will return for many years to come.

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tom yum soup
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Everything's natural!

If you want cheap and authentic Thai food, this is the one. It is located at Downtown East towards the chalet area. It is a small shop indeed but small or big, i will still give it a try.

The staffs are friendly but she usually mind her own business. Sometimes when you need her help, she will be on the phone, talking to someone and can even ask you to wait. Well, i don't pay for the service charge so it doesn't bother me that much unless the food is not nice.

But wait, the food is superb! It is cooked by a Thai aunt. I saw her before and she was around the age of 50s. She doesn't understand English so most of the time, she talks in Thai. The kitchen is just behind to where you will be sitting to have your food. Thus, the aroma of the food is strong and sometimes you know it is yours. As usual, i will order my favorite Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice. The quantity isn't that big but it will be just nice for one person to consume and it has a reasonable amount of seafood which consist of prawns, squids and fish. One thing i like about this Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice is that they cooked with natural ingredients. I could see lime leaves in its natural state, without being cut, onion slices and fresh cilantro leaves for garnishing. The natural ingredients really bring out the taste of the Tom Yum. It doesn't taste like a typical Tom Yum paste. It fits perfectly on your taste buds and you could taste every of the natural ingredients being mixed with the rice and seafood. To complete everything, i order a Lemongrass drink. Being natural, they will soak the whole lemongrass, cut into half, inside the drink together with sugar syrup to add to its sweetness.

Indeed, a very nice combination of most natural ingredients!

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Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice and Lemongrass Drink
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