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The Journey: A Voyage

The Journey: A Voyage

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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on July 03, 2014    

The Journey: A Voyage is a period drama. It was the beginning portion of a trilogy about nation formation. This drama comprised of 31 episodes. It was first aired on 25th November 2013. This drama was shown via Mediacorp's Channel 8 to celebrate Singapore's television duration of 50 years. It was also known as 2013's 'year-end blockbuster'.

Renown artistes headlined this show like Elvin Ng, Li Nanxing, Pierre Png, Chris Tong, Joanne Peh, Jeannete Aw and Desmond Tan. 

The Journey:A Voyage was Singapore's very first drama of this genre that contained CGI special effects. Several scenes were shot at Ipoh, Penang and China's Yongding District. It was produced by Chia Mien Yang.


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