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Sri Mariamman Temple 244 South Bridge Road Singapore 058793
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The Sri Mariamman Temple was founded in 1827 and has the honour of being Singapore's oldest Hindu temple.

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12pm - 9pm


Entrance to the temple
Intricate detailed carving
Amazing ceiling art
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(Updated: January 10, 2013)

“Get "teleported" to India.....”...well, sort of...

Clean and amazing artisans works on the ceiling, carvings, .... This conveniently located Indian temple is certainly worth a visit.
Just steps away from eateries and the Chinatown Buddha Tooth Relic Temple,'s like going from different cultures within steps...
The temple ground are kept clean as footwear have to be removed at the entrance. For 1st timers, the amazing detailed & colored drawing are bound to leave them spellbound. But don't expect the grandeur and scale of the St.Basil Cathedral or the Taj Mahal, etc. Singapore is a small country. Good things come in small package.

There's one minus point though - Photographers have to pay photo-taking fee of S$2. Unbelievable.....and the pictures we took and seen by others generated more visitors for fair! Just's just $2...the fund goes into building maintenance, etc. There's no entry fee.

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The Artisan painting and sculptures
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Entrance to the temple
Intricate detailed carving
Amazing ceiling art
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An important aspect of the Hindu culture

The annual Fire Walking Festival, known as "Theemithi" to Indians is held every year at the Sri Mariamman Temple.

The main ritual during the fire walking ceremony involves walking over a four meter pit of burning coal specially prepared at the Mariamman Temple. The chief priest of the temple after conducting special prayers and offerings, then walks over the burning coal and he is followed by those devotees who wish to take part in the ritual. Devotees of all ages participate in the ritual.

This ritual is an important date on the Hindu calender. The Fire Walking Festival is a prelude to Deepavali and is usually held 1-2 weeks prior to Deepavali.

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